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30 Day Shred Top Tips and Technique Advice

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conquita Fri 15-Nov-13 01:06:50

I thought I would start this thread as I have trawled through hundreds of 30 day shred threads before now looking for tips on how to survive each level. I believe a 'one stop shop' of advice on technique and top tips would be good for newbies and oldies like me! smile.

One top tip I remember when I first started on level one, was with the jumping jacks (which nearly killed me), try turning around every 10 jumps or so and face a different view in your living room, this appears to maintain your momentum.

The other best top tip is to never give up! smile

What shred tips do you have? or do you need advice from shredders on technique perhaps? feel free to post here! all fellow shredders advice welcome thanks

deeplybaffled Sun 17-Nov-13 00:18:53

Good idea! I'd add definitely wearing trainers if you can, as the amount of jumping about can startle your knees and ankles.
and in level 3, I'd suggest if you have any concerns about your knees, I'd consider swapping the jump lunges for another move as I found it quite tough, putting it mildly, and correct form went clean out of the window...

conquita Sun 17-Nov-13 06:05:17

Thanks for kicking this off deeply!

In level 3, with the superman move, keep the back of your neck long and plug your shoulders down your back. Use your abs to lift and drive the extending of your arms and legs in front and behind your body. Engage your glutes to support the full lift. Don't bring your shoulders to your ears, arch your back or tuck your chin into your chest. Think of a horizontal length in your body.

conquita Sun 17-Nov-13 06:12:50

Level 3 again - sorry this is what I am on so I am very aware of the moves! With the plank move and rising up and down onto your elbows, avoid letting your stomach or rib cage sag. Try not to lift your shoulders up and/or forward, and also try not to shift your weight when you change arms. Keep your plank solid using your core.

FaithTheVampireSlayer Sun 17-Nov-13 21:14:16

Ooh this is great, I just started yesterday and am struggling to stand up and sit down I am treating it a bit like intense exercise (DH is training for a half marathon) and having an isotonic drink beforehand and recovery milkshake afterwards. Look forward to more tips!

deeplybaffled Sun 17-Nov-13 21:46:26

Adding extra stretches to the cool down is a good idea too, as otherwise, I find that my quads in particular are like jelly the day after!
another tip I picked up from someone on another thread was that if you do get jelly legs, it's easier to come down stairs side wards, which I thought was inspired.
planning to start again tomorrow for a second round, which is badly needed, following holiday over indulgencesad

wrigglebum Tue 19-Nov-13 16:16:20

If you are a bit achey the next day, the best thing is to workout again. I find that really helps the muscle soreness.

If you want to shed fat, the best way to do that is to exercise in a fasted state. So before breakfast or a long gap after a meal. It forces your body to go to your fat reserves for energy. I always struggled to shed fat but now it's falling off!

Always remember to really concentrate on form- better to keep good form with a lower weight than to increase the weight and risk injury.

Dig deep and DO NOT QUIT.

conquita Mon 25-Nov-13 22:07:12

I have a question re level 3.
With the full sit ups I feel I am using my arms more to lift myself up, is this correct? If I don't do this then I feel I am pulling up on my neck.

gaggiagirl Mon 25-Nov-13 22:16:53

My top tip.

Stick with Anita......but just try to stick with Natalie, even if its just for one set per level. Build up to following her over time.

Im 80% Natalie now grin

Wellthenmavis Mon 02-Dec-13 22:14:54

I started this last week. I spent two days on level one then did level two- which I found really hard- then, after reviews saying somewhat unexpectedly that level three was easier than level two, I moved to level three today. So in total I have worked out about four or five times. After the first two times I was really feeling it, but not so much with two and three so am concerned that I'm not doing it properly? Better to do a lower level properly than a higher one less effectively I guess. However, it may also be that I am just getting used to it more? I definitely feel stronger in my tummy even after this little. One issue, when I do the superman moves it really hurts my symphysis pubis joint. I had horrendous spd with both pregnancies and that's how it felt then too. It's still hurting this evening. I don't know if I am hurting myself or helpfully engaging muscles that need to be worked.
I know lots of people do a diet with this, but I'm not. Will it still give results in anyone's experience? Thanks for any help! X

SolomanDaisy Tue 03-Dec-13 07:14:59

Don't worry about modifying even more than Anita! I have lingering spd so modify all the jumps to lower the impact and I've still had great results.

BusterKeaton Tue 03-Dec-13 10:04:16


You might take a look at this link about sp dysfunction:

Wellthenmavis Wed 04-Dec-13 20:54:46

Thank you so much for all your help. I am now aching, after all! I went to the dr yesterday about my back and hip pain. I've got costochondritis. Inflammation of the cartilage between my ribs, so lots of the exercises in the shred DVD I'm not meant to be doing. I feel rubbish at the moment, my mum died just over a year ago. I lost over a stone in two weeks. Now, I cannot lose anything. I am 5 feet 7 and 11 stone 4 it's the heaviest I have ever been and I don't feel comfortable. This isn't a judgement on anyone else, I think we all judge ourselves more harshly this anyone does,but I don't feel right. I'm 35, and it just feels like my metabolism has slowed massively. I eat very healthily and don't drink very much alcohol. Any ideas ? hmm

ButterflySandwich Mon 23-Dec-13 06:56:33

I was into my second month of 30DS and was onto level 2. I managed to get tendonitis in my toe somehow from the exercise hmm so that meant not doing it for 3 weeks. Then when I restarted, I pulled a muscle in my back causing severe pain when in bed at night time. That took a long time to recover but now am too frightened to start up again with 30DS. My DF has suggested that I may have been too vigorous with the back exercises using weights. Has anyone else had similar problems with Gillians workouts?

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