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Running kit - where and what? Especially in the wet and cold!

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Suddengeekgirl Wed 18-Sep-13 14:57:58

I've just started C25k and loving it. I have decent trainers, sports bra and leggings and tshirt.

Now the weather is wetter and colder though I'm thinking I need more/ warmer/ more winter-y kit

What are you wearin?
Where can I get it cheap?

Tia smile

EauRouge Wed 18-Sep-13 15:02:02

I layer it up rather than getting one of those expensive running jackets. In the snow I was wearing running tights, a running t-shirt, a hi-vis long sleeved top and a buff (or a hat on the really cold days). All in wicking fabric which will help keep you warm.

Sports Direct is very cheap, I've got most of my kit from there.

CMOTDibbler Wed 18-Sep-13 15:04:10

Mine is from Sports Direct - I've got a long sleeved high vis jacket, and some long sleeve wicking base layers I'll wear with it when cold enough

MelanieCheeks Wed 18-Sep-13 15:06:18

TK Maxx. But you wont need very warm stuff!

I have a light long-sleeved T shirt, with little hooks that go over my thumbs.

Lightweight hi-viz jacket with pockets.
Buff/ headband
Light gloves, which can be whipped off and sruffed in teh jacket pockets when i get too warm.

PigStack Wed 18-Sep-13 15:06:53

I wear just below the knee running pants - almost all year. I do have a pair of winter running tights for when it really does feel too cold to expose flesh. I wear running tees (once you start entering races you get one of these in practically every race: handy) and when it is cold I wear a thin long sleeved running top under (don't know where I got mine but I think Primark do them cheaply enough). I have a running jacket but it's more wind proof than water proof. I think you have to accept a bit of wetness! Aldi and Lidl do great running stuff & I got DD luminous long running socks recently for winter time in Aldi (to highlight her and keep her warm). They also do luminous running gloves in Tesco for less than a £5. Once you're under way you won't notice the cold but I have a peaked cap for rain - once it's not blowing into your face you'll be fine.
Anything so long as it's not cotton in the rain (Gets too heavy/stays too wet)
Oh and I have a Buff - a sort of tubular scarf which you can pull up over your mouth & nose in icy conditions or turn into a hat or just as a scarf - really handy and versatile. AND Buff's can also be luminous!! (so I guess I'm pointing out the need to be visible in poor weather at all times of the day.

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