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Davina Mcaul Three 30 Minute Work Outs . . . Love It!! What Works for you??

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dietgal Sun 15-Sep-13 13:17:56

Just wanted to post got this DVD 3 years ago and lost a lot of weight using it.

Weight has piled back on since I work from home so bought again cheap from Amazon. Iv been using for 2 weeks but honestly if you can find time for half hour inbetween kids, school, dinners etc. Its worth it.

Iv went from 13st 10lbs to 13st 3lbs height 5ft 7in in 2 weeks. Only thing is getting older think takes my body longer to recover still in agony today and last workout was Friday. I like how you can mix and match your routines and Davinas not too serious and makes you smile through workout with her jokes.

If your looking for something definitley try this one. Any other ideas I welcome smile

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