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Couch to 5k - just started! Help with podcasts, iphone apps and timing please.

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TinaSurrey Fri 07-Jun-13 14:33:38

Hi all, Hoping this is the correct place to post.

I have just done my 2nd Couch to 5k "run" from week one. The 1st time I went i timed myself using the clock on my phone so I knew when to run, when to walk etc but it was far from ideal. I used the Nike app to track my run and loved the fact it told me how far I had covered, average speed and calories burnt.

This time I had worked out how to get the NHS podcast on my iphone and played that and followed Laura's instructions which was much easier.

Questions are...
Can I make the podcast play AND monitor my run on the Nike app at the same time and if so how? I couldn't find a way to do it. Secondly, is there an alternative podcast without the music. Laura was great but I'd prefer silence in between her instructions rather than their music. Finally if you are running using the podcast how do you know when to turn round (at the half way point) as I expected Laura to tell me when it was half way but she didn't so I ended up too far away from my car before I realised I should have turned round!

I am determind to do this having not done any exercise to speak of ever!

Forgetfulmog Thu 01-Aug-13 08:23:25

Oh Tina I know what you mean, I hate feeling like that too! I had to run past a group of lads the other day & I remember thinking "please don't say anything!". I must have sprinted past them!

Mitten - I just try to ignore them tbh. There is a way of getting rid of them by breathing in & sticking your tummy out at the same time, but I can't concentrate on that when I'm running! It's bad enough finding the energy to actually breathe!

My stupid alarm didn't go off this morning so I'm going to have to do my run tomorrow when dh gets back from work. Feeling cheesed off now!

MittenKitty Thu 01-Aug-13 15:14:34

thanks Forgetful

Ive got a very stupid question re Get runnng app - i cant see how to access settings? i'm on a HTC desire and apps normally have a menu top right but for this one the screen is full of the house and mapof runs and i cant see a menu. Any android users can help? I know im being really dozy but i assume there's a way i can say what i want in terms of notifications etc - or do you do that via a website?

MittenKitty Thu 01-Aug-13 16:56:51

I've now found it - and feel quite stupid. As you were.

TinaSurrey Fri 02-Aug-13 09:10:02

My knees are so swollen that Mr Surrey has banned me from running this morning. Gutted :-(

BIWI Fri 02-Aug-13 11:06:37

Take some aspirin or ibuprofen, Tina - that will help with inflammation. Definitely go and get your gait analysed if you haven't already. and I'm with Mr Surrey - you need to rest. You could also try the RICE - rest, ice, compression (I think?) and elevation.

TinaSurrey Fri 02-Aug-13 17:11:04

Thanks BIWI. Have been taking nurofen and have done the ice thing a couple of times. My podiatrist is on holiday at the m

TinaSurrey Fri 02-Aug-13 17:13:23

moment and we are away house sitting until Sunday but I have an appointment with her next week. Do you know what I should use for compression?

BIWI Fri 02-Aug-13 17:23:46

This is what Wiki says:

Compression[edit source | editbeta]
Compression aims to reduce the edematous swelling that results from the inflammatory process. Although some swelling is inevitable, too much swelling results in significant loss of function, excessive pain and eventual slowing of blood flow through vessel restriction.[citation needed]
An elastic bandage, rather than a firm plastic bandage (such as zinc-oxide tape) is required. Usage of a tight, non-elastic bandage will result in reduction of adequate blood flow, potentially causing ischemia. The fit should be snug so as to not move freely, but still allow expansion for when muscles contract and fill with blood.
Compression stockings are a viable option to manage swelling with graded compression. These garments are especially effective post-operatively and are used in virtually all hospitals to manage acute or chronic swelling, such as congestive heart failure.

Forgetfulmog Fri 02-Aug-13 19:54:30

Ouch Tina, I hope you feel better soon sad

Massive fail for me today - I started w8, but only managed to run for about 23 mins shock. I was literally dying! I'm been finding the last few runs really tough & I think it's a combination of the heat & the fact that I'm not hydrated enough - still bf day & night & I know I'm not drinking enough water. Oh well....

worley Sat 03-Aug-13 10:32:31

How's it feeling now Tina?

Right now going to attempt the w5r3.. didn't get up as early as I wanted so its a little warm here.. Hopefully it will be cooler on the field!

worley Sat 03-Aug-13 12:17:54

I did it [grun] it's so hot.. Felt like I was about to collapse at minute 18 but managed to carry on... Feeling very pleased! I know I've wined about this run but glad it's out of way.. Was a bit of a mental hurdle that one..

Have a good weekend everyone smile

worley Sat 03-Aug-13 12:18:21

[grun] !! I meant grin

BIWI Sat 03-Aug-13 12:22:52


Well done, worley.

TinaSurrey Sat 03-Aug-13 20:57:07

mog how on earth are you doing this whilst still bf day AND night!!! My goodness you are amazing. I would be busy dunking biscuits in giant mugs of tea for energy! There is no way that you should consider 23 mins running a fail! It's 2 minutes less than the week 8 target and that is not a target for mothers who are woken in the night!! Don't be hard on yourself. You are doing incredibly well.

worley yippee well done you cracked the big one! That's great news. Trust you spent the rest of today buzzing grin

BIWI thank you for the sound tips and information. It's quite humbling when complete strangers (well not strangers exactly but you know what I mean) have taken time out to help me. I really appreciate it. I was hurt by an acquaintance in RL this week and after a couple of days feeling very flat I am pulling myself out of it (with all the positive thinking I can muster) and so kind gestures are more appreciated than ever at the m

TinaSurrey Sat 03-Aug-13 20:58:26


Thanks to you all so much for the kind words, good wishes & good advice. I took the extra rest day & knees much improved by this morning so I did w9r1 - yay my first 30 minute run ( 4.4kms.) today.

Knees were fine when running but not good afterwards and top of one foot not great either. I made sure i came straight back & sat with legs elevated & ice on for good 20 mins. Doing the same again with ice & elevation this eve before bed.

We have decided to ask at local gym about whether there is a personal trainer who could do one or two sessions for me to help adjust my running style & guide me through the stretching exercises so I learn them correctly. Mr Surrey (and the sprogs) came out with me this morning & he said that my feet turn out as I run and that maybe a factor. So plan is gait analysis with podiatrist (hoping this week as she's back from hol on Tue) and investigate personal trainer this week too!

Sounds a bit excessive but I feel flipin' cheated that having finally got off my back side and commited to something I am now hobbling about like some old dear! I am hoping if I invest a bit now that I can get this sorted and have many more runs ahead.

Forgetfulmog Sat 03-Aug-13 21:03:23

Awww thanks Tina smile. Have a wine. Oh & damn you for mentioning biscuits cos now I really fancy some smile.

Sorry to hear about that - maybe you should tell us what happened so we can slag her (him?) off & give you lots of tips for put downs if he/she dares to hurt you again wink.

Echo everyone else in saying well done Worley - I bet you never thought when you started c25k that you'd be running for 20 mins non stop!

Hopefully going to attempt w8r1 again tomorrow morning...

Forgetfulmog Sat 03-Aug-13 21:12:28

Amazing results though Tina, well done! Yes, you really do need to get your gait sorted as you don't want it to lead to any problems in the future.

Have you technically finished c25k now then?

worley Sat 03-Aug-13 22:43:48

Tina.. A friend had their gait analysis done and said it was worth it.. She also brought a pair of trainers for £125!!!! but her knees have stopped aching since. I don't think I could bring myself to spend that amount of money though on trainers..

Mog.. How old is your little one? I found it hard when I wasn't sleeping a while ago so let alone not sleeping and bf still. Although when I was bf I was going to gym while on mat leave and couldn't really run or do the stair thing as it hurt my norks if I got too energetic.. (Made me realise I've probably been on mn every day for the past 7 years thinking about this)

Forgetfulmog Sun 04-Aug-13 07:19:30

I did it! Bloody knackered now though so if you'll excuse me, I'm off to eat some homemade soda bread for breakfast smile

Worley she's 10 mo & the little monkey got me up at 4 this morning sad

worley Sun 04-Aug-13 17:44:08

Well done mog!! 28 minutes!! I'm aching from yesterday.. Can feel it in my hips today.

Bless your dd getting up at 4.. it's so much easier when their bigger smile

BIWI Sun 04-Aug-13 18:52:00

Tina - I had my gait analysed, and bought some tailor-made insoles for my shoes. They cost £45. I spent another £100 shock on the running shoes - but I would guess that having the insoles is probably more important, and I would imagine (although I'm obviously no expert!) that you could buy running shoes for a lot less than £100.

The other tip I was given - too late for me! - was to take the advice of the shop re brand/model of shoe, try them on and make sure they work for you - and then buy them online, as it will be cheaper.

Forgetfulmog Sun 04-Aug-13 20:01:57

I hope so Worley!

worley Mon 05-Aug-13 20:08:46

Started week 6 run 1 today, a day early but itching to get going. Did 4.6k today,, was abit harder as had both ds with me and actually ran around the village on the path! A first for me as stuck to the community centre field.. However Was easier compared to the 20 mins.. But then w6r3 is 23 mins smile

Forgetfulmog Mon 05-Aug-13 20:17:23

4.6k shock! What are you doing, sprinting?! Fantastic results Worley!

TinaSurrey Mon 05-Aug-13 23:24:09

Hi Mog thanks for your message & the well done. Not finished c25k yet. Wk 9 runs 2 & 3 to go. I have been forced to cut right back (should probably be stopping running altogether if truth be told) due to knees being so bad. I am taking 3 rest days in between runs so as I ran Sat the next will be Wednesday.

Spoke to the girl at the local gym/sports centre today and they should be able to do a couple of sessions to check on/re-educate my running style and teach me some stretches & exercises to help. They have taken my details & are getting a personal trainer to contact me. Podiatrist hopefully will call tomorrow as she is back from hol. I can't believe how much I am missing the every other day running. I was so proud of myself for sticking religiously to the plan (never did less than 3 times a week since wk1 ) having never never exercised before and now I can only do a run if I kill my knees and rattle with Nurofen!!

I am determined to sort it and also desperate to make my 5k run I have arranged for Thurs next week! I should have been graduating tomorrow with 9 days to build up from 30 mins to 5k!

Big well done on your 28 mins - that counts as at least double that when done on a 4am start to the day!

Worley a day early! That was just like me. I often pressed the "run anyway" when the app told me I should have 2 days off not one! It's a great feeling being so motivated. Can't believe you did 4.6k!! I have only just hit 4.5 by running 30 mins! My average speed is 7 or a fraction under but it's a push to maintain that pace let alone faster. I think to get to 5k I will simply need to run for longer. 35+ mins.

BIWI thanks for info re gait and shoes. I bought a pair of Nike running trainers (£50) when I started c25k but the sports shops didn't mention gait. I went to three! Wish I'd known then what I know now. Those trainers have always felt incredibly comfortable but who knows. I hope the podiatrist will make the inserts that I can put in those trainers and move to future shoes but if I need to replace the trainers to sort this I will. If I don't sort it that's the end of running for me which I won't accept without a fight first!!

Can't believe it's 11.30pm. I should be asleep. Child free time so treasured (much as I love their company) in the school holidays that I stretch my evenings out for far too long! Night all ;-)

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