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vibration / toning plates

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CooEeeEldridge Thu 14-Nov-13 18:20:21

That sounds like a sensible perspective berberana. I think the shred (DVD) is only 20 min sessions so you could maybe try that when you're into a routine? Good luck with it anyway!

berberana Thu 14-Nov-13 12:50:03

CooEee, that's interesting, thanks. At the moment I don't do any exercise ever! I'm hoping that this will start me off and motivate me to do more! I am honest with myself - I won't go for a half hour run or an hour's aerobics class every day, partly because of motivation and partly cos of the constraints of FT work and mothering! But this is something I can fit in easily around everything else and it might make enough of a difference to make me tackle something else.

berberana Thu 14-Nov-13 12:41:49

Oh yes, I know you have to work as well!! Just standing there and hoping to wobble away the fat would be a total waste of time! I'm experimenting with different exercises and sticking with the ones where I can actually feel something happening. I figure that anything I can do indefinitely - like standing still - won't do me much good!

Glad to hear it's working for you ceeveebee - I want to get from an 18 to a 14 and whilst I know I can't vibrate all that away, I'm hoping for a bit more tone in certain areas.

Ceeveebee - as you say, you are working hard so would get results anyway....but believe me there are plenty of people who just stand on them, don't move a muscle and think they are getting a work out - now they are delusional smile

Lazysuzanne Thu 14-Nov-13 11:19:56

Ain't no skin off my nose if ya don't believe me wink

ceeveebee Thu 14-Nov-13 11:14:26

Lazy - believe me I do not just stand there and expect results - I work hard for 25 mins and am aching and sweating by the end - it just intensifies what you do, doesn't replace effort. In the classes we have ankle and wrist weights on as well, and do things like (for example) a minute of plank, a minute of full pressups with feet on plate and hands on floor, a minute of one legged squats, crunches, shoulder press with 5kg weights etc.
I also do Pilates for an hour a week and I feel it a lot more after a powerplate session then Pilates. I've gone from a 12 to an 8/10 (over about 9 months) and am so much more toned then I was before.
But of course you who have never used one know best.

Lazysuzanne Thu 14-Nov-13 10:30:01

Peoples use them because they want to believe that there is an easy shortcut to getting fit.
There isn't, you have to exert yourself.

CooEeeEldridge Thu 14-Nov-13 09:21:37

I did the 'classes' when they first came out a few years ago. I think if you literally do no excersise at all ever you will see a tiny amount if difference. They are good for stretching and cool down excersises, and as part if physio for some conditions, but to get fit / lose weight they are utterly useless! If you've got 10 mins a day you're better to do some HIT training mixed with toning in alternate days.

...and there is no way one of these things will give you a 6 way on this earth!

It's a crock of shite!! I tell you, when I see people in the gym standing on these things (and in my gym you have to pay seperately to use them) I just want to tell them to stop being so bloody lazy and actually do some real exercise that will give them results.

A few weeks ago I saw a woman on there who was laying on the floor with just her hand on there....I was like shock

Lazysuzanne Thu 14-Nov-13 01:51:39

I dont need to try it, it's patently obvious it's a con, if you notice any improvements it'll be because of the exercises you are doing, not the vibrations

Feel free to ignore me, I dont mind at all.

timidviper Wed 13-Nov-13 23:27:34

I don't think it is rubbish, it is doing those small movements like you would do with Callanetics.

I would love to have one at home but am not sure if it needs to be on a solid floor (as opposed to floorboards) and where I could put one

berberana Wed 13-Nov-13 23:10:11

Lazysuzanne and eurochick - have you tried this and found it to be utterly useless? If people who've done it think it's good and people who haven't tried it tell me it's bound to be rubbish, I'm going to lean towards the ones with relevant experience... Thanks anyway.

eurochick Tue 12-Nov-13 21:33:45

I'm with Lazysuzanne on this.

berberana Tue 12-Nov-13 21:32:22

Thanks for the link ceeveebee.

I'm prepared to give this a go. It's not a huge financial outlay, and not a lot of time commitment, which might be just what I need to get me started. Who knows, the results might be no better than 10 minutes at home, but I'm less likely to motivate myself to do that when I get home and flop on the sofa!

Someone I work with says these toning plates are really effective, so I'm going to take the plunge tomorrow.

ceeveebee Tue 12-Nov-13 07:37:45

Maybe so, but it most definitely has worked for me, I have a six pack and defined shoulders and arms for the first time ever, and only do 2 x 25 mins exercise most weeks, sometimes a session of Pilates too.

Lazysuzanne Tue 12-Nov-13 01:50:46

It's pretty obviously a big ole con!
The 'scientific' explanation of how they work is risible grin

ceeveebee Mon 11-Nov-13 21:52:28

Found this for you that might help!

I read somewhere that 10 mins of vibration training is like 20 normal minutes so definately 10 mins will do some good

berberana Mon 11-Nov-13 21:33:49

Thanks ceeveebee, there aren't any classes near me, just a salon that's open til 8pm and does 10 minute sessions which I will just about be able to fit in between getting home from work and picking my son up! It's not going to get me super fit but I have so little time, I hope it will at least be better than nothing! I'll have to work hard for those 10 minutes, maybe once I get used to it I will be able to run 2 sessions together and make it more of a workout! One of the things that appeals is not having to spend time changing into gym gear and then showering afterwards!

ceeveebee Mon 11-Nov-13 18:44:47

I go to powerplate classes twice a week, they are 25 mins and no need for a shower so I can fit in on my lunch hour. I most definitely am more toned, have toned arms and stomach now, not had much impact on my legs though (I need to lose a stone and am bottom heavy!!). Would definitely recommend a proper class as I wouldn't put in as much effort on my own. If no classes near you - the moves tend to be things like squats or lunges, with or without hand weights, press ups (feet on floor, hands on plate), plank (ditto), tricep dips off the edge of the plate - basically general strength moves, sometimes aerobic things like burpees, knee lifts, stepping up and down etc, .
Always have a slight bend in your knees when standing on plate.
Good luck!

berberana Mon 11-Nov-13 18:25:44

Yes it's toning I'm after (although I need to lose weight too), I figure it might work alongside diet and aerobic stuff.

JuliaScurr Mon 11-Nov-13 17:44:33

I've got MS and very stiff legs which have been 'unstiffened' on powerplate; they are great for people who can't move much - they can be used from wheelchair, too

But apparently don't shed weight, just tone up what's there

berberana Mon 11-Nov-13 17:39:27

Has anyone used these? What did you think - did you see results and what did you do to get them? Can anyone link to some useful exercises to use with them? Any top tips? Thanks!

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