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Couch to 5K- join us if you dare, running is highly addictive!!

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cinnamongreyhound Fri 31-May-13 21:51:50

Another thread for us long termers and a new one for those just starting. Whatever stage you're at come and join us for lots of advice and moral support.

Old thread here

Chopstheduck Thu 18-Jul-13 16:07:14

well done Trazzletoes !

jussey17 Thu 18-Jul-13 16:13:58

Thank heavens I've found you again my "I'm on" wasn't working is this normal if u don't post for a few days ( I'm new to posting), also how do I get to the new thread?
The advice to slow down I don't even remember who it was from (baking novice i think) has transformed everything so if u know who u are thank u again. I am due to do the 20 minute run at the end of wee 5 tonight and fear there may be blood!

cinnamongreyhound Thu 18-Jul-13 16:16:51

Yes it's normal I you don't post for a few days.

There isn't a new thread yet, ill post a link to it when I start it smile

cinnamongreyhound Thu 18-Jul-13 16:26:24

New Thread for those who would like to move over or we can finish this one off first grin

jussey17 Thu 18-Jul-13 16:26:52

Thanks I thought I was being very technophobic. Think I might have to wait till its dark to be able to do the 20 minutes, how hard did others find it? Surprisingly 2x8min was ok but I did fix my route so that I was running down hill a lot of the time which will be difficult to do for 20 minutes.

cinnamongreyhound Thu 18-Jul-13 16:33:01

If you've got the nhs podcast Laura really helps, trust that you can do it and take it steady you'll be fine. You'll be knackered if you wait until dark at this time of year, will be almost 10pm!

jussey17 Thu 18-Jul-13 16:48:22

I'm such a night owl 10pm will be find my lo is a great sleeper but I still have trouble getting up at 8:30 and am dreading the start of school when we will need to be on time. Thanks for the reassurance hope Laura can keep me running and alive.

DramaAlpaca Thu 18-Jul-13 22:35:01

jussey I'll be doing 2x8 minutes tomorrow, glad to hear it went well for you and that slowing down has helped.

I'm so glad it's not just me battling the old inner chimp. It helps to know others have one too! I think I will have to be very firm with him over the next couple of runs...

muddyprints Fri 19-Jul-13 13:48:57

was worried I was so slow, but managed wk8r1 28 mins last night and ran 4.1km so not too bad.
ran with a small water bottle with hand grip but found it strange the feeling of the water swishing as I ran??

jellybrain Sat 20-Jul-13 20:54:28

I did it!!! Completed my first park run today in 29:43. There were hills and everything grin Thought I'd done around 37 mins so I'm really chuffed.

nextphase Sat 20-Jul-13 21:02:21

Go jelly!

And gohair tomorrow!

I can cover 5km, but it needs warm up, running, cool down, and an extra couple of mins to get back home! So about 38 mins atm. Can't imaging being able to cover all that distance running, and under 30 mins!

jellybrain Sat 20-Jul-13 21:59:54

Thanks Nextphase I really struggled and was so nervous about going. I am glad I did it though and looking forward to the next one.

cinnamongreyhound Sat 20-Jul-13 22:50:23

Well done jellybrain, come over to our new thread smile

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