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oh dear, what have i signed up for?!

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HotelTangoFoxtrotUniform Tue 02-Jul-13 08:47:43

Hi! Of course you can do this!

I do a couple of halves a year on no specific training (though am a gym rat so am in good shape) and generally run/walk them on an 8/2 split (easy maths when you're running) getting around in 2:25ish. I am a good 20 minutes faster doing this than when I did my first, trained diligently according to the training plan in Runners World and took it all very seriously.

You don't need to do any speed work, just do two shorter runs in the week and a longer one at the weekends - add a mile every week or two in order to get up to distance before the race, occasionally dropping it back a bit. I wouldn't worry about doing 13 miles in training (recovery is quite long) but make sure you do over 10.

Enjoy it! This is supposed to be fun! Which race is it?

Bumply Sun 30-Jun-13 22:15:28

One run and a steady 3-4 miles for the other.
I did do the half marathon distance before the race, but lots if people only do 10-11 before their first. The adrenaline of race day gets you through.
Some people do run/walk for races. I'm not speedy but just set my mind to running all the way whatever pace that ended up - there were some hilly bits where the walkers were overtaking me.
Just build up a bit more each week and you will get there.

Bumply Sun 30-Jun-13 22:11:58

You can do this.
I did my first half marathon last year
I did 3 runs a week. One a long slow run to build up endurance and two shorter runs with either a but of speed intervals or hill repeats for

Lamby80 Sun 30-Jun-13 21:57:17

A few months ago, i signed up for a half marathon due to take place in october. My training plan started a couple of weeks ago, and im really struggling! I can just about do a 30 minute run, just under 3 miles. The plan has a lot of interval training to build up speed but to be honest, speed doesnt bother me, i just want to finish. Please can someone tell me im not mad for signing up, that i can do this and offer any advice? Im tempted to drop the speed training and concentrate on longer runs to build endurance.

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