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New Thread and New Home for the JILLIAN MICHAELS DEVOTEES....

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threestepsforward Sun 15-Sep-13 11:21:37

Hi guys, hope everyone finds their way here and also hope that I manage to successfully link this to the old thread!

This thread is for anyone and everyone who loves is a fan of Jillian grin

Welcome all the old-timers and please come and join us new people, it will be great to see you!

Happy JM'ing all smile

threestepsforward Tue 17-Sep-13 22:56:30

Riverboat sounds like a good plan - some exercises just don't work for us personally. I have to be careful about some of the abs stuff because of my lower back and do switch some of her abs stuff with others I know I'm okay with.

Well - what other JM DVDs? - how long have you got lol
I think it depends on what you fancy...

Banish Fat Boost Metabolism (BFBM on here) is a fantastic 40 min cardio workout - you will feel nicely roasted and basted by the end grin

No More Trouble Zones (NMTZ) is all strength, no cardio - I hate it as it kills me - I tend to welcome cardio as a respite from strength!

If you want to target thighs and bum, her Killer Buns & Thighs DVD is fab - don't be deceived, you will build up a fair sweat on Levels 2 and 3 especially...

Oh and Extreme Shed and Shred (S&S) is also great - not such a hard one, but enjoyable and good for toning. The aim is to work up to doing the 2 levels back to back - so 60 mins.

I'm intentionally not saying much about 6 Week 6 Pack as that is my hardest and I haven't done it for ages!

How do you find Yoga Meltdown - I haven't got it yet, but I'm tempted...

Ponks welcome back! I think holidays can be weirdly exhausting. I'm off to Cornwall in a few weeks (a journey of 2 whole counties lol) and I know it will knacker me but I'll love it...

Well done all the L2 Rippers. And well done on Gingercat with the BR - how much longer do you have to go?

Rest day for me - 3 hours in the dentist chair having reconstruction work done. Stupid twit that I was - had a coffee and more than a pint of water before I went (tend to glug it down in the day) and my bladder nearly had me in tears by the end...had no idea I'd be there for so long ! When I came out the loo afterwards, the receptionist grinned and said "aw, you couldn't manage to tear yourself away from the mirror could you..." Erm, no, I actually couldn't get off the loo - like the eternal font... blush

Planning BFBM tomorrow - hope I'm feeling up to it...

Sorry for yet another long post...must learn the art of paraphrasing!

Will check in tomorrow smile

threestepsforward Wed 18-Sep-13 21:55:31

Big fat fail today as when I was gearing up to exercise, I was called to say a delivery I was waiting for would be coming at some time today.

Nothing, nada so exercise day wasted, grrr!

Never mind - I think I'll just chalk this week up to an erratic one, and I'm off next Friday on hols for a few days, so I think I'll just fit in what I can, when I can!

Hope everyone is doing okay smile

Happypiglet Wed 18-Sep-13 22:13:04

Ah threesteps never mind...I had delivery malfunction oday too....rearranged parcel delivery from dhl turned up in the only 20 mins I was out of the house today....
Ripped L2 again and did proper plank jacks hooray
Where are you off to on hols?

threestepsforward Thu 19-Sep-13 09:28:17

I'm sure they wait on the corner and come when they see you go out happypiglet!
This delivery was from somewhere local, and I wanted to see if they would buy something of mine (chest of drawers) so I really didn't want to exercise and drip sweat everywhere whilst trying to sell my wares lol

Hopefully I'll get something in today. Off to Cornwall at end of next week for a few days, can't wait, love it there! Cottage has no heating though shock, altho does have a fire in the sitting room!

Brilliant stuff on taming the plank jacks! Are you working up a level a week?

rubbishfamily333 Thu 19-Sep-13 10:27:16

Hey everyone Ive just restarted shred, I'm just wondering what is eveyone favourite jillian DVD? As I'm thinking about trying others. Are there any other DVDs that are only 20mins?

I particularly want to burn fat off my belly and hips. But I don't want to be ripped or have abs (not that I ever have had)

From doing the shred I'm starting to get a little two pack under my boobs shock

Happypiglet Thu 19-Sep-13 14:37:55

threesteps I am indeed doing a level a week. Dreading next week of L3s..... grin
Hi rubbish that's not a name I like typing!
Ripped is short workouts like Shred, a bit longer maybe but still doable in 30 mins including warm up cool down.
I like Killer buns and thighs which targets thighs and hips. They are about 40 minutes long.
6 weeks to a six pack is for abs but I have never done it as that's not my problem area others love it though and will probably along to tell you all about it soon!
No More Trouble Zones (NMTZ) is strength based and made up of 7 circuits to do it all takes about N hour but you can pick and choose circuits.
Burn Fat and Boost Metabolism (BFBM) is the same but for CV. I personally hate it as I find it really really hard which probably means I should do it more!
Hope that helps

eslteacher Thu 19-Sep-13 20:05:39

threesteps - thanks for the advice! It looks like whichever DVD I go for next, it's going to be a bit longer than Shred and Ripped in 30 (RI30 being 30 minutes from start of warm up to end of cool down). Ah well...

You asked about Yoga Meltdown - this is actually how I 'found' Jillian Michaels, as I was randomly inspired to find a yoga video on Youtube to follow one morning, and YML1 was the first one that came up.

I really like it: it definitely doesn't burn as many calories as her other workouts, or push your heartrate up as much, but it's still challenging and feels much calmer and less stressful. It's all about body weight training, lots of core strength plus thighs, arms and (in L2) abs. The general idea is that she takes a yoga pose and cardio-s it up a bit to have you moving in and out of the pose, then you end up holding the pose for 15 seconds at the end (which can be really tough). Lots of balance work as well, especially in Level 2.

rubbish - I don't think RI30 is really going to turn you into a ripped bodybuilder type. I started with Shred and then progressed to RI30, and it's very similar in terms of the structure and type of exercises. It's just harder (at least from Level 2 onwards).

TrucksAndDinosaurs Fri 20-Sep-13 00:40:19

Hello all! I didn't do any exercise yesterday other than walking in park for 2.5 hours with Ds and climbing stairs (his hobby)- wanted to work out in morning but car electrics died in supermarket car park so had to get rescued.

Squeezed in l3 shred today as pushed for time and about to do yoga meltdown now DS in bed as I am a bit bored of 6w6p after nearly 3 weeks.

Then early night (am 6 hrs behind UK)

Happypiglet Fri 20-Sep-13 09:42:38

Oo where are you Trucks? Some days things just conspire against exercise don't they!
I have given myself an impromptu day off as I have hurt my foot... it started to go during plank jacks yesterday and isn't right... hard to really modify a whole work out not using one foot!!
So 4 times this week for me.
Stepping up to L3 next week... not looking forward to it...I have vague recollections of jumping lunges and jump squats... I am hoping I am wrong but fear I am not... grin

threestepsforward Fri 20-Sep-13 10:27:52

Morning all and welcome rubbish smile

Trucks and Happypiglet sorry you've been thwarted, just happens sometimes eh, but frustrating if you're on a roll! Happy hope your foot is better soon and Trucks well done for squeezing in a Shred!

Riverboat thanks so much for the Yoga feedback - it sounds like something I'd find a real challenge (in a good way!) - the core / strength / balance combo so I reckon I will be getting click-happy on Amazon in the near future! Thanks smile

My week has gone awry too... Delivery finally happened yesterday late afternoon and they bought my chest of drawers, yay! I still had time for a workout so I did L1 Killer after they left.

I'm scrapping my original plans for the week and will be doing BFBM today and L1&L2 S&S over the weekend.

Have a lovely day everyone!

notyummy Fri 20-Sep-13 10:50:58

Hi all. Sorry to hear about the foot injury.

I did 45 mins on the cross trainer on Wednesday and managed to fit in a L2 shred yesterday. Does anyone else find those squat and rows really hard?! I am trying to do them with 3kg and it does kill my arms!

Did a 5 mile power walk today and did L1 Shed and Shred for the first time since the op. I used weights when Jillian gave you the option, but I did find it pretty easy. But I suppose I only did one level- and it is L1! There are 2/3 moves that were quite challenging- the one armed down dogs, dragon stance and side plank things. I used 3kg for the cardio initially but couldn't move fast enough so dropped down to 2. Will try L2 with a 30 minute session on the cross trainer next week I think. Will also need to see if any if the moves in L1 tweaked my back- I haven't been doing any of those yoga moves so will have to see.

Nothing tomorrow as staying at friends (fully intend to have plenty of wine tonight and use Saturday to recover smile.

Ponks Fri 20-Sep-13 21:48:26

Another one whose week has gone awry (again) as I have joined the "injured back" brigade sad - no idea what I have done, didn't feel anything hurt while exercising, but for the last couple of days my lower back has been sore. We are off camping this weekend shock so I am trying a few days off and if no better then will book a physio apt I think. Mind you last time I saw a physio for my back I was in agony the next day - definitely was a case of getting worse before I got better.

Am envy of all those who are working out this week.

rubbish 6w6p is good all over workout not just for abs! But I have found Killer buns to be great for the thighs & hips. It is a bit longer though. If you are looking for a shorter workout why not get NMTZ and just do say 4 circuits? I do that sometimes and it is still a good workout.

rubbishfamily333 Sat 21-Sep-13 08:35:46

Thank you all for the advice on other jillian DVDs grin

With the shred are you meant to do it every day? I've dine four days this week and my body is killing. I love the achey feeling of knowing I've done exercise, but my back feels stiff and not in a good way. I'm thinking about having the weekend off abd starting again on Monday. But I'm not sure I will get quick results doing four days per week hmm

I am also thinking about trying slimming world soon!

Ponks Sat 21-Sep-13 09:28:44

I find it useful to have a day or so off each week - or at least do a different type of exercise - so that the muscles get a chance to recover, rather than doing the same exercise every day. I found that Shred gave me quick results even without doing it every day. I've also got a sore back and am plastered in heat pads ready for going camping tonight! smile

threestepsforward Sat 21-Sep-13 12:26:42

Morning all...

Ponks and rubbish SO sorry to hear about your backs sad Ponks I really hope it doesn't scupper your camping trip. When you get back, if it's still bad, I will pay back the good turn you did me by persuading me to see a chiro and will make sure you book that appointment...
Hope you have a good trip smile

Rubbish, hello! You will defo see results doing 4 times a week. I agree with Ponks, and some of JM's later DVDs, she says you should take at least one day off a week - I don't think she said that in Shred did she? I remember 'see you tomorrow'. If anything feels stiff in a non-good way, definitely have a little break and see how you feel.

Notyummy hope you enjoyed your days off!

My week went totally not as planned, and instead of BFBM yesterday I did L3 Ripped - phew! My quads ache today! And arms after the last circuit!

Will try and fit something in today and tomorrow but now sure what yet, will see how I go and how I feel later...

Have a great weekend everyone smile

knottyhair Sun 22-Sep-13 06:31:06

Busy thread! Sorry to hear about all the injuries/back pain - it's so frustrating!
Rubbish, it's definitely a good idea to take a day off a week as a rough guide, or to do some other form of exercise on that day.
My week sort of went to plan, although I had to take an extra day off just due to the amount of crap that needed doing! DP is out of action following the snip on Thursday so I'm having to do everything which I'm not used to! Managed Killer L2 on Mon, 4 circuits of BFBM with weights on Tues, Ripped L1 on Weds, day off Thurs, Shred L1 (weights in cardio) on Friday. Day off yesterday but walked round London all day with DS and had Borough Market bacon roll and Shake Shack burger & fries.
However, I've now woken up with what feels like the beginning of DP/DD's cold. Feel sort of OK to exercise though - that's a good idea right? If so, I'll be doing Killer L3 today. Plan for rest of week (cold permitting) is:
Mon - Ripped L2
Tues - Shred L2
Wed - Ripped L3
Thurs - Shred L3
Fri - Ripped L4

There, it's in black & white - make it so smile.

threestepsforward Sun 22-Sep-13 10:30:58

Good luck for next week Knotty... you sound like you've had a busy time of lately...
I think the wisdom about a cold is if it's above the neck, okay to exercise, if below, you should rest?
I love Borough Market too! I spent many a happy afternoon eating too much there grin

I did BFBM yesterday, so pleased! Really feeling it today, I think on the back of L3 Ripped. My plan was, if I have time, to do L1&2 S&S today as I want to fit in as much as poss before I head off on my mini-hols on Friday!

Enjoy the day, looks like it's warming up here smile

threestepsforward Mon 23-Sep-13 14:41:15


Blue blue skies here, lovely smile

Very pleased with my weekend - one BFBM and one L1&2 S&S under my belt!

I have 4 days until I go away for a few days, so my plan for them will be:

today - L2 Killer
tuesday - BFBM
wednesday - L3 Killer
thursday - a double something - would L2 and L3 Killer be completely insane?!?

A really useful tip for doing a double of anything, if you're not feeling so motivated, is to say well I'll just do 1 circuit of the second thing, then 2 circuits and by that time you'll be far enough through to go to the end!

Have a great day all - am sending my job back and playing truant on my deckchair in the garden in a mo smile

notyummy Mon 23-Sep-13 18:00:30

Double Killer- ooh er!

Managed 40mins on cross trainer yesterday and NmtZ today, with a bit more 5kg weights action than last week.

Happypiglet Mon 23-Sep-13 22:42:47

Wow mega week planned threesteps I have never done a double of anything...and probably never will its the time element for me!
Well L3 Ripped today... Tough but I did well only modifying the jumping lunges cos they are the devil's work
Feeling it already. Another four of them planned this week then as always the weekend off.
The sun was a no show here today been cloudy and miserable all day...
Happy exercising everyone.

gingercat12 Tue 24-Sep-13 12:29:28

Go threesteps! [hiding behind the sofa]

threestepsforward Wed 25-Sep-13 20:50:41

grin gingercat - my plans for the week went off course again so you can come out from behind the sofa!!

Happypiglet I really felt that L3 Ripped the next day, I've forgotten what L4 is like - is it worse than L3?!

Notyummy - 5 kg (thunk) - and this is you in rehabilitation mode grin

As mentioned plans went skew again this week, but managed L2 Killer yesterday and after having a read through the 6W6P thread and taking inspiration <waves at amazing 6W6P laydeez> I did L1 6W6P today. I really enjoyed it, which was a total shock as all my memories of it were awful - perhaps I'm thinking of L2 most of all though...

I plan to take 6W6P back up after my hols and hopefully manage to get through L2 at some point. I'm loving the mixing it up at the mo smile

So 1 more day before I go away and it will either be BFBM or a double something. Not going to decide until tomorrow!

Hope everyone is doing great smile

eslteacher Wed 25-Sep-13 21:13:56

Wow three steps, you are a Jillian machine!

I moved on to L4 Ripped this evening and OH MY GOD. It is definitely as hard as L3, maybe harder. Not so tough on the arms, but core work and cardio and BURPIES!

Now I had heard burpies mentioned on this thread before as a thing of horror. So I was sadistically looking forward to seeing what they were like.

First one or two, I was all 'what's all the fuss about?! They're fine!'

Last few: OK, getting a bit hard on the old legs now

Time for set two: legs no longer want to co operate at all. Try to drag myself through them at half speed.

End of set two: DEATH BY BURPIES, aaaaargh!

Happypiglet Wed 25-Sep-13 22:06:50

Arf arf riverboat I hate Burpees I always modify.. blush
Well I could not face another day of L3 ripped (jumping lunges in particular) so I had a break and did Killer L1 which I love....
It starts off so easy and then picks up....what is it with those one legged static chair squats....impossible.
I guess I need to go back and finish L3 Ripped tomorrow... And Friday... Then I can have the weekend off...
Let us know what you do tomorrow threesteps although neither of your options appeal to me...I hate BFBM because I find cardio so difficult... I have always struggled with being short winded as my mum says...and no amount of exercise seems to help. plus it's soooo long.... I think I have a 30minute limit to my exercise concentration that's why I love JM generally.

startwig1982 Wed 25-Sep-13 22:28:49

Have done day 2 of level 2 shred today and although it was better than yesterday, I still had sweat pouring down my face!

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