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Exercise! What do you do? How often? And how the b'jesus do you stay motivated??

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shakespeare Tue 01-Oct-13 09:54:39

I'm a very non-committed exerciser who would like to be very much more committed. I'm not overweight but I'm not particularly fit. I'm currently doing one yoga class and a cardio class a week (and last week I managed to fit in a lengthy power walk/with buggy/up hills walk as well) The thing is, its always a bleedin' struggle to get out the door. I spend hours debating with myself the 'yes I will go'/'no I won't' and more often than not, the 'no I won't go' will win. Sometimes I feel like it, but still talk myself out of it! I often resent having to do it (even tho I will probably enjoy it once I'm out) when I'd rather be parked on my arse doing a crossword or similar. And resentment does not an exerciser make.

So how do you get your arse out the door when your body is screaming at you to kick off your shoes and sit your arse down on that big nice comfy sofa...??

HighNoon Fri 04-Oct-13 18:27:15

Cardamomginger - when I don't want to do exercise. I tell myself that it's OK, I don't have to like it, I don't have to want to do it, I just have to DO it.


Motivation follows action. Don't wait until you feel like doing exercise. Grumble all the way to the gym!

I always feel awful heading to exercise class. I always feel great coming home.

hillbilly Fri 04-Oct-13 20:44:02

I do 1 dynamic pilates session, 1 spin class and 1 run. Well that's in an ideal week. I found that seriously reducing my carb intake has helped with the weight management. The only thing I need to be motivated for is running since I have to get off my arse and I haven't paid for it like I have for the classes. Having a goal helps esp for running - a 10k or half marathon is enough to scare me into training!

shakespeare Sat 05-Oct-13 00:04:01

Wow, thank you all so much for your responses, I'm just working my way through them. I feel very, well, motivated!

shakespeare Sun 06-Oct-13 08:32:05

Whew, got to the end and my desk is covered in bits of paper with scrawled notes on them - recommended apps/websites, sound advice and great motivational tips. Thank you all! And a big well done to all those that have got their arses into gear and lost weight they wanted to.

Like a couple of the other posters, I am an older mum (41) and I do really want to be fit and healthy for as long as possible. I had 12 sessions with a PT 3 months after my ds was born (he's now 13 months) as a sort of kick start back in to getting fit. Now I'm doing a box fit class, which I enjoy - trying for twice a week however my friend isn't terribly reliable as she has a job where she travels a lot. Also started up again a outdoor buggy bootcamp class - I've tried it before and really enjoy it. One of the few classes I don't want to miss. It might be time limited however as my boy is crawling now and probably doesn't want to occupy himself for 45 mins. And I just did my first day of the C25K yesterday.

I think what resonated with me reading the posts was two things. Have a routine and book your exercise into your weekly timetable. I might have a spare hour or so and dither about exercising but will probably find something else to do instead. However if its there, in your diary, you might just do it. As one poster said - treat it like a job. You don't not go to your job because your a little tired or its little hot/cold/cloudy. Also, I like the idea of on the days you are going to exercise, put your kit on as soon as you get up - it will make you feel like a bit of a wally if you have your kit on all day and don't actually get any exercise done. Oh and also, start slow. I came over all queer one day many many moons ago and decided to go for a run. Managed 30 mins but it damn near killed me and I hated every minute of it with my burning lungs and lead like legs. Needless to say, I never attempted running again.

I also think, as other posters have mentioned, its such a brilliant example to set for your children.

So, fed up with my inner monologue (as Redcurrent said, very draining indeed), I will endeavor do JUST DO IT. God, I almost feel a bit excited! Will keep you posted....x

Lazysuzanne Sun 06-Oct-13 10:54:19

Much as it pains me to echo an advertising slogan I agree
'just do it' grin
And yes, it doesn't have to be heroic, no need to thrash yourself to within an inch of your life, its fine to start slow and build gradually smile

hillbilly Wed 09-Oct-13 10:43:09

I'm in the older category too at 47. Skipping is great and you can do it in a few mins. I'm aiming at 300 skips per day and also take my rope when I go running and stop to do some en route.

Talkinpeace Wed 09-Oct-13 11:01:01

Today is an odd day - child unexpectedly off school - but I went and swam my mile and DH went and cycled his 5 miles and then we both came home and got on with work.
Once you get even a small exercise habit going, it will stay with you.
I cannot run or jump, but walking, cycling, yoga, swimming and weights all add up.
In the months when I work full time I still try to swim four times a week ....
and the kids swim and gym regularly as that is the life they have been brought up with ....

DottyboutDots Wed 09-Oct-13 13:05:55

I swim 2.5km a week and play tennis 5 hours a week and am losing .5kg a week.

The tennis is great, the swimming is hard, but i do it with 3 others so despite dreading it, I don't want to look like a shirker and always go.

shakespeare Mon 14-Oct-13 10:20:29

So last week I did 2 x C25K runs, a pilates class and box fit class and a 20 min Fitness Blender workout at home. I'm trying to look at my diary at the start of the week and pencil in when I can exercise, which seemed to work well last week, as was getting into my workout gear on the days I had marked for exercise.

Its hard getting out in the evenings, by late afternoon looking after two, I'm on my knees but I inevitably feel better for just getting out of the house (avoiding the bath/bedtime craziness helps too).

Oh and brought myself a nice pair of new trainers. Running (and walking) like the wind I was today grin

ParvatiTheWitch Mon 14-Oct-13 13:59:53

Well done! Running for 30 minutes is amazing! I could never do that and I am someone who can do 50 lengths of front crawl or 30km cycle rides. You keep on and go for it.

shakespeare Wed 16-Oct-13 10:00:53

Oh no no no, I haven't got to the 30 min running stage yet. Only 1 week in so only at the 60 sec run, 90 sec walk. But you've got to start somewhere as they say!

BerstieSpotts Wed 16-Oct-13 10:13:29

Well I started C25K and although I keep going through it, I haven't managed to complete one yet. The first time I was just absolutely bleddy exhausted by the middle and had to walk a couple of the jog periods, also had a rest on a bench! The second one I came over all sick and faint twice during the run hmm

My plan is to keep repeating week 1 until I can actually do the whole thing before I move on. I like the app thing though. It means I can actually see progress I am making. I was surprised to see I had improved from day 1, only 0.02 miles further and 14 seconds' faster in pace, but I have actually improved! It's amazing!

BerstieSpotts Wed 16-Oct-13 10:14:28

I mean, I complete it, but I tend to walk more than I should be or I end up pretending to jog ie doing a jogging sort of pose but not going very fast grin

FruitSaladIsNotPudding Wed 16-Oct-13 13:16:04

Can I say berstie, it sounds to me like you're running too fast. If you're not very fit (and I certainly wasn't when I started running!), you need to start out sloooooow. Grannies with their shopping overtaking you slow! The key thing is to keep running, you can work on getting faster later. Running very very slowly is still better exercise than walking because you have to push your whole weight off the floor with every step, iykwim.

Honestly, I didn't crack running until I slowed down. Then slowed down some more, until I could run 30mins without stopping.

Now I can run miles. I'm not super speedy, but my pace is respectable at least these days.

BerstieSpotts Wed 16-Oct-13 13:31:28

I'm not running, I'm jogging - not sure if it's possible to go slower? I'm not trying for speed in any case.

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