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Rest Days???

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For those serious exercisers out there do you make yourself have a rest day and if so how many?

I am currently obsessed by my exercise regime - I gym every day Mon to Friday, sometimes on a Sunday too, and I do a fair bit of pole fitness too some evenings.

In the gym I do about 1hr 45 every morning, usually weights, TRX, abs and a bit of cardio. My aim is to get better definition in arms, back, shoulders etc and just cut down on body fat although am more or less there now.

So, for best results how many rest days do you have? I have a real problem taking a day off although this morning I am skipping the gym but do have 2 hours poling later.

Mitchy1nge Thu 14-Nov-13 15:12:28

I don't really have a day where I don't do any sort of exercise at all - there is always a dog to walk and horses to ride, groom, muck out - but I do try to have at least one day a week where I don't run. But sometimes I make my week 8 or 9 days long. You can rest by doing something different, yoga or swimming or something. I don't think rest means not doing anything, unless you are tired and you need to?

Lazysuzanne Thu 14-Nov-13 17:41:23

I take a day off the gym every 6-8 days depending on how I feel, although I often walk 2-4 miles on the off day.
Gym days are 40-60 minutes of heavy weights followed by 60 minutes of cardio.
I will often overdo it a bit in the gym on the day before a rest day, mainly so that I feel as if I need the rest day.

I fit in 5-6 half hour yoga sessions a week but I dont count that as exercise, more injury prevention.

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