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Ladybits problem...

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TinaSurrey Tue 09-Jul-13 02:21:56

Any other good running capris as well as Lululemon that flatter and stop camel toe? I have looked at Lululemon and they sound ideal other than being low waisted. I am long in the body and prefer higher waists.

Going to place online order as no joy in local sports shops. Need to order today as way too hot running in heavy joggers in this weather.

whencamelsgobad Thu 27-Jun-13 22:19:01

Thanks very much! No idea such things existed...

reggiebean Thu 13-Jun-13 15:11:03

Lulemon are great at keeping things "smooth" up front. Also, just did a quick google search and came up with this, this, and this. xx

whencamelsgobad Mon 10-Jun-13 22:28:52

I have namechanged as this is embarrassing! In my mid forties, and having been fairly fit in my past I have recently taken up going to the gym again. The problem I have is that my ladybits seem a lot more, well, dangly than ever before. This makes me have the most horrendous camel toe in my capri pants, AND its really uncomfortable until I can adjust myself (actually starting to have a bit of sympathy for men forever messing with their bits). I don't want to change and wear something different like shorts as I have horrible thread veins (and I would have to attend my bikini line more than I do) but I wondered is there a solution - for example a particular make of workout pants, more structured knickers etc???

Anyone help?

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