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I have a bike for the first time in nearly 30 years!

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LadyMud Sat 14-Sep-13 13:00:01

How's it going, BabC? Did you manage to find any Bikeability training?
You might also find Breeze Bike Rides useful - and a good way to make new friends!

mostlysinging Sat 14-Sep-13 08:43:25

No advice as just starting my bike riding again - got a bike in July after 20+ years without one!! So far I've done tracks but not roads - although did a cycle tour in Paris and hired bikes in Amsterdam - seems more scarey going on the roads in this country!

I do have bike envy - I love the Electra bikes and that one is one of my favourites. Wasn't practical for where we live but did ride hire on in Amsterdam and thought it was great. Enjoy!

rubyrubyruby Sat 14-Sep-13 08:36:38

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

VinegarDrinker Tue 06-Aug-13 09:32:28

Abz we have a Croozer trailer, the 535 which is a double (now called the Croozer Kid for 2 or something). Not the cheapest, we got ours on eBay, but really decent quality for the price. Waiting for the infant seat to arrive from my friend who we are borrowing it from, then B will be getting her first ride grin Can't wait to be back on 2 wheels.

VinegarDrinker Tue 06-Aug-13 09:26:30

Many councils offer free training
Get your confidence up off road first - and practice without the trailer first, too
General advice as gin says -
don't hug the pavement.
Cycle as though you are in a car, with the same confidence. Indecision/not taking your right of way is dangerous.
With a trailer cars will give you loads of space, it's great!
Make sure your trailer has a flag to improve visibility
Watch out for small gaps as the trailer may not fit through

Good luck and enjoy it!
We are car free and cycle everywhere with the DC, love it, it saves lots of money and it is great exercise

gindrinker Tue 06-Aug-13 09:19:07

Cycling on the road is fine. Have a healthy respect for cars and they'll have the same for you.
Don't ride too close to the pavement, you'll have to avoid the drains and crud which collects in the gutter.
Make your intentions clear with hand signals, if you're turning right check behind you, signal and pull across.
Don't jump the traffic lights.

I prefer cycling on the road than pavements/across parks etc because pedestrians and dogs are more unpredictable than cars

Abzs Tue 06-Aug-13 03:13:20

Is there a bikeability course near you? That might help with a confidence boost about riding as part of the traffic. Being confident about what you're doing (as long as it's correct) is important - same as driving.

What trailer did you get? Considering one for DS when he's a bit bigger.

I keep thinking how nice it would be to go for a cycle again - stitches permitting...

BabCNesbitt Tue 06-Aug-13 01:55:34

We've just moved to a new city which is very flat really well set up for cycling, and so we've decided to splurge on bikes (including a trailer for DD). The only thing is that I haven't ridden a bike since I was 11, when I rode a single-speed bike on the pavement, and I'm terrified of taking it out on the road. Any tips for novice road cyclists?

(Btw, this is the bike I got: I luff it grin)

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