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New Thread and New Home for the JILLIAN MICHAELS DEVOTEES....

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threestepsforward Sun 15-Sep-13 11:21:37

Hi guys, hope everyone finds their way here and also hope that I manage to successfully link this to the old thread!

This thread is for anyone and everyone who loves is a fan of Jillian grin

Welcome all the old-timers and please come and join us new people, it will be great to see you!

Happy JM'ing all smile

Rainbowstars Sat 19-Oct-13 12:33:50

Nice work here ladies and hello Filly! I had to take Friday as a rest day as I had a niggling lower back pain, not sure what caused it. Went for a 60 minute power walk this morning. Back to Jillian tmrw x

threestepsforward Sun 20-Oct-13 21:23:56

Hope your back is okay Rainbow?

Back from an extremely drunken night last night, felt awful this morning!

Did L1 YM this evening and will do the double YM tomorrow as I suspect I'll still be feeling a bit ropey...

After that, my plans for the week will be....

Monday: double YM
Tuesday: BFBM
Wednesday: ES&S 1 and 2
Thursday: Ripped L4
Friday: Killer L3 (and poss Level 1)

Will see how I get on, I might have to re-jig things if time is a problem next week...

Hope everyone is well and has had a good weekend smile x

Lulabellarama Mon 21-Oct-13 08:53:18

Well I feared the worst for today after having a complete energy fail midway through L1 of Ripped yesterday. My legs kept giving out on me. I think it was due to the long swim I'd done the night before.
Anyway I've just done L2 and it wasn't as awful as I feared. Some of the strength moves are a bit tricky to work out but I'll get there. Far preferred the abs stuff to L1 and most of the cardio (can always live without squat thrust though!)

Hope everyone is recovered from their ailments, even the self inflicted ones smile

Rainbowstars Mon 21-Oct-13 18:14:49

Hi! Well the niggling pain in my lower back is slightly better except now my right knee feels sore! Did Rippedin30 yesterdy and during the serving lunges move i noticed my knees felt clicky. Had to do modified version of any jumpy moves today whilst doing BFBM.
Nice workout plan threesteps. I felt last week I overdid t a bit and maybe that's why I have this pain. So this week no doubling up, BFBM is hard enough on its own!
Yeah Lulabell, those squat thrusts are on my least fav move list and burpees, oh also mountain climbers! Lol

knottyhair Tue 22-Oct-13 05:35:16

Hi all! Threesteps, very jealous of impressed at your wheel! Glad you liked YM. Rainbow, I get niggly knees, I usually have to substitute jumping lunges and jump squats with something else. Lulabellarama, well done on L2.

I did Bob's Pure Burn on Saturday - loved it but man, it was hard! T stand kicks with weights and a push up inbetween hmm. I started with 3kg weights but ended up switching to 2kg blush. Had day off Sunday, did Killer L1 yesterday (I do love the warm up). Plan for this week is:

Today - Ripped L1
Weds - Killer L2
Thurs - Ripped L2
Fri - Killer L3
Sat - Bob's Ripped Core
Sun - day off

Keep up the good work!

Happypiglet Tue 22-Oct-13 16:21:28

Hi all
Lots going on.. can't stay long so sorry not to name check.
Squeezed in L1 ES&S today although not sure I will get much else done this week due to half term.
Its fast becoming my favourite JM DVD.. need to attempt L2 at some point but those plank jack push ups are putting me off! Is it much harder than L1?

threestepsforward Wed 23-Oct-13 11:01:41

Morning all!

Lula glad your first day with L2 went well smile

Rainbow really good to hear that your back is okay. Knees are a nightmare, you just have to be really careful with your form don't you. I reckon a week not doubling-up like you said will give them a good break!

Knotty your weekly plan sounds fab. And Bob sounds...erm...scary! I think I'm going to fly under his radar for the time being grin

Happypiglet S&S is great isn't it - it creeps up on you as you get familiar with the moves...
L2 really isn't that bad. There are a few moves that are a bit tough, but they never seem to last for long! With the plank jack push ups, just go down on your arms as far as you can - even if you go only a small way, your arms will still be getting a good workout smile
Be prepared for the first time to feel a bit hmm, like L1 did, as you get to know all the moves...

Monday was a write-off exercise wise so I did double YM yesterday and planning ES&S today (conveniently sidelining BFBM grin)...

Question Re Warrior 2 in YM - does anyone else find it aggravates their tailbone when the legs are really stretched out hmm?

Had my monthly chiro appointment yesterday, he's really pleased with my progress smile There was absolutely no curve to my back at all when I first went to see him so I've been lying on various rolled towels once a day to get it back again...and it seems to be working, yay!

Have a good day everyone smile

Fillybuster Wed 23-Oct-13 17:48:49

Thanks for the lovely welcome all smile but I do feel a bit of a fraud as after initially managing 11 workouts in 14 days (pretty good for me), I haven't done anything at all since Sunday....right now I'm on a train back to London from Wales - won't be home until after 10pm and already on my 2nd glass of wine, so not working out tonight! - and out straight from work tomorrow night with friends blush

I'll have to start again (on L2) on Friday, and just write-off this week, I think. Is that going to totally mess things up?

Rainbowstars Wed 23-Oct-13 21:28:00

Rippedin30 L1&2 today. My back and knees are much much better. modified some of level 2 strength moves specifically the crouching move.
That's good news about your chiro progress threesteps. My YM is collecting dust on the shelf for now so I can't remember that specific move, i do remeber i found some of the poses a bit akward that took some modifying lol. Seems you are really getting into it doing double yms, great stuff!
Filly don't worry about not being able to fit in your workouts this week, life can and does get in the way of our well laid plans at times. It shouldnt mess things up just missing 4/5 days. as long as you get back into it.

I'm looking into doing some more specific strength training and browsed amazon for some dvds - reccomended one is Bob Harpers Pure burn super strength. Sounds scary and reviews say its harder than Jillians. Will do more research on this before deciding whether to purchase.

Rainbowstars Wed 23-Oct-13 21:38:52

So this morning I dug out my river island size 12 jeans I'd been wanting to fit back into and sadly they were still a bit too tight round the thigh area. I took them off and wore something else instead. It left me feeling rather discouraged as I assumed i should have lost enough to fit back into the jeans. I nearly went on a binge which I haven't done in a long time. Had to remind myself that its only been 3 weeks that I've started working out again and eating healthily so it might be too soon to see such drastic changes. I do feel lighter and more toned, just can't wait to be rewarded by fitting into my clothes again! Looking forward to weighing in next week and retaking my measurements as it would be a month then.

threestepsforward Wed 23-Oct-13 22:11:14

Aw, Fillybuster of course you won't mess things up!
Like Rainbow said sometimes life just gets in the way. I've taken far longer off, and sometimes out of sheer can't-be-botheredness rather than injury or too much on!

Get back to it when you feel ready, and perhaps start on an easy level to get you back into the groove? Let us know how you get on smile

Rainbow, don't be disheartened. Did you take measurements at the start? I bet between then and now you've lost something on the tape measure. Maybe not on the scales as you'll have been building muscle. The body loses fat from different places on each of us, in a different order. The jeans might still feel snug on the thighs now, but it won't be long til they start losing...

I sympathise with the sudden desire to binge too. I've had a whole bunch of EDs in the past, and even though I'm mostly in control now, boy it can come back and hit you sometimes when you're not expecting it...

Remember it would only be instant gratification, and you would feel so much more crappy if you succumbed. Hugs to you x

AND if you're doing Ripped at the mo, please say you'll avoid L3 for the time being as that's a knee crucifier (duck walks!!).

I managed a double S&S today and Ripped is in the DVD player ready for tomorrow smile

See you all then x

notyummy Wed 23-Oct-13 22:44:05

Knotty- glad you enjoyed Bob! It is proper hard. I started off thinking 'this isn't too bad, so I'll use my 5kgs.' Was using 3kgs after about 25 mins!! And that kills me. Rainbow- the reviews are right. It is tough. But I find him likeable and am prepared to stick it out.

Lots of time away so face struggled a bit this week. Have been in London for half term so did 30 min Pilates routine that I have on my phone this morning and lots and lots if walking yesterday and today. L1 Shred on Mon with 5kg with every exercise except of the side lunges. 45 min cross trainer session on Sun and NMTZ on Sat. Tomorrow I intend to do a cross trainer session and then L2 Shed and Shred before a night away on Friday. Gym at the hotel so will fit in session on Sat.

Keep going all!

TrucksAndDinosaurs Thu 24-Oct-13 02:27:44

Hello! <waves>

Just quickly as pushed for time...warrior 2 in YM, threesteps, if tailbone hurts you are likely a) overextending and b)not fully locking core and c) not aligning instep, knee, hip properly - your straight leg should be turned in, your back and core locked and shoulders back - think of your shoulder blades like angel wings whilst drawing in ribs, pulling navel to spine, pulling up pelvic floor, releasing shoulders down. Watch out for lower back arching and hollowing which happens if legs too wide. Tuck your tailbone in, if you flare your ribs it will start to stick out, and you will lose your core stability and sink down.

It's not a hip stretching exercise; it's a core strength one. And think of your body as making a triangle: viewed side on you should be all lined up straight - bum tight, abs tight, shoulders square and strong, like a kick boxer ready to step into a defensive pivot and attacking kick.

threestepsforward Thu 24-Oct-13 10:39:33

Trucks, thanks so much for that! I think you're spot on and identified the problem with hip/core - I think I am stretching too far...making it all about hips and not about the core...
I'll read this again before I do it next and may also watch them first to look at the shape and stretch.
Thank you smile

Notyummy go you fitting in the exercise while rushing round the place. Hope London was good...

Back tomorrow most probably. Ripped today and then a Killer bonanza tomorrow grin

Have a good day everyone x

wrigglebum Thu 24-Oct-13 16:37:07

NMTZ today, god it's hard! Really struggled with even pathetically small weights. Oh well, I can only get better grin.

threestepsforward Thu 24-Oct-13 21:13:44

Well done Wrigglebum!

L4 Ripped done today. Burpies followed by scissor hops - never has there been a more horrible cardio circuit!

Happypiglet Fri 25-Oct-13 15:01:52

Hi all
Some great work going on! Unfortunately not Chez Piglet! After ES&S 1 on Tues have done nothing else except spend time with older 2 DC.
However today we did an 1 hour plus 'crazy' climbing session at our indoor climbing area. My god my arms- trying to keep up with my monkey DSs I may have strained something. I haven't really climbed before and by golly it is hard and actually a little bit aerobic. We had such a good time.
Any way off for a week in Kent in the middle of the worst storm for years with whole family tomorrow. I don't take DVDs on holiday so that will be may for a week at least- except for the trudging round castles in the rain!
Have a lovely weekend everyone- I will be back into it with avengence once the kids are back- Monday 4 this space!!

threestepsforward Sat 26-Oct-13 23:11:47

Happypiglet I used to go out with a climber and can remember only too well how much I used to ache after having a go on the climbing walls!

Have a fab holiday - hope the storm doesn't write things off for you x

I did L1 Killer yesterday and L1 Ripped today. I sweated buckets throughout each of them! I think I put more into them than perhaps I had done previously?

Plan for tomorrow is a double Yoga Meltdown as I fear I will be hungover again sad

Currently at home for the foreseeable as my 14.5 year old dog has taken a nosedive and has bad anaemia and bleeding again and needs pills round the clock and lots of cuddles For as long as he has an appetite and seems upbeat plays with his squeaky toys, which he has and he is, I know it's all worth fighting for...

But much worse news is that my mum had a bladder scan at the end of last week that has detected a 'mass' which they believe to be C. I'm in denial currently as they haven't confirmed it (next week) and am 199% sure it's a cyst. She had a massive ovarian cyst when she was pregnant with me...

So everything is a bit shyte over here. It's either exercise, which I struggle to motivate myself to do at the mo, or hitting the bottle or the chocolate shelves in the local shop sad

Batten down the hatches tomorrow everyone... I'm right on the coast where it will apparently hit hardest so have moved things out the garden and filled my wheeley bins with rocks I conveniently had outside lol


knottyhair Sun 27-Oct-13 05:33:30

Threesteps so sorry about your mum - fingers crossed for positive news. And for your dog. Keeping up the exercise will help, but as you say, it's hard to keep motivated, so you're doing really well.
Well, I didn't manage anything yesterday - just had too much to do before we went out at half 12. Felt a bit ropey last night though so barely ate any dinner, so hoping that compensates for the lack of exercise hmm. Feel OK so far this morning, so I will do either Bob's Ripped Core or double YM today, then the plan for this week is:

Mon - Killer L3
Tues - Shred L1 with weights in cardio
Wed - off, have to go into town
Thurs - off, holiday packing and Halloween party
Fri - holiday

I'm taking Shred, Ripped & ES&S with me and hope to do 3 or 4 workouts - we shall see!

Happypiglet Sun 27-Oct-13 07:31:31

threesteps so sorry to hear about your mum I do hope it ends up being better news than they think. Waiting in these situations is so difficult and with a poorly dog too. sad
Try to keep exercising as it does help with moods I always find.
Where are you off to knottyhair ?

knottyhair Sun 27-Oct-13 10:45:52

Nowhere hot Happypiglet, Padstow, via friends in Bristol & Barry Island I know that's not on the way. Should be nice weather grin, if you like getting blown around thinking of all the resistance training trying to walk into the wind with a pushchair.

threestepsforward Sun 27-Oct-13 11:52:48

Knotty take some weights to put in your pockets so you don't blow away grin Hope you're feeling better today...

Thanks so much for both your kind words knotty and happypiglet flowers

I regret offloading here actually as it's completely off-topic but I don't post anywhere else regularly and I was feeling really blue last night. But sorry to all, it's not the right place...

I'll only mention it again when it comes to the time to tell you all that mum has the all clear and dog is better smile

Definitely a YM day for me later today, double bubble. Will remember Truck's advice when doing the Warrior 2!

Have a good day all - does anyone else secretly enjoy dramatic weather? I may live to regret that statement when various parts of my house/flat disappear off down the street tonight !!


MrsFlorrick Sun 27-Oct-13 12:31:32

Hello. grin Can I join you?

I'm a Jillian fan and veteran of shred x2 and 6w6p x2 and currently doing round 3 of 6w6p. I'm on day 9.

Want to get another Jillian workout to start after this round of 6w6p. Which one is best? I want something that's tougher than 6w6p

knottyhair Sun 27-Oct-13 14:44:22

threesteps, please post as often as you need on here about your mum & your dog - not a problem at all.
Welcome MrsFlorrick (I love The Good Wife!). I'd say NMTZ and BFBM are both tough if you do them all the way through -both around 40-45 mins - NMTZ is strength based, BFBM is cardio. Extreme Shed & Shred is quite tough if you do both levels. And Killer Buns is a favourite of mine as well, a mix of strength and cardio, Level 2 is tough! I've also recently got into Bob Harper (he does Biggest Loser with Jillian?), and I've got 2 of his DVDs - Pure Burn and Ripped Core - both harder than Jillian I'd say, but really good! Here endeth the lesson blush.
I feel much better thanks threesteps, so I did Bob's Ripped Core this morning, nearly collapsed in the killer plank twists though.

threestepsforward Sun 27-Oct-13 22:47:05

Evening all! There may be a few late posts from me at the mo as I have to stay up to dose the dawg [yawn] - although I am listening out expectantly for the storm!

Knotty thanks x And, inspired by you, I have ordered Bob's Pure Burn. I figured I don't avoid many of Jillian's any more except NMTZ so I should push myself a bit further. 6W6P would be the obvious challenge but I think it's a bit of a risk for my back. Re Pure Burn - was slightly scared to read a review who said JM was the 'take it easy' option shock

Looking forward to a new challenge though, will report back!

Hi MrsFlorrick, welcome to the thread smile

NMTZ and BFBM both a great challenge in different ways, as knotty said.

Also Ripped in 30 is a step up from Shred (apart from L1) but with the same format and more or less the same time.

Killer Buns and Thighs is great! Targets what it says on the tin, but is a general good workout with cardio thrown in.

And there are more! Is there a specific area / type (cardio/strength) you want to focus on? Tell us more...

I did double YM this afternoon. Really enjoying it. TRUCKS! Thanks so much for the advice, warrior 2 was much better today, and no aching tailbone, yay!

I'm still working on the full chatarangas(SP?) and the crow, but have now realised how much easier crow is when you really use your core...

Yet another mammoth post from me, sorry!

Have put Killer in the player tomorrow so that's the plan, and will write myself a week's schedule on here tomorrow.

Good night all smile

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