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Joining a gym - wtf am I thinking?

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StetsonsAreCool Mon 10-Jun-13 21:24:29

I am chronically exercise-averse. I'm too lazy, and so unfit that I can't believe I'm actually considering this.

But I need to lose some weight too, and just changing my diet isn't working this time (I have been rather half hearted about it, and only cut out junk snacks - I think my meals could be a bit healthier).

So I'm seriously considering joining a gym to help me get my tone back.

For various reasons, I think that the local Bannatyne's will be the most convenient for me - opening hours to fit around work, range of classes, pool etc. I'm going to see if I can get a tour tomorrow.

Has anyone got any experience of Bannatyne's? Anything I need to know in advance? Any other pointers for a gym newbie?

SweetHoneyBeeeeee Mon 10-Jun-13 21:40:03

Hi Stetson, I am a bannatynes member mad absolutely love it! To be fair have always enjoyed sport amid exercise but I think the added loveliness of a bannatynes makes it all the more worth going! The gym I got to is lovely and big and light, tv's and radios at every workstation amid has lovely pool/steam room/sauna. Also totally equipped with private showers/hairdryers and plug sockets for straighteners if needed. Staff are very friendly though I tend to ignore and just get on with things. Members are also friendly and as someone who has been running for 10 years take it from me, no matter what size you are /how much you struggle, people are not judging, they are more likely to be looking at you with respect! And it gets a hell of a lot easier after about week 2!

My top tips:

Buy some lovely gym clothes so you feel good
Make the most of the induction/get them to write you a plan
Work out what you like: classes, working out with a partner or on your own, or a variety - I like to do a bit of both otherwise I get bored
Talk to people, in the changing room /at classes -people are friendly!

Definitely do it, you will look and feel so much better grin

StetsonsAreCool Mon 10-Jun-13 21:55:36

Thanks Sweet smile

I hope I will feel better more than anything. I can't blame my wobbliness on the baby any more (she's 3), and I've discovered that basically all my body elastic got destroyed during pregnancy - there's no pinging back into shape for me.

I started a new job last year and I'm surrounded by childless, thin people, so that doesn't help me. But it's the last few weeks that I've got the motivation to actually do it.

Do you know if they do one month trials? I'd like to prove to myself that I can make it work - and if I can do it for one month, I will definitely be in the habit to carry on. And I think by getting in the habit when it's nice and light outside will help me carry on when it gets miserable and dark in the winter.

SweetHoneyBeeeeee Mon 10-Jun-13 22:17:11

Not sure about one month trials I am afraid, I signed up for 12 months at once and think the minimum might be 6 which is a bit annoying but I tried to see it as a in, I've paid, so have to go. Can you work it into your lunch hour at all? O find even just half an hour in the bike makes me feel better grin which one are you thinking of if you don't mind me asking?

StetsonsAreCool Mon 10-Jun-13 22:26:06

No chance at lunchtime - I work 40 mins from home. Which is why I'm thinking about Banntyne's. All the other local gyms don't have early opening hours. I will probably be best off going in the morning before I go to work - I seem to be more productive in the mornings and more likely to get up and go. When I get home in the evenings, I'm not in the mindset to go back out again!

My work have a corporate membership at a local gym, but it's not ideal because if ever I find I do want to go in the evening I've got a good hour's round trip (for probably an hour in the gym).

Am considering finding a bike, but I know I'm likely to find an excuse not to go on it because I'm lazy like that. Like you said, I figure if I've paid for something, I'll have to go! grin

It will be the Shrewsbury one.

SweetHoneyBeeeeee Thu 13-Jun-13 20:34:59

Hey stetson - did you go look round? Have you joined? Hooked yet?

mirry2 Thu 13-Jun-13 20:40:12

Most gyms let you have at least a one day voucher so that you can try everything out and see whether you're going to like it. I love going because I can watch TV/listen to music while exercising plus all the gadgets allow you to see and record progress.

StetsonsAreCool Mon 24-Jun-13 21:33:51

Agh, sorry, completely forgot to come back and update.

SO, I joined! And yes, I am a little bit hooked blush

I've committed (to myself) that I'm doing two early morning classes per week - spinning and Aqua Aerobics - plus Body Pump when it's on the Early Bird workout. When it's not, I'll do a normal gym session instead. Mornings are definitely the best option for me, and doing the classes means I can't really coast and be lazy - it gives me something to keep up with.

You are right, they're a really friendly bunch - not the 'gym' types I expected to see who take everything too seriously and spend all their time checking themselves out in the mirror (Disclaimer: I do know most people aren't like that wink)

I love that I can watch the telly when I'm on the treadmill too! <shallow> And that I can have a proper shower and do my makeup before work without an annoying inquisitive 3yo trying to help grin

But so far, so good. I had my induction on Sunday, so I'll be booked in in a couple of weeks to set my proper programme and take it from there.

Thanks for all your advice

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