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100 Miles by Halloween (Run/Walk/Cycle/Hop etc.)

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RunFatGirlRun Fri 16-Aug-13 09:59:15

NB: suspect this should rightly be in a fitness topic but wanted folk to see it - happy to ask MNHQ to change it if need be.

Would anyone like to join me in a fitness challenge to do 100 miles by Halloween, of your chosen sport?

I have just started running and want a challenge that's doable but challenging for me. I can currently do 2 miles on a good day, but to do 100 miles would need to sustain this (and improve) over the next 10 weeks.

So I wondered if there was anyone out there who is improving their fitness and starting out cycling or jogging or hiking (or even swimming!) and wants to hang out here?

I'm guessing this is more appealing for novices like me but heck, anyone's welcome.

I'm not using a pedometer because they're not too accurate for runners apparently, but using websites that enable you to track your route and work out distance travelled. I'll find some links if anyone's interested.

If so: my name is RunFatGirlFun, I'm overweight and unfit and getting old, and today I ran 1.5 miles, and I have 98.5 miles to go!

OddSockMonster Wed 21-Aug-13 12:08:01

I'm in, walking plus maybe the odd mile of swimming (plus running about the tennis court like a fool, does that count?)

Thinking of walking into town and back tomorrow, plus mooching about the shops, which would be a fine 6-7 miles I think.

Can I add in a walk up Scarfell Pike just before you started the thread? I've just got over a foot injury too so it was quite an achievement (and thankfully only knackered my legs, not my foot again).

OscarSwoosh Wed 21-Aug-13 12:15:42

I'm kind of interested in joining in with this...maybe...
OP you said about some links to sites that track your route and work out distance travelled, are you able to post them please?
I'll be walking. Boobs too big for running blush

JamEyelid Wed 21-Aug-13 12:32:01

I'm in. I have my fitbit which records distance walked/ran each day.

NicholasTeakozy Wed 21-Aug-13 14:03:22

Ooh goody, there are a few more of us.

Oscar, there's probably an app if you have a smartphone.

100 miles by halloween is more than doable, I'm aiming for at least 150 per month, which is only about 5 a day.

RunFatGirlRun Wed 21-Aug-13 15:42:53

Yay, look at this: I'm so glad to see everyone!

OK, for Oscar and anyone interested: here is the link to a run/walk/cycle route planner thingy. It's very easy: you just enter the postcode or name of your town, and use the cursor to click each stage of your route. I actually don't think this is the one I was using - I can't seem to find it. But there are loads.

At the moment I'm just counting my runs, and not walking or swimming. But that would mean running 10 miles a week, which given the most I can run in one go at the moment is 2 miles (and then only on a good day!) is quite a big ask. I'll see how I go and might cheat help by counting in my walks as well...though obviously I'd rather not.

As for how to do this: should we all just post our progress as and when we want to? For example, my status today would be:

Today: ran 1.5 miles
Total: 6.5 miles
93.5 miles to go!

We could even do a weekly round-up but I'm probably just getting ridiculously School Prefect about it blush

NicholasTeakozy Wed 21-Aug-13 17:56:27

Today was just over two miles, so the total since Monday is about 11 miles. My legs definitely feel it after the enfoced lay off, which is a good thing.

ConfusedPixie Wed 21-Aug-13 17:59:29

Making place as at work but definitely up for that. Wantto start swimming again but will walk most of it, health can't hack cycling or running sad

Emski76 Wed 21-Aug-13 18:06:26

Oooh can I join. Ive signed up for a 10k in Oct so def need to clock up some miles. Am just getting back into running again after injuring my shin 2 weeks ago and have been alternating between bike, swimming and running.
Oscar, I use run keeper which you can download onto your phone. It records walking, running, cycling and is brilliant.
I ran 1.5 miles last night, can I count that in my 100 miles?

RunFatGirlRun Wed 21-Aug-13 18:48:30

Welcome, welcome one and all <waves>

Nicholas - good going. Nice when you 'feel it' in the good way, isn't it?

I'm starting to see changes - DH said the other morning that my legs were looking, and I quote, 'more leg-shaped' grin

Walking and swimming is great, Confused - and sorry about your health sad - Everyone I know in healthcare and fitness says that walking and swimming are the best forms of exercise because it's practically impossible to do yourself a mischief, but it still works your body well - good luck with it!

Emski def. count that 1.5! I'm going to investigate that runkeeper app too.

Well - I just had a RUBBISH run and only did a mile shock sad

I find it really odd that on one day I can feel amazing and do really well, then the next only do half that. I'm such a bleeding novice that I just don't really know how our bodies work. Is that normal?? I did do a fairly robust 30 minute swim this morning and my period's starting, so maybe that's it...

I will get DH my personal trainer out with me tomorrow to see if I can do 2 miles and make for it but meanwhile I am VERY disappointed in myself

<sits in corner wearing The Dunce's Trainers>

RunFatGirlRun Wed 21-Aug-13 18:50:15

Oh yeah so I have to amend my stats don't I?

That's today 1 mile
Total 6 miles
94 miles to go

I'm off to sulk.

EauRouge Wed 21-Aug-13 19:40:42

I'll join! I'm a runner but will probably top up the miles with some walks too.

RhondaJean Wed 21-Aug-13 19:45:37

Right a little late but I'm in.

Im trying to motivate myself to get back training after my torn calf muscle and this is perfect.

Can I do it in kilometres though, it works out 161 km?

RhondaJean Wed 21-Aug-13 19:46:05

Oh I'll mix it running cycling and a tiny bit cross training.

OscarSwoosh Wed 21-Aug-13 20:34:33

Thanks for the link OP smile I'll look at that app too emski76 thanks.
I haven't done any miles yet. I might count the walk we did on Monday night to give myself a starting point so I don't feel quite so 'couch potato' blush

PinkyCheesy Wed 21-Aug-13 20:47:14

Can I join please? Another walking geocacher here, and I do love a target. Have lost 26lbs on MFP (see other threads!) since Jan and am very much enjoying my walks.

Today 3.5 miles
96.5 to go!

I use Endomondo to track my miles

OscarSwoosh Wed 21-Aug-13 20:48:50

I just used OP's link and according to that I walked just over a mile on Monday.
Total: 1 mile
99 miles to go!

RunFatGirlRun Wed 21-Aug-13 21:08:56

Do count it in Oliver - no sense starting feeling on the back foot. Or something. Not sure a cricket metaphor is quite right, but...

Welcome all others! Count whatever you like in whatever units you like.

And bleeding well done on the weight loss Pinky - speaking from experience I know how much easier & more enjoyable walking/running must be now.

PinkyCheesy Wed 21-Aug-13 21:16:37

My thighs don't chafe any more (it was wearing holes in my jeans!) grin

wallpaperaddict Wed 21-Aug-13 21:26:51

Would it be ok if I joined in too?! I'm fickle so it'll be a mixture of walking, running and cycling! Today I walked 1 mile, 99 to go!

harderthanitlooks Wed 21-Aug-13 23:05:49

My fit bit says that I have done 4 miles today so 96 miles to go. Goodnight everyone

JamEyelid Wed 21-Aug-13 23:22:50

10.5 miles today. My legs are sore so I'm off to bed to rest them, night!

EauRouge Thu 22-Aug-13 10:08:26

5k this morning, bit slooooow but I did give blood the other day. So, 97 miles to go!

RunFatGirlRun Thu 22-Aug-13 11:21:43

Mighty well dones all round, Centurions! And welcome, Wallpaper1

Jam I am intimidated impressed.

I am hoping to do a 2 mile run this evening but for some reason am dropping with exhaustion today, so might have to see how it goes...

Whogivesashit Thu 22-Aug-13 11:30:18

Hi. I'm in. Running 2-3 miles, Mon, Weds, and Fri cycling 6 miles Tues,Weds, Thurs. Have been running for almost two years now. So aiming to run and cycle alternately each week day.

Ohh, ohh, can I join in?
(jumps up and down with excitement)
(stops when house shakes)

I use the Nike running app (it doesn't mind that I walk) - it's free and maps your route using GPS as well as using your phone as a pedometer.
Mind you, having Paula Radcliffe congratulating me on my great run, when I've strolled 2 miles, is a bit funny!

I've 126 miles on it (over about 4 months - not very intensive exercise) so I'll try to add another 100 by Halloween (my birthday is the 30th so hopefully I'll have lost a few lbs by then too)

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