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anyone want to join me in starting the couch to 5k challenge?

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Trying2bMindful Sat 26-Oct-13 17:43:42

I want to get fit & lose weight before trying for a 2nd baby (had PE first time round and my weight is the only variable I have control over). I want to get into the healthy BMI range - I have a way to go yet.

So, anyone want to join me in starting the couch to 5k challenge? It might distract me from the chocolate, cheese and wine I am partial to!!!

CoffeeRevel Sat 26-Oct-13 17:46:07

I was planning to start the zombies run c25k on Monday, does that count?

Trying2bMindful Sat 26-Oct-13 21:18:28

ha ha ha lol coffee I had to go and look that up as I had NO IDEA what on earth the zombies run c25k thlgrinthlgrinthlgrin

i might have to go find it on the app store now.

yes, i think it does count. have you used it before?
are you already an exercise fiend? or were you in a past life? or are you, like me, a real couch potato?

please join me!

FrillyMilly Sat 26-Oct-13 21:25:08

I'll join! I need to lose some baby weight (baby's are 5 and 2!). I have 2 stone to go to my goal weight and managed to lose a stone over summer by cycling like a loon. However I don't like going out on it in the dark or in bad weather so I've put the stone back on sad

When do we start?

Trying2bMindful Sun 27-Oct-13 23:03:06

Welcome <waves>
lets start on Monday frilly..... well, after the storm subsides!
anyone recommend a good app to use?

StarlightMcKenzie Sun 27-Oct-13 23:07:51

In this weather?

I'll join you in a hot chocolate and a good film?

StarlightMcKenzie Sun 27-Oct-13 23:08:57

Tbh, I've been waiting for darkness to begin running, so I may join you smile

Trying2bMindful Sun 27-Oct-13 23:19:47

oh no, I'm not starting until this weather improves. I am a fair weather girl after all. However the nights drawing in has advantages - no one can see me to laugh at the fat girl huffing around..... or at least I wont be able to see them smile
welcome <starlight>

FrillyMilly Mon 28-Oct-13 07:37:22

I'm in the north west and we aren't due any stormy weather so I will try to get out tonight. I've downloaded the week 1 nhs podcast to my phone. How many times a week are we supposed to run?

blizy Mon 28-Oct-13 07:43:42

I'm in, I started on Saturday. I have 2 stone to lose for fertility treatment. I am using the treadmill at the gym, no way will I be out in this weather!

Sammie101 Mon 28-Oct-13 07:44:49

I started this again a few days ago but haven't had a chance to go for my 2nd run yet!

I completed c25k before I got pregnant and along with healthy eating I lost 4 stone- it was difficult at first but by the end I absolutely loved it! Can't wait to get back into it after baby grin

blizy Mon 28-Oct-13 07:45:21

Frillymilly you run 3 x a week, but you have to have rest days in between each run.

GotMyGoat Mon 28-Oct-13 07:45:59

ooh, me and my husband are planning to start this - but it's cold and windy (wail!)

DottyDot Mon 28-Oct-13 07:46:17

Does indoor running via wii fit count..? blush. I'm back at slimming world and doing well but really need to introduce some exercise.

GotMyGoat Mon 28-Oct-13 07:49:07

does treadmill in a gym count? then I would be warm...

blizy Mon 28-Oct-13 07:53:41

GotmyGoat if using the treadmill make sure you set it to a bit if an incline! makes it a bit more realistic than just flat.

GotMyGoat Mon 28-Oct-13 07:54:47

Ok, i've never used one before - was watching an amazing video of a space lady on the international space station using a space treadmill. in space.

elliemummaroos Tue 29-Oct-13 08:32:34

Can I join please? After 2 failed attempts this summer I finally feel like I need to complete this for myself. I will try and start today but if not then I will do it tomorrow. How is everyone getting on? xXx

Mosschops30 Tue 29-Oct-13 09:02:41

I start week 3 today.
I've promised myself that if I stick to it I will enter the Ben Nevis challenge next year.

I gave this up before at about week 5 due to shin splints hmm
I've now bought proper trainers so I'm hoping will be better.
Also running on a treadmill

MarianneEnjolras Tue 29-Oct-13 15:40:09

I am due to do week 2 run 2 tomorrow and I'm actually looking forward to it!

I'm using the NHS C25K podcasts which my iPod has helpfully reminded me that I downloaded almost exactly a year ago so it's taken me this long to get motivated.

I'm just doing it for general fitness and the achievement really and also as I recently had the revelation that I no longer have the metabolism of a teenage boy and if I want to continue to eat crap blush then I literally need to move my arse a bit more!

So I am planning going out early tomorrow morning and I need to remember to concentrate on my breathing. I'm trying to learn how to breathe properly when running but it's so hard!

OhTheDrama Wed 30-Oct-13 11:00:08

Can I join you all? I've got 3 stone to lose and have just joined SW but need to get active too. Am waiting on my new trainers arriving so will start then. Also thinking of doing the shred too, want to look someway presentable for Christmas.

Trying2bMindful Sun 03-Nov-13 00:53:49

Hello welcome!!!
I'm so bad. I started this thread to motivate me but not even downloaded a pod cast yet sad

Which is your favourite?

I have started the 5:2 diet tho and signed up for a 6k Santa run..,.... Mad? Me? Probably!

Best of luck everyone.

SchroSawMargeryDaw Sun 03-Nov-13 01:11:03

I'll join. I joined one of these threads a few nights ago but at the time I thought that it was just a general going from nothing to starting to run, I didn't realise there was actually a plan!

I started running about 5 weeks ago and want to lose a stone and a half.

elliemummaroos Sun 03-Nov-13 08:49:25

Where is the Santa run? I would love to do one if there is one fairly local to me! Sounds like fun! I haven't made it back out the door yet but will start Wednesday (I have a couple of exercise classes booked in between now and then so can't fit it in before then!). Hope everyone is doing well! xXx

SchroSawMargeryDaw Sun 03-Nov-13 17:35:05

I'm doing one in Glasgow, where are you?

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