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Starting cycling when pregnant? OK? Gave it a go and felt like dying - normal?

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fuckwittery Sun 16-Jun-13 16:37:27

I used to cycle all the time as part of my commute, with toddler on the back to the childminders as well but my job changed and havent been on the bike for ages. So I didnt have a car the other day and thought, I know, I'll use the bike! Was about 1.5 miles there and the same back. I was OK getting there but seriously dying on the way back, up a fairly pathetic hill. Only my pride stopped me from getting off and walking, but I believe there were old ladies on the pavement walking faster. I'm not very fit but trying to increase my stamina in preparation for labour, am 20 weeks pregnant. Can I blame the wanting to DIE on the bike on being preggers or am I just pathetic? I was on my way to pregnancy yoga and would like to cycle there every week until get too big, is it going to get better? Remembering what a physical marathon labour is is my motivation to get fit, am following a pregnancy exercise plan and need to get 30-40 minutes of cardio in a week.
oh and I was full of aches and pains for days afterwards!!

fuckwittery Sun 16-Jun-13 16:38:08

3 x 30-40 mins cardio a week is the plan

ZZZenagain Sun 16-Jun-13 16:39:26

stop when you get tired and rest your legs a bit. Cycle gently, no need to go at a great pace. Push your bike up the hill at a gentle pace. It will all be doing you good and you will get fitter, if you perservere. Might need to lie down and have a rest when you get in though.

cantreachmytoes Sun 16-Jun-13 16:49:47

I thought the general rule was don't start any sport/exercise that you weren't doing when you got pregnant. Maybe it's one to check with midwife?
I say this as someone who didn't pay too much attention to that (i didn't do anything outstanding, just pushed myself harder than i realised i was at the time) and ended up on bed rest, which is awful. I know other people who were running at 8.5 months having not been big runners before, so it can be different for different people.

fuckwittery Sun 16-Jun-13 21:02:32

Yes I think I will get off next week and push up the hill, there is a different route I can go which should be a quiet road so I'm not too embarrassed. Can'treach, I will speak to my mw I think there are differing schools of thought. The pregnancy exercise book I bought seems to think New things are ok as long as I'm not panting for breath, which I was on the bike so swallowing my pride and pushing would definitely be a good idea. Hopefully I will improve as time goes on.
Bed rest would be a bad outcome though, can I ask what it was that triggered that being advised?

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