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Parkrunners unite!

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IsThatTrue Thu 25-Jul-13 14:15:27

Right, lets find all the park runners we have on here. I did my first park run on sat.

I am very impressed with my time of 33.18 smile I am ridiculously pleased with myself.

So park runners, where are you?

IsThatTrue Sat 21-Sep-13 19:00:40

knackerelli well done on your pb! I quite like the kids am viewings but they do Sundays here too so I don't have to sacrifice parkrun!wink

holmessweetholmes Sat 21-Sep-13 19:07:20

Nowhere near a pb for aaages. Still, I'm just pleased with myself for bothering to turn up for so many Parkruns lately smile. Can't wait to get my 50 t-shirt - but that's still a bit of a long way off!

jchocchip Sat 21-Sep-13 19:12:04

Can't wait to get my 50 shirt either - so frustrating knowing it has arrived but no time to present sad Did a second walk run today after my foot injury, doesn't seem too painful. smile

IsThatTrue Sat 21-Sep-13 19:24:18

holmes at least you're not sitting on the sofa stuffing biscuits! Well done. I want my 50 shirt too, 8 down 42 to go!

jchoc rubbish that your 50 top is there but hasn't been presented! Our local seems to present almost every week!

Blatherskite Sat 21-Sep-13 20:38:27

They don't present them at our run. They'll say who's is in as they arrive and everyone applauds but then you just go and fish it out of the bag of stuff at the end.

holmessweetholmes Sat 21-Sep-13 20:49:51

IsThatTrue - no biscuits here, I'm on Bootcamp! I must say, I'm not finding the low-carbing hard to follow really, but it does make the running a bit harder.

MelanieCheeks Sat 21-Sep-13 21:18:05

30.05 for me today. I knew it'd be slow, bit annoye that if I'd pushed I couldve knocked 5 seconds off and been under 30, but hey, I got out there, and smiled most of teh way round.

After I'd collected my keys and was walking back to my car, there was a girl struggling in the home stretch, in fact she was heading for the verge to throw up! So well done everyone - this may be a fun run, but it's not easy.

SaltedCaramels Sat 21-Sep-13 21:30:21

Did my first ever parkrun today -was a bit nervous as I haven't run much this summer after injuring my knee - and was just happy to finish with being last, or walking. But my time was 27'55, so am thrilled! Started running two years ago at the age of 43, and still can't quite believe I can do it!

IsThatTrue Sat 21-Sep-13 21:57:55

Well done melanie what's 5 seconds between friends anyway? smile

Welcome salted what a great time! Well done, especially on the back of an injury!

BiscuitsAreMyDownfall Sun 22-Sep-13 10:01:20

I was LillethTheCat, but have NCd (obviously)

My DS is 8. The official time was 35:32 so even better than I thought.

I looked into Low Carbing, but I love pasta too much so Im considering the 5:2, but really not sure if I can really only eat 500 cals in one day. I get too hungry at work.

Some good times there people. Well done.

Im thinking of going out this afternoon while its still really nice but know I will probably just sit on the sofa

I want a 50 top too, but am a way off ATM. Ive only done 17. Need to step it up a bit.

MelanieCheeks Sun 22-Sep-13 10:52:53

I've been 5:2ing since January - it's totally doable, and the support group on here is the bestest.

Went for a long run this morning - legs still aching after yesterdays ParkRun, but I'm determined to get back into regular running. In fact, there's an 8 mile cross-country run by a beautiful beach near me next month - on my actual birthday as it happens! Very tempted to sign up for it.

IsThatTrue Sun 22-Sep-13 11:22:06

biscuits well done your DS a great time! 5:2 is totally doable. Hunger doesn't build and build it comes in waves, I find if I keep busy and drink loads of water I'm no hungrier by dinner than normal.

BiscuitsAreMyDownfall Sun 22-Sep-13 12:01:49

Do it Melanie

I do drink lots of water at work so I should really look into it. Its actually the reason why I came onto MN this morning, just havent got off Active threads yet.

OhOneOhTwoOhThree Sun 22-Sep-13 16:46:16

Links arms with Biscuits - I want to start 5:2ing in november after my marathon. I need all the calories I can get atm - and am using them - but am likely to want to continue to eat this much when recovering grin. and well done to your DS. I want to get my two (16 and almost 12) to run with me but they won't.

How far did you go Melanie? I did 10 miles, a bit sore after pushing hard yesterday but I enjoyed it more than I've enjoyed any other running this last week.

Great time Salted, welcome to the thread!

Waves to all the other parkrunners grin

wem Sun 22-Sep-13 17:26:14

Hello all, well done on your runs smile I did 35 exactly this week. It had felt steadier than my previous run so I'm not surprised I was a bit slower. I walked a lot less and later in the course so I guess my pacing was better. Next time I'm really really going to try to run the whole lot.

I had fun at the running club I tried out last week. Next week is a timed 5-mile run though, which I think will be much less fun! Two miles further than I've ever run before...

MelanieCheeks Sun 22-Sep-13 18:19:43

7k this morning, but I really enjoyed it. I love running past trees - I look up to their very tops, and think about how long they've been there, and breathe in their power and resilience. Sounds daft, I know, but it helps me get my posture right and keep my head up.

I've signed up for the 8 mile cross-country Gr8 run. I'm clearly never going to be a speed runner, so I'll enjoy exploring the variety of different running events there are.

IsThatTrue Sun 22-Sep-13 18:51:13

Well done wem I honestly think pacing is half the battle tbh. Once I'd worked that out it all got a lot easier.

Just did a lovely 5 miles with a friend. My joints are a little achy but I have done a lot more sprinting recently so I'm trying to make sure I stretch out and must must take my rest days, even though I don't really want too.

Starving now, when's dinner?

Newrowsees Mon 23-Sep-13 00:29:03

Well done Salted, that's excellent for your first time!

And IsThat, I have to admit that during every parkrun I still think "oh wouldn't it be lovely to have a lie down on that park bench" and "it wouldn't be too bad if I took that wee shortcut, would it?". It's a battle of wills with myself every week. I don't have those thoughts when I do my longer, more meandering runs, but I find 5k race pace painful!

Hopefully it'll get easier as I do more intervals, I'm still learning how this all works. I used to sprint at school, so running all out comes naturally, but it's the endurance bit I need to get my head around!

Lizzylou Mon 23-Sep-13 06:41:10

Newrow, that is exactly what I think, every week. Good to know that I am not alone grin
Dh did his 2nd sprint triathlon yesterday, am very tempted to have a go myself next year. Mainly because, unlike our local triathlon it is very flat, and I am petrified of going downhill fast on a bike blush
If I do it I will need to seriously up my game and get much faster at running. Oh anc learn yo swim frontcrawl! Has anyone ever had a go?

holmessweetholmes Mon 23-Sep-13 13:01:23

Biscuits - I thought that about low carbing too, but the thing is that eating carbs is a vicious circle. The more you eat them, the more you want them. If you stop, you stop craving them Plus, low carbing massively reduces your appetite. It's amazing actually! Sorry - I am the evangelical low carb newbie. Will shut up now grin..... except to say that I lost 8lb in 10 days!

BiscuitsAreMyDownfall Mon 23-Sep-13 22:44:23

holmes it's not just me that eats carbs, they are often included in our evening meals, whether it's spag Bol, lasagne or chips. So I wouldn't be able to cut them from my menu (nor do I want to). It was my first fast day today and even though I was over 500 cals, it was only by an extra 55 so I'm pleased with that

IsThatTrue Tue 24-Sep-13 07:06:20

Well done on your fast day biscuits

I've had about 4hrs sleep thanks to cold infected ds2! God knows how my run will go tonight!

holmessweetholmes Tue 24-Sep-13 07:38:26

Yes - that can be tricky with the low carbing. I just skip the pasta and have a big salad with my bolognese. The rest of the family still have it though. Well done on your fast day! Do you try and avoid fasting on days when you run?

BiscuitsAreMyDownfall Tue 24-Sep-13 19:28:35

I don't run as much as I would like ATM due to just starting a new job recently so it's just Parkruns for now.

holmessweetholmes Tue 24-Sep-13 20:18:56

Hey -exactly the same here! Used to run 4 times a week but lucky if I manage 1 atm. Feeling I ought to volunteer soon at Parkrun, as I haven't for a while.

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