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Couch to 5k - just started! Help with podcasts, iphone apps and timing please.

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TinaSurrey Fri 07-Jun-13 14:33:38

Hi all, Hoping this is the correct place to post.

I have just done my 2nd Couch to 5k "run" from week one. The 1st time I went i timed myself using the clock on my phone so I knew when to run, when to walk etc but it was far from ideal. I used the Nike app to track my run and loved the fact it told me how far I had covered, average speed and calories burnt.

This time I had worked out how to get the NHS podcast on my iphone and played that and followed Laura's instructions which was much easier.

Questions are...
Can I make the podcast play AND monitor my run on the Nike app at the same time and if so how? I couldn't find a way to do it. Secondly, is there an alternative podcast without the music. Laura was great but I'd prefer silence in between her instructions rather than their music. Finally if you are running using the podcast how do you know when to turn round (at the half way point) as I expected Laura to tell me when it was half way but she didn't so I ended up too far away from my car before I realised I should have turned round!

I am determind to do this having not done any exercise to speak of ever!

TinaSurrey Fri 04-Oct-13 13:49:34

Just poking my head back round the door as I did my first 5k run today - finally!

Have had to take it v slowly in building back up after my knees got so bad. Have exercises from personal trainer and good running shoes but still feel the impact on my knees starting up to 12 hours after running and lasting 24-48 hours but as I've built up the running time I have had more days off in between runs so knees recover before I run again. I also do some of my runs on the treadmill now.

I intend to keep at it and have kept off the stone I lost since starting in June :-)

Hope everyone else is doing well x

Forgetfulmog Mon 02-Sep-13 08:51:07

Fingers crossed for you Tina! Is it today your first PT session? Good luck!

TinaSurrey Fri 30-Aug-13 21:44:30

Hi Mog,
Well done with the regular running. That's so good to hear. I was starting to notice being a bit more toned just at the time I was forced to stop (wk 9) and very much hoping to get to where you are now.

Still not run again but have done some walks and the last few times I wore the new trainers. I have 3 sessions with PT booked and 1st one is next week. That is my re-starting plan. That way I can use the exercises he teaches me to hopefully prevent me doing damage by starting again. My knees still don't feel the same as they did pre c25k running injury. I think it could go either way to be honest. I really hope that having taken the rest, invested in more trainers and got myself some tuition for supportive exercises I will be back to running 2-3 times a week when the children go back to school. My first PT session is on their first day back - that's how keen I am to do this!

How is everyone else?

Forgetfulmog Fri 30-Aug-13 13:38:01

So thought I'd revive this thread!

How's everyone getting on? Are your knees any better Tina?

I'm still running - I aim for 30 mins 3 times a week, but sometimes I can only make 20 min runs & sometimes it's only twice a week, but hey at least I'm still doing it!

I've noticed a slight definition to my stomach too (excellent news nearly 1 year after a c section!), although no way am I giving up the cake!

How's everyone else getting on?

Forgetfulmog Sat 24-Aug-13 06:14:31

Ooh fabulous Tina! Well done on the weight loss, that's brilliant!

BIWI Fri 23-Aug-13 22:50:07

Brilliant, Tina!

PT sounds good too.

TinaSurrey Fri 23-Aug-13 22:27:16

P.s - some good news... Have now lost a stone and achieved my weight target.

TinaSurrey Fri 23-Aug-13 22:25:27

Met with very good looking graduate personal trainer this week and have 4 sessions booked. One eve per week for 4 weeks in Sept.

Still haven't run. Am still v worried about knees halting my new found wish to run hence all the insurance of PT sessions (to learn warm up/cool down exercises & injury prevention exercises), gait analysis and new trainers. Having had a good discussion with him I think I will wait until after my first session with him before running again. My knees are much much better but they are not 100%. When I re-start I am going to go back to wk5 and see how that goes. I hope to do that 1st week of Sept. I know that by then most of you will be finished c25k but I will join up with any of you left along with some c25k newbies!

I'd be very interested to hear from anyone who has had knee problems after starting running as to if and how they adjusted to overcome them.

Have a great weekend all.

llynnnn Mon 19-Aug-13 23:22:47

Good luck with the personal trainer Tina. Hope he is positive and has good advice about how to get you back running again smile

TinaSurrey Mon 19-Aug-13 21:45:05

Hi everyone <waves>

Have a lovely holiday Worley.

Welcome back Lyynnn.

Knees seem to be (finally) better having not run for weeks. I am meeting the personal trainer (just for initial discussion) tomorrow morning. Hoping to re-start running within the next week. Think best that I pick a week from middle of c25k and go back to that as going straight back to wk9 seems a bad idea with regards to knees. Will see what the PT thinks tomorrow. Can't wait to get those new trainers on & get out again soon!

worley Sun 18-Aug-13 17:29:41

Umm.. I should have run yesterday but thought I was getting a cold and didn't.. Still feel snivelly today.mand I'm going on holiday tomorrow so didn't want to make myself ill for it as its just me and my dc. But I have two weeks off from work so the week after holiday I will be back on it with no excuses then..

Forgetfulmog Sat 17-Aug-13 09:19:37

Wow fantastic progress everyone! It's brilliant that, despite illness, we're all still running!

I did the second run of w9 yesterday morning, in the rain - which would've been fine except my glasses were all steamed up & I could barely see anything! Think I'm just going to set a timer on the Nike app for 30 mins & run to that instead of the podcasts now. Only thing is I'm not sure how to work it with the 5 min warm up walks, I mean how would I know when the 5 mins are up?! Need to do some research methinks...

llynnnn Sat 17-Aug-13 08:56:49

Hi all. Sorry I haven't been around. I have had 3 weeks with no running due to one thing and another hmm but I'm back and motivated to complete this now so I hope I can rejoin you all. I have been reading and keeping up with your progress (which is fantastic btw! smile) I did w6r1 last night and it actually felt ok, I wasn't sure if I'd have to go back further than that (I'd completed w6 before my break) so was pleasantly surprised that it felt good and manageable. I'm aching this morning tho!

Tina- so sorry to read about your knees. How awful for you when you were doing so so well and were so close. Everything crossed for you that the rest will allow them to be ok for you to get back into it very soon.

Mog - that's awful about the dog! I would've been petrified (not an animal person!) pleased it hasn't completely put you off and you have another route away from the dogs.

BIWI - well done for running while you were away. It's good to run in different surroundings, keeps you going smile

Mitten - enjoy your holiday smile well done on completing week 6

worley Thu 15-Aug-13 00:00:53

Well done mitten smile glad I was some use. I did w6r3 this evening with ds2.. Was very slow though as he was doing a fast walk next to me.. He is 7! I wish I could trust him in his bike next to me then would be better but unfortunately I can't..

Mog.. Not good.. Would you go back at a different time ? dogs aren't allowed on our community field thankfully. But those big dogs really need more control over them when in public!

Welcome back BIWI, well done on the run and you can have some extra carbs now and then?

Tina, walking is still good.. I'm taking my dc to Wales next week and were going to be walking down Mount Snowdon..
I should have finished the program by next week but due to Illness I've had to repeat. Week and had a few extra non running days.. But at least I'm still going..

I can definitely notice a change in shape of my legs and waist now.. And in sure my tummys a bit flatter although still not lost weight.. But the change in leg shape is very rewarding.. Proof it's doing something smile

BIWI Wed 14-Aug-13 22:04:43

<rushes in>

Have been away at my dad's, which has involved too much to drink and way too many carbs (for me blush), but I did take my running shoes and managed Week 7Run 2).

A couple of things:

- when I was injured, I went to see my osteopath. She regularly deals with sports injuries. I'd recommend an osteopath if you know one - otherwise, try your local gym. Some of them have dedicated sports medicine/surgeries

- it's definitely worth pressing on with the programme; much of it really is in your head.

- music definitely helps with the running; When you're running 25 minutes, and the app breaks it into 5 minute 'slots', I think of it as being one track and half of a second. So I can think about the music, rather than the time, IYSWIM.

TinaSurrey Wed 14-Aug-13 21:57:18

Well done all. Thanks for keeping the thread & our little gang going!

Mitten - well done Mitten on the 25 minutes. Can you believe it - 25 mins running!!

Worley - I'm sure that taking the rest when you needed it was sensible. Wishing I had listened to my body when it was loudly telling me not to run.

Mog - what a horrid horrid thing to happen. Some people defy belief. What an arrogant, ignorant man. Whilst its wrong that you should be made to feel that you are not safe to run at the park I wouldn't go back either if that happened to me. We are level again now as my last run was w9r1. I have no idea where I will be after the time off though.

Thanks so much for the good wishes. Now ten days since running. Was hoping to be back out this morning but one knee still not right so I am forcing myself to wait longer. I am away visiting family with my children until Sunday so have left my running gear at home so I can't be tempted. We should be doing a fair bit of walking so hopefully that will be a good interim. I have been careful with the food intake whilst not running so have managed to not put on anything and in fact have lost another 1lb in the ten days,

Did any of you see Horizon this week? Just watched it on
BBC iplayer. So interesting and I now want a gadget (or the right apps) to monitor everything! (Well steps, heart rate and sleep actually). Sleep tracking would be fascinating! Recommended watching by the way. I am really intrigued to know how many of the suggested 10,000 steps I do a day.

Anyone reading who monitors this stuff - do post specific apps etc that you'd recommend :-)

Forgetfulmog Wed 14-Aug-13 21:18:32

Thanks Mitten. Tbh I'd have to start running on the pavements as it gets into winter anyway - the short days would mean I wouldn't be comfortable running in the playing fields. I did w9r1 today - went ok I think. I'm averaging about 12.3 mins/mile which is slow, but it's been consistently that for the last couple of weeks so looks like that's my pace for now.

MittenKitty Wed 14-Aug-13 12:09:27

Oh forgetful, that's such a shame. Must have been really scary - I love dogs but at the end of the day they're animals and if their people haven't trained them properly then there's always a risk.
But what a shame to feel you cant run there anymore - how dare he mess with your plans! I do think grass is so much better for backs and knees - maybe he's not a regular visitor there? Feels awful that you might feel forced out.

And Worley you may have been catching up your sleep but your post inspired me to get out there and I did w6 r3 - 25 minutes running! quite surprised myself. it was slow, just 4.1k including warm up walks - but i didnt stop. Amazing really to think i can run for that long.
So thanks for the inspiration - hopefully you'll have the chance to do it soon.

And Tina, agree with forgetful - can you go walking? I've found one of the pleasures of this whole c25k thing has been getting outside, in the fresh air, by myself. Can you still have that part of it even if its at a slower pace or are your knees just really not up to it?

Forgetfulmog Wed 14-Aug-13 08:37:40

Best to sleep Worley - sounded like you needed it!

Apologies if you said Tina (am on iPhone do can't read your post whilst writing), but do you know when you'll be able to start running again? Hang in there, I do appreciate the comfort eating thing & it's a horrible cycle to get into. Maybe you could just go walking instead of running for the time being? Don't know if that would be good/bad for your knees.

I tried w9 on Monday & had a bit of a scare -
I go running in some playing fields near my house, usually lots of kids/families & dog walkers there. I got about 15 mins in to the run when I felt a dog jump up at me from behind - it was a Doberman - some idiot was walking 2 Dobermans unleashed & they kept circling me (obviously looking to play, but clearly untrained so I was quite scared as to what they might do). Anyway I called out to the owner to put them on a lead & he got really aggressive. I the called him an arsehole & he said "whose an arsehole? You're an arsehole". I was really shaking by then with fear & anger & I ended up going home. I just couldn't believe his attitude - I mean seriously wtf?!

So now it looks like I'm going to have to stick to the pavements which I hate because of my back, but I don't really want to be in that situation again!

worley Wed 14-Aug-13 07:16:20

I may have overslept mittens.. Alarm went off at 6 and just couldn't get up sad did you go?
I hope there's not another football match tonight!

MittenKitty Tue 13-Aug-13 22:24:09

yeah, go on Worley - lets do it. I was planning yet another w6 r2 tomorrow but maybe I'll go for w3 and be brave.

worley Tue 13-Aug-13 18:57:50

Have you tried the new trainers yet Tina? How are the knees?

I tried to do run3 week 6 today but hot to the field and it must be start of the football season as a match was going on.. So let ds2 play in park then we ran home again.. May.. Get up tomorrow early.. Possibly .

TinaSurrey Sun 11-Aug-13 22:09:16

Hi 'twas, good to hear from you. Very sorry to hear you are still suffering. I have thought that... Where DO runners go with injuries? I haven't run for 8 days now and my knees are still not right. To be honest I felt pretty fed up today. I can see the benefit having CC and C25k'd for over 8 weeks and I feel like its all slipping away. Today my energy level was low and I struggled to stop my mood following. We had a short walk by the river today with the kids and my knees seemed to even be worsened by that.

I want to get back to it before the weight creeps back, causing lower mood, eating to feel better cycle! I think i am also missing the little bit of "me" time the running gave me especially as that was my only time away from kids during the school holidays. (They are driving me crazy with their arguing, whining and bickering!).

I am not taking the Nurofen anymore as pain no longer bad enough to need painkillers but should I be taking them for the anti inflammatory properties?

Am thinking do I give it until mid week then go out in the new trainers?

TwasBrillig Sun 11-Aug-13 09:51:11

Hello! Just thought I'd check back in and see how everyone was doing. I started same time as Tina but had to stop a few weeks ago as ankle was sore.

Sorry to see you've had an injury too Tina. Glad to see you're getting it seen to.

I really felt low when I stopped, and missed the sense of achievement from this. I've decided to go to my Dr as I'd hoped a week or so not running would fix my ache but it hasn't. I feel a bit of a fraud as I'm not really sure what it is, but I hobble in the mornings and bits of my heel and calf just ache. I really want to run again but I'm not even walking far at the nonmemt!

Good luck to everyone, its really encouraging to see you've become runners! I so hope to start again and joini you all when I can. I've no idea if the Dr will have anything useful to say.

Where do runners go with injuries?

MittenKitty Sun 11-Aug-13 08:29:23

Worley I feel the same. Been doing w6 r2 for the last 5 or 6 runs and don't feel as motivated. I know moving on would probably help mentally but I don't feel I can go that long without a break. I'm doing it, 3 times a week, but not feeling the progress as much as I did earlier. Although I'm trying to go further each time it's not changing that quickly

I think I'm also a bit despondent as originally it seemed to help weight loss but since the school holidays I've been going nowhere with that. Weight has gone on, not off. And I'm still working as usual it's just the holiday atmosphere and change in routine at home seems to have changed things and I'm not as focused on dieting

Last few days I've got a bit of a grip, had quite a good run on Friday. Reached 3.9k. Rubbish compared with many I know but a best for me in the time slot of the total runs and warm ups and have made the scales move in the right direction.

So maybe it's time to get back in the groove. Although I go to Spain on Friday and can't imagine being able to run there. It's 37 degrees apparently so may have to switch to pool based exercise.

Anyway Worley and forgetful as Tina says we've come a long way so should feel good about that and stick with it. No pain, no gain as they say and there's a lot to play for.

Off now to run. Maybe I can crack 4k today. Good luck all.

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