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30 Day Shred July Challenge - join here

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PessimisticMissPiggy Sat 29-Jun-13 18:48:24

I became I follower of The Shred in June. My reasons are below. Share yours and let's shred together! I lost 5lbs my first week combining the DVD with WW.


I'm a size 16-18, 13st5lbs, 5'8", flabby, wobbly, unfit and desperate to shift the back fat that's making my new correctly sized bra lumpy.

I want my toddler to stop burying her face in my fat belly and blowing raspberries that make my boobs jiggle.

I want my DH to comment my nice arse again.

I want my double chin to melt away.

I want to walk up 5 flights of stairs without lactic acid burning my thighs and being out of breath.

I'm not going to stop until I'm size 12, under 11st and feel like I love my body again. I've hated my body for the last 13 years and I want to look in the mirror and feel good.

Shred is phase one. If I have to do all of Jillian's programmes then so be it.

FattyMcChubster Mon 01-Jul-13 09:30:06

I have no weights, what do you all use? Should I get some or are tins just as effective?

Chubfuddler Mon 01-Jul-13 09:32:06

I use two large tins of beans - that's only 0.5 Kg though and I suspect Jillian is using heavier ones. Anything is better than nothing though

FattyMcChubster Mon 01-Jul-13 09:36:35

Does it tell you what weights to use? Just had a quick look on Argos website and there's a set of three different sizes for £10?

kefybaby Mon 01-Jul-13 09:42:56

Fatty, I started off with tins (roughly 1 pound) and have now moved on to 2 pound weights. To be honest, exercises that focus mostly on the arms seem a bit easy and I should probably be using heavier weights. The set sounds like a good idea.

GrimmaTheNome Mon 01-Jul-13 10:08:11

OK, day 8 done.

Thanks for the link Julie thanks - I'll take a look at that.

GrimmaTheNome Mon 01-Jul-13 11:11:02

Um...that's how to do a push-up for people who are physically capable of doing a push up! grin I can do wall push ups ok - not sure how to move down to lower angle though - and just about starting to be able to do one with knees on floor (though not entirely sure if I'm keeping my back straight).

IWillDoItInAMinute Mon 01-Jul-13 11:38:57

Just done day 1 level 1 -again- !!!

Any tips on how to help my poor old knees, gratefully received smile

Grimma I do knee push ups IYSWIM be proud it's bloody painful (I am v weak)

Pleased to have done it.

GrimmaTheNome Mon 01-Jul-13 12:09:53

I've just found some different approaches to push-ups for beginners on youtube :
here and using planks and wall .

Leviticus Mon 01-Jul-13 12:48:33

I'm in! I was planning on starting the shred today and also using Tracy Anderson's post pregnancy DVD.

I want to sort out my wobbly spare tyre and get cardio fit.

IWillDoItInAMinute Mon 01-Jul-13 13:26:54

Re weights, try charity shops. Great place to find cheap weights, clean 'em up, brilliant

hillyhilly Mon 01-Jul-13 13:38:33

I'm doing the shred and 5:2 to get at least half a stone off before my hols in August. I've been shredding for 2 weeks 3-4 time/ week and this is only my second week of 5:2 but I've definitely dropped some lb already.

BabCNesbitt Mon 01-Jul-13 15:05:39

Just done the DVD for the first time and had to go take a shower afterwards! Feeling like someone's grabbed me and wrung me out, but will persist! Found it really hard to figure out the crunches, though - how does anyone manage it without "inviting their neck to the party"? grin

mermaidbutmytailfelloff Mon 01-Jul-13 17:59:57

I just did my first day too, been lurking but thought I would join in if that's ok.

I hurt, how unfit am I?? Do I seriously have to do it every day......

HootShoot Mon 01-Jul-13 18:16:23

I'm hoping my dvd will arrive tomorrow so will join in then if its ok? Stats - I'm 5'2, 10st 9, I was 12st 10.5 but have lost 2 stone through ww. I'm hoping to shift another stone and that shred will help me!

Sarahlundismyhero Mon 01-Jul-13 19:42:12

Is anyone on work out 2 yet? It's knackering but I love it- my 9yo ds does it with me ( partially) and enjoys it! Does anyone notice how she flares her nostrils a lot wink gets on my nerves!

BabCNesbitt Mon 01-Jul-13 20:51:23

I hadn't noticed, but I'm sure I'll be unable to stop staring at it tomorrow! smile

AWimbaWay Mon 01-Jul-13 21:08:20

I'll join too please, I'm on work out 2 Sarahlundismyhero, I've only done it twice but felt level one wasn't quite challenging enough, level 2 was exhausting! I'm giving Monday and Tuesdays a miss as I do a crossfit class on a Tuesday morning which is really hard going, but will be trying to do the shred Wednesday to Sunday. I want to feel confident enough to wear a swimsuit on my holiday in August, fingers crossed!

OneLieIn Mon 01-Jul-13 21:14:14

Signing in, hit 14 st this morning for the 2nd time since pg. Horrid. Going to start now before dh gets back.

Here I go

NoelHeadbands Mon 01-Jul-13 22:04:46

I'm in!

Today is my day 6, and I'm finding it tough. I'm so unfit sad. But I am seeing progress though, which is mind boggling encouraging. Going to study Grimma's links to help in my endeavour to actually do a push up!

I am determined to stick with this until the end. My knees are sad and scared though <wince>

Sarahlundismyhero Mon 01-Jul-13 22:49:12

Oops posted to soon- my tummy is wobbly and not recovered since 3 pgs confused I'm 5.10 and 11.5 stone -
Awimba let me know how u get on with workout 2 and when do you plan to go to workout 3-.? that's scares me shitless!

But I can feel I'm getting stronger and fitter grin

icepole Tue 02-Jul-13 05:42:25

Day 1 done, first exercise in 8 months, was painful!

AWimbaWay Tue 02-Jul-13 08:52:01

It's my tummy that's the problem too, I've been doing cross fit for 6 months now, my legs, arms and overall fitness have improved but my tummy bulge and love handles just will not budge! Very interested to see if the shred has any effect. I don't really need to lose weight, I'm what's known as a skinny fat, quite small but not at all firm.

GrimmaTheNome Tue 02-Jul-13 09:47:49

Day 9 done. I'm trying to do a few extra plank/wall push ups throughout the day too (I work from home so I won't trip up my colleagues!)

AdaShufflebotham Tue 02-Jul-13 11:12:56

Can I join in?! Am waiting for my dvd to arrive from Amazon.

I'm 5 ft 3, 9 st 2 and have a horrible flabby tummy after 2 DCs (and waaaay too much beer, cheese and chocolate over the last 6 months). I want to tone up and get my jeans fitting again. I am determined to do this! Will hopefully fit it in around two kids home for the summer holidays hmm

I think I will get the weights from Argos - thanks for the tip. Big positive vibes for everyone doing this!

IWillDoItInAMinute Tue 02-Jul-13 12:03:54

Day 2 level 1 done

It's not as tiring as when first tried this in May confused could it be I'm not working hard enough or am I'm fitter?? Seems highly unlikely !!

Might move on to level 2 tomorrow -if I'm brave enough-

Anyone tried Jillians yoga melt??

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