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Newbie injury

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Rufus44 Tue 12-Nov-13 13:30:26

That's great, thanks again for the advice

kaizen Tue 12-Nov-13 11:32:22

I would suggest not stretching it madly for a few days, as this can interfere with the initial 'healing' - i learnt that to my cost. Treat it gently until its not sore, then introduce gentle stretches - loads of info on Youtube and google. if it is the achilles, then it can take a few weeks to start to feel better in the morning, as its a notoriously slow healing injury - PM me if you need to as i've had a fair amount of experience with it...

Rufus44 Tue 12-Nov-13 11:09:21

That would explain it feeling better in the evening, I think the way I sleep isn't helping either

Thanks a lot for your help

kaizen Tue 12-Nov-13 08:28:19

it sounds like achilles tendonitis but i'm not a physiotherapist and its always best to confirm what the injury is - you should book an appointment with a physio just to confirm, and they will advise and give stretches etc.

Don't run on it if its sore in the morning, as it will become a chronic injury (I know from experience as i over pronate and got it early in my running career). There is very poor blood supply to the achilles and as it warms up when you walk or run, it 'feels' better but isn't - be guided by pain and stiffness in the morning. Don't let it put you off running though, as it will get better (and the running will get easier!!)

Rufus44 Mon 11-Nov-13 21:08:56

Not at all kaizen. When I look at pictures the bit that is hurting looks like the Achilles' tendon. It's at the back of my ankle, does not go under my foot and hurts when I go on tiptoes or raise my foot up leaving my heel on the floor. It felt like my Achilles' tendons were tight after I ran for a little. I had my running gait analysed last week, I over pronate on my left leg.

cote they both felt tight so I stopped running (or staggering) the pain is only in my left leg/ankle/tendon. It may not be my tendon, the pain is in the bit that looks like the tendon in the picture. Doctors appointments here are like rocking horse poo! I am seeing two friends who happen to be nurses tomorrow so I may ask them

CoteDAzur Mon 11-Nov-13 20:50:55

How do you know it is tendon pain?

And what do you mean "tendons"? It is extremely unlikely for anyone to develop tendonitis in more than one joint at the same time.

kaizen Mon 11-Nov-13 20:42:14

Which side of your ankle is it? If it's the inside but behind the ankle bone then it could posterior tibialis tendonitis. Does the pain go into the underneath of your foot, as ankle tendons connect to the bottom of your foot. I'm recovering from an ankle injury so I've been reading up on it. It can also be linked to tight calf muscles or tight achilles. Have you had your running gait analysed as this can help. Sorry for so many questions!

Rufus44 Mon 11-Nov-13 19:10:53

Started the c25k a few weeks ago and I run for 2 mins and walk for 1 for about 3 miles. I have two speeds, whining and nearly in tears!

On the 2nd I went for a little jog and about half way through couldn't continue as my tendons on my ankles felt sore and tight. I stopped jogging and walked the rest of the distance

Next day my left tendon was really painful, googled it and it said not to run again til there was no pain. A week passed and I would have said it was healed, on the 10th I woke up and it was sore again, woke up this morning and it was bloody agony

Could anybody help me with how to cure this and stop it happening again?

I have bought new shoes in case that's it but I can't wear them cos my ankle hurts!!

Any advice gratefully received

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