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love running hate shin splints

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tiredmummy33 Fri 26-Jul-13 23:36:54

i used to run six years ago but then fell pg. in feb this year i joined local virgin gym and had shied away from running but have started to run again. Thought running on the treadmill would be kinder to me than running outdoors. but have got shin splints i used to get them before. Anything i can do?

purplewithred Fri 26-Jul-13 23:45:43

No more running till better. Get your gait checked. Start again gradually, wear well padded trainers, run on soft surfaces, do stretches for shins and calves.

fascicle Mon 29-Jul-13 10:05:50

Could be one or more contributing factors. Although the treadmill might seem gentle to run on, running action on it is particularly repetitive, lacking the natural variation you get from running outside. This results in the same areas absorbing the stress each time. As purplewithred suggests, other factors for shin splints could include biomechanics, running style, building up slowly, suitability of trainers.

I used to have shin splints, but was helped by a gait/orthotics specialist who had an interest in running. Using custom made orthotics, changing my running style, doing core exercises and stretches and building up slowly have eradicated any issues. I also vary the routes/terrain I run on.

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