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Couch to 5k - just started! Help with podcasts, iphone apps and timing please.

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TinaSurrey Fri 07-Jun-13 14:33:38

Hi all, Hoping this is the correct place to post.

I have just done my 2nd Couch to 5k "run" from week one. The 1st time I went i timed myself using the clock on my phone so I knew when to run, when to walk etc but it was far from ideal. I used the Nike app to track my run and loved the fact it told me how far I had covered, average speed and calories burnt.

This time I had worked out how to get the NHS podcast on my iphone and played that and followed Laura's instructions which was much easier.

Questions are...
Can I make the podcast play AND monitor my run on the Nike app at the same time and if so how? I couldn't find a way to do it. Secondly, is there an alternative podcast without the music. Laura was great but I'd prefer silence in between her instructions rather than their music. Finally if you are running using the podcast how do you know when to turn round (at the half way point) as I expected Laura to tell me when it was half way but she didn't so I ended up too far away from my car before I realised I should have turned round!

I am determind to do this having not done any exercise to speak of ever!

Forgetfulmog Fri 07-Jun-13 14:39:51

Hi I've just started too!

I use the C25K app from Zen labs - no music in between the prompts to run/walk. That Nike app sounds good, but I don't think you'd be able to run the two together.

OhThisIsJustGrape Fri 07-Jun-13 14:43:38

I use Map my Run and the podcast together. I start Map my Run then press the circle button on my iPhone <technical> then go into podcasts - the app runs in the background. Sure this would work with Nike app etc too.

I count the number of runs so I know when to turn round - eg, wk1 has 8 runs so after the 4th run I do half the recovery walk (45secs, i have to estimate that bit!) and then turn round and head for home!

TinaSurrey Fri 07-Jun-13 23:17:21

Thank you both so much. I will investigate your suggestions tomorrow. Am really excited (sad I know!) that it sounds like there maybe a solution.

Good luck forgetfulmog. Do report back & let me know how you do. I am so determind to get back out there on Monday for run 3. Cannot imagine I could possibly be ready to move to week 2 of the plan after that though. I could barely do the last 10-20 seconds of a couple of my one minutes!

Ohthisisjustgrape - how have you found it. Have you progressed well?

Be a good motivator to post back to others how I get on and follow their progress too. I have the weekend to solve my tech issues ready for Monday :-)

Forgetfulmog Sat 08-Jun-13 07:28:43

I know what you mean Tina! I've just been for my 1st run of week 2 & I had to run for 90 secs shock, I was dead at the end! I did feel that it was doable though - I mean I felt pushed but I could just about do it.

Keep it up! Do you go in the mornings or evenings? I prefer going in the morn as soon as my dd wakes me up, only thing is I can only do that on the weekends as DH goes to work early during the week.

MadamGazelleIsMyMum Sat 08-Jun-13 07:53:03

Am just about to start this and have been wondering the very same thing! Thanks!

WipsGlitter Sat 08-Jun-13 08:01:03

I use an app called get running, you start your music then the app and the music fades and returns when you are being given instructions. It tells you when to turn round. I've no idea about the other bits sorry.

TwasBrillig Sat 08-Jun-13 08:33:59

I've just done my first run! Not sure I need to track my route yet as its just local, but I'd like the NHS podcast. I don't have an iphone so husband is going to convert to mp3 I think and put back on my phone.

I never use headphones normally - do you just carry the phone in your hand with them plugged in?

I thought I'd never make it and was so pleased to make the first one! I just used my phone to time it but would prefer to hear it.

LIZS Sat 08-Jun-13 08:35:55

Can you run radio instead with Zen Labs app? Mine only works via headphones.

TwasBrillig Sat 08-Jun-13 09:01:55

Happy to start using headphones - just wondering where people put the phone? Do you hold it? I'd wondered about in my bra!!!

I've got the run double app but it just literally tells you when to start and stop. I think the nhs one talks to you a bit more and has music? I don't have music on my phone (God I feel old.)

TwasBrillig Sat 08-Jun-13 09:03:46

I'm really motivated to do this though (I'm obese and had been putting it off.) would love to follow a thread with others doing it. I'm going to do my wk1 d2 tomorrow just with the stopwatch for now.

worley Sat 08-Jun-13 09:21:24

inspired to start this too. just downloaded the get running app also.. will start tomorrow as at a food and drink festival today :D !!

Forgetfulmog Sat 08-Jun-13 09:37:19

Twas - I put mine in my bra, wrapped in a sock so it doesn't get sweaty! grin

BIWI Sat 08-Jun-13 09:47:53

I use the Get Running app. I start the music on my phone first (my music) and then start the app. There's no talking other than telling you when to run/stop, or how much time you have left to run. The voice-over does tell you when you have reached the halfway point

TwasBrillig Sat 08-Jun-13 10:03:54

Ah found the cool running app! Only 1 pound something and works without headphones so will be easier to use than my stopwatch on phone as I lost track a bit towards the end. I like that it tracks it. It uses own music but as I don't have any I'll leave it silent!

What am I missing from the NHS one though? Hasn't that one got tips etc?

WorrisomeHeart Sat 08-Jun-13 10:09:48

I'm doing the NHS app and have just completed run 3 of week 5 - 20 mins with no breaks!!! It's such a great plan and you can really see results. I like the music and motivational crap that the NHS app gives as it spurs me on but thanks for the tip re Map my Run, will give that a go.

LIZS Sat 08-Jun-13 10:34:16

did you get NHS app on android ?

TwasBrillig Sat 08-Jun-13 16:55:57

I don't think it is as far as I can see -just on iTunes.

TwasBrillig Sat 08-Jun-13 20:06:11

I'm doing day 2 tomorrow. Just hoping I can keep the momentum up and my feet don't start hurting. I'm sacred stiff of being seen by someone I recognise!

TeenagersDriveMeMad Sat 08-Jun-13 20:36:30

I use the Couch to 5k app by Azumio (it's on the App Store, about £2, I think), along with having my own music playing and recording my run using the Nike Running app.

When starting a run I start the music first, then the Nike app, then the C25K app, and then lock the screen - everything works fine doing it in this order :-).

As for holding the phone, you can get armbands specifically for this purpose off for £5-£15. The Adidas x Sennheiser collaboration headphones are really good too - they have 'wings' that stop them falling out of your ears.

TinaSurrey Sun 09-Jun-13 10:00:52

Ok, we have managed to get the NHS (Laura) playing along with the Nike app. Good news and will stick with this if needs be. Ideally like to keep Laura speaking without NHS music so I can have silence (or my own music) in between the guidance.

Looked for the Azumio couch to 5k app suggested above but can't find it?? Have found other apps which are called couch to 5k but give a slightly different programme to NHS one and have annoying American voice!!

Thanks so much for the tips to get me this far with the techie stuff. Any further suggestions on an app for my iphone to replace the NHS one that seems to only come fixed to include their music.

BIWI Sun 09-Jun-13 10:47:06

Get Running is the one I use. Doesn't come with music - I use my own - but works over the top of your music.

worley Sun 09-Jun-13 11:53:43

just did day 1 of couch to 5k usuing the get running app and couldn't fault it. had map my walk running in back ground so i could track how far i went.
It also fave me a half way point so i would have known when to turn around.. however i took ds2 to the park and while he played on equipment in centre i ran round the field / park. perfect. no one else around so was happy with my first ever seasion smile

TeenagersDriveMeMad Sun 09-Jun-13 13:51:16

Tina - my mistake, the app is called '5K runner' and is developed by Clearsky. I really should check before posting!

Glad everyone is going well, I'm on W6D2 at the moment and waiting for my new trainers to be delivered.

TwasBrillig Sun 09-Jun-13 14:27:59

I'm just using my current trainers at the moment (I think walking type -from a camping shop). At what point do you buy proper trainers? There's a shop near me that does the gait analysis but trainers look like they start at 70 quid. I'm still only at the running for a minute stage so that looks like overkill!

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