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C25K & Shred

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Sassee Sun 01-Sep-13 08:27:44

Has anyone ever done the two together or is that just crazy talk?

Please tell me if I've just got way too excited now my weight lossis really kicking in or whether this is doable.

gintastic Sun 01-Sep-13 16:33:06

I've just done W1 R3 of C25K. Then I went to sainsburys and there was a copy of shred for £3!!! So I'm going to give it a go if you do...

dinosaur Sun 01-Sep-13 17:58:42

Hi, I think it is possible to do C25K and Shred at the same time, but it slightly depends on how fit you are to start with. I did it for a while last year but in the end preferred to rely on running/fast walking for the cardio (as there really isn't much in Level 1 Shred) and Pilates for strength/toning.

gintastic Sun 01-Sep-13 19:19:55

Did my first day of shred... Tomorrow is wk2 run1 of C25K.

I thought I would shred on non running days and see how that goes :-)

Melinda76 Mon 02-Sep-13 15:47:24

I'm going to try this. Going to run mon , weds and fri, and shred every day. Started this morning and feel ok but sure it's going to get worse lol

SneezySnatcher Mon 02-Sep-13 18:53:55

I do this and have for a while. I exercise each day, alternating The Shred and C25K (have completed 5k now though so aiming for 10k).

Totally manageable. I sometimes Shredded and ran on the same day (run first) but found it hard to find the time.

HairyPotter Mon 02-Sep-13 18:56:19

Yes I did them both, I dropped out of c25k halfway through though because all the impact made my dodgy hip flare up again.

I really enjoyed doing them though and I wouldn't rule out starting to run again as soon as I feel fitter.

Good luck smile

phantomhairpuller Mon 02-Sep-13 19:01:54

I plan on doing this as soon as my knee support arrives.

Stupid old injury flared up after 13 days of the shred angry

I'm game if you are wink

Melinda76 Fri 13-Sep-13 10:27:40

Hi so just finished week 2 of shredding mon-fri and C25K on mon, weds and fri. I'm finding it manageable at the mo but not really enjoying the running, def having to force myself to go out the door. How's everyone else getting on?

conquita Mon 16-Sep-13 02:10:08

I'm starting to do this, I shredded today, day one level one, and will start the couch to 5k tomorrow, weather dependant. If it is raining then I will shred instead. I am totally committed to doing this and glad I am not the only one! smile

Melinda76 Mon 16-Sep-13 10:07:18

That's great, I just did week 3 day 1 and managed to run for 3 mins what a killer!!

conquita Mon 16-Sep-13 10:09:00

I also walked home from work which takes an hour and my legs at the front are really aching, I hope I have not overdone it, it is only Day 1!

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