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Winter running..kit, tps and tricks.

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Gracie990 Tue 10-Sep-13 21:49:54

I'm relatively new to running and have only been a fair weather/ summer runner.

Now that the nights are closing in and the temperatures have dropped I wanted to know if anyone could recommend a good winter set up.

I have Nike Capris which I love, I have been looking at thermal Nike tights...are they any good? Do I need thermal?

How cold does it need to be be for a fleece top, or would I be better layering?

I guess a buff, hat and gloves are neccessary, anything else?


BikeRunSki Tue 10-Sep-13 22:02:07

Merino wool socks! Something like this
Merino wool top ( like this ) and high vis cagoule keep me warm most of the time
I find tights too hot much of the time, and have never felt the need for thermal ones
Buff is good
I rarely wear a hat, gloves - thin "magic" gloves do the tricky without being too hot.

Aldi usually do running kit in October

Gracie990 Wed 11-Sep-13 06:38:31

Thank you, I ave a lot of merino for hiking so may try that.

I guess you run hot if magic gloves keep you warm :-)

EauRouge Wed 11-Sep-13 08:10:06

Normal tights will be fine, I went running in the snow in mine. Yes to a buff. I only wore a hat on the very coldest days. I don't have any special cold weather running gear, I just wear a running t shirt with a long sleeved hi vis over the top. The only other things I have are yax trax for when it snows.

I need to get some of those magic gloves, I've got some cheap fleece ones but I get too hot half way around and end up with them tucked under my bra strap; not very comfy!

Quenelle Wed 11-Sep-13 08:27:21

Long sleeve top with thumb holes for me. I can't bear wearing hat or gloves. The top has a high neck which I usually end up un zipping after a few miles.

I have some quite thick sort of boot cut yoga trousers that feel warmer than normal tights.

Chopstheduck Wed 11-Sep-13 08:31:10

I get really hot, so I wore a baselayer with my usual top over it, leggings, and a hat and gloves when it was really cold. I also had trail trainers last winter, which were really good for the snow.

I also bought something similar to this which is quite warm but still lightweight and unrestrictive/.

Gracie990 Wed 11-Sep-13 21:54:12

Chops, are the trail trainers waterproof? Might need some :-)

Chopstheduck Thu 12-Sep-13 06:26:05

nah not waterproof, but tbh it never really bothered me getting a bit wet! i think the idea is that they do let water in, but don't hold the water, so they didn't get weighed down with it. They have fantastic grip though for the snow and ice. I have these here

Been running in Nike free runs over the summer though but will go back to those for mud and snow. You could look at waterproof socks if you are bothered by getting wet.

EauRouge Thu 12-Sep-13 07:36:39

You can get these socks which are waterproof. Never tried them but I've heard other runners raving about them. Unless you are trail running through water or doing long distances then you probably won't need them. I went running in all that snow in January and didn't really get damp, but then I only went 5k.

BikeRunSki Thu 12-Sep-13 07:49:06

Sealskinz socks are really bulky and uncomfortable. Socks with a high proportion of wool are warm when wet and much more comfy. Maybe ankle gaiters if you are running off road ? I have had goretex lined trainers which were ok, but water still gets in the top!

Gracie990 Thu 12-Sep-13 09:36:22

I have saelskinz for riding my bike, they are very uncomfortable.

I don't mind water in summer, it's the icy, slushy stuff I'm a bit concerned with.

I do run off road, I might look at the trail shoes for a more grippy winter shoe.

Thanks everyone.

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