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I used to love running and now I hate it. What can I do?

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EauRouge Thu 04-Jul-13 13:24:59

I'm back from yet another shitty run where I couldn't run for more than 15 mins without stopping to walk. I finished C25K in April and in May I was running 4.5 miles no problem and was close to doing 5k in under 30 mins. And then in June, I tanked. I don't understand what happened. I'm not injured, I didn't get out as often as I would like but I was still managing twice a week at least. My fitness level just completely disappeared confused and I started hating it because I was really struggling to do what I could do easily before.

I'm meant to be doing a 5 mile race this weekend but I can't even manage 2 miles. Plus it's going to be roasting on Sunday and I hate the heat. Everyone just keeps saying I'll be fine but I really don't want to go.

But most of all I'm pissed off that something I used to look forward to has become something I dread. I used to have all these goals but now I don't see the point.

This has gone beyond missing mojo, I'm just bloody miserable now. Can anyone help?

manyhands Sun 07-Jul-13 21:54:55

I started trail running with a Sweatshop group it really inspired me again and reminded me what I love about running. Got fitter too.

EauRouge Mon 08-Jul-13 08:50:37

That video! <bawls>

I quite fancy trail running, there are loads of woods near me that I can go to (up a big hill!). I'm a bit nervous about charging around the woods on my own but we're getting a dog in a few months so I could go running with the dog.

Normally I go running first thing but today I'm going to try after the DDs are in bed and see if that makes any difference.

EauRouge Tue 09-Jul-13 11:32:58

I went out at about 8.30 last night, I managed 5k in 32.49 and ran the whole thing! I think I'll stick to evening runs until the weather cools off a bit, or until DD2 starts sleeping a bit better so I'm not like a zombie first thing in the morning. Thank you all for your help thanks

5madthings Tue 09-Jul-13 12:49:29

Yay well done!

The warmer weather doesnt help. I am waiting for my sunburn to get better before i run as at the moment it will chafe!

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