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crossfit- I am addicted

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buggyRunner Sat 08-Jun-13 20:54:07

I began crossfit 2 weeks ago and it is AMAZING. It is the most fun and addictive exersize routine - does anyone else do this?

nickymanchester Sun 07-Jul-13 15:14:59

I just noticed this thread and that no one had replied to it.

I totally agree with you about how good it is. The only trouble is that we live in a bit of a rural area and there isn't a gym locally that does crossfit.

A friend of mine lives in the States - it seems to be a lot more popular over there - and absolutely swears by it. I went a few times when I was over there and I really enjoyed the classes and how they were different each day.

So, although I'm missing out on the actual classes here since we live in the middle of nowhere I've adapted some of the things that I've learnt from my friend in the States and also from the Crossfit website in order to do them at my local gym.

It's nowhere near the same doing things on your own as doing them with a group but I'm still getting the benefits from losing weight and better fitness.

One really cool thing - well, for me anyway - is that it's given me the confidence to lift heavy weights.

At the gym where I go to there is one, single, solitary, olympic bar. Most of the men I see in the gym only ever use it to do bench presses.

So when I go in there - and I'm quite on the small side - quite a few of them do a double take when they see me doing back squats and overhead squats or doing proper snatches or clean and jerks. It's quite funny sometimes seeing their reactions.

One thing I would say about Crossfit, if they have any lessons on technique at your gym then go to them as you really do need to learn how to lift properly and not just try and pick up the technique during the class.

buggyRunner Sun 07-Jul-13 15:23:06

hi thanks for replying- Where abouts are you as there are quite a few boxes in the north west- I am still loving it- I go to a class and am shocked at how much I'm progressing daily! The trainers are great and always watch my technique. Lol- I know what you mean about funny looks. I do 'murph' on a sunday at home and my neighbours are flabber gasted at my pull-ups on the climbing frame.

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