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exercise for 3 year old

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Puzzledmoo Mon 09-Sep-13 03:53:17

Some gymnastics and ballet classes available at the YMCA - Crouch End.
Finchley Lido has swimming classes from 3 years old.
Also, I think there is a tennis class at the Whetstone tennis club, if this is not too far for you.

Reiltin Mon 09-Sep-13 03:13:33

Other types of dancing too! They can start ballet at three.

JayPunker Mon 09-Sep-13 02:33:55

I know for a fact Morris Dancing troops will accept kids as young as 3. It will certainly keep her active until she is old enough to gymnast. Considering, of course, that she wouldn't sooner remain on the troop

kaysparent Sun 08-Sep-13 22:02:39

Hi I have an active 3 year old daughter. I would like to put her to a regular weekend sport activity, but I am not sure what will be the right one at this age. She likes interacting with people, thus I was considering girls' football, but maybe it is too early at her age. Most gymnastics clubs I have contacted accept kids at 4. I decided to get some advice here.

Can you recommend any sport classes, football or gymnastics (or maybe swimming) who will accept a 3 year old girl? We live around Finchley Central

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