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Couch to 5K- join us if you dare, running is highly addictive!!

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cinnamongreyhound Fri 31-May-13 21:51:50

Another thread for us long termers and a new one for those just starting. Whatever stage you're at come and join us for lots of advice and moral support.

Old thread here

BelaLug0si Sun 02-Jun-13 15:35:07

Bakingnovice I've lost inches and some weight, it will depend on your other exercise and net calorie intake. After 10 weeks more muscles are visible and more toned so big improvement.

Well done migrant on the 30 mins. Were the shoes too loose or too tight? I think lacing mine too tight yesterday and the pavement camber gave me a blister on the inside of my foot. Sore today so just did a 4km walk.

debtherat Sun 02-Jun-13 16:40:42

I found a route which is a circuit mainly through local village - very few people around normally - which suits me especially at the beginning when I did not want to be seen - still don't - but as confidence grows it becomes normal... And I found a site which allows you to map your run so I knew where I had got to. Also lots of grass is good to have at start I think especially as it is softer on the joints. And for motivation I read " Run fat bitch Run" - not as bad as it sounds believe me!

LIZS Sun 02-Jun-13 16:49:24

Doos anyone have accompanying music or chat on an app, or maybe radio ? Found the instruction a bit cold on its own !

nextphase Sun 02-Jun-13 16:57:59

I got music from here with instructions in the middle.

BIWI Sun 02-Jun-13 17:02:37

I set my music playing first, LIZS, and then start the Get Running app. Basically, when the app needs to tell you something, it cuts over the music. Works really well and I get to listen to my choice of music!

I didn't go for a run today as I'm still a bit snotty, but will be off tomorrow morning I think/hope.

pennygallops Sun 02-Jun-13 18:05:48

I run without music, partially because I can't get the earphones to stay in my ears.
Did 30mins swimming, front crawl - couldn't do that before running (always did a slow breast stroke). Decided to swim once a week to strengthen quads and hamstrings, which should strengthen my knee... cross-training and all that.
We loved our run so much this morning, we've been researching other races to enter. grin

NamelessMcNally Sun 02-Jun-13 19:09:20

8k yesterday morning. Stomach bug all day today and strained a muscle wretching. Feel so sorry for me. Weeps.

eminemmerdale Sun 02-Jun-13 19:17:57

Just done my 2nd week 1 - this is as far as i got last time and my knee 'went'. Happy to report all seems fine knee wise and i feel very proud grin

nearlyreadytopop Sun 02-Jun-13 19:23:37

week 1 run 3 just finished. and it was hard. my feet are achingsad I got half way through and was for walking home when I thought about some of the things you all have posted. it gave me the motivation to push on, so thank you thanks

fruitpastille Sun 02-Jun-13 19:45:08

For those whose headphones fall out, these are pretty good at staying in. Mine came with 2 sizes the smallest of which fit well. Not the cheapest but worth it if they keep me going. yurbuds

My run went much better today. 2.34 miles in 30 mins (5 walking). Slow but slight improvement!

Get well soon nameless, sounds miserable!

pennygallops Sun 02-Jun-13 19:47:01

Well done eminemmerdale - take a rest day tomorrow and you'll be ready for 2nd week run 2.

And well done nearlyreadytopop - I love to push myself, it gives you are feel sense of achievement, doesn't it. (And it doesn't matter how far the distance, it's about your own personal goals.) About your feet, are you decent, supportive running shoes?

namelessmcnally poor you, I'll feel sorry for you too <passes a drink of water> You'll need to rest for a day or two to get your strength back.

I've started looking at running clubs in my area again - there are a few to chose from, need to fit in around the DC's activities.

sallysparrow157 Sun 02-Jun-13 19:49:48

I started couch to 5k in feb last year, initially entirely in the gym on the treadmill, started off 'running' at something like 7k an hour and it nearly killed me!
Today I did the pennine Lancashire 10k in 67 minutes and bloody loved it, was my first time running with other people and the atmosphere was fantastic! Bloody hilly though!
If anyone is thinking of doing a 10k but put off by hills, the Leeds one in mid July looks to be properly flat, although a very boring route.

travellingwilbury Sun 02-Jun-13 21:04:17

Hello all , I have been awol sorry .

I managed the 20 min run last week which I never never thought I would manage .

But we have been away for half term and I think I have broken a toe sad I am properly gutted . It happened on Tuesday and is still sore . I have taped it to my next toe and am hoping for it to magically god itself .

Does anyone have any bright ideas ? I was really enjoying running and now I am having trouble even walking for too long .

pennygallops Sun 02-Jun-13 21:49:37

Congrats on your 10k sallysparrow, if you liked running with people, I'd recommend parkrun (just google it) - to the regulars, I know I sound like broken record when it comes to park run. And thanks for the 10k plug in Leeds, I'm going to check it out, Leeds isn't too far from me.

Have you had your toe check my someone medical travellingwilbury? I'd say elevate your foot (even in bed), lots of ice, plenty of painkillers and rest (sorry). Hope it's just badly bruised, rather than broken.

invicta Sun 02-Jun-13 21:55:17

I've been doing the program as well. I seem to be stuck on getting past 10-12 minutes. If I have a quick walk, I can usually get going again. Any tips on how to pass this barrier?

UmBongo Sun 02-Jun-13 22:38:30

namelessMcnally sorry for you poorliness today, I hope you feel better very soon and work out a different method of exercising your abs!

travellingwilbury ouch! I hope it isn't broken, you need to get it checked, good luck

Hello everyone else - cor it's busy in here!

Invicta just pick the next tree/lamp post/dandelion! I sometimes have very slow sections of running (in amongst the slow bits!) I had to argue with the little lazy beggar who seemed to be whispering in my ear tonight that I couldn't do it and it was too hard today! (I hope no-one saw me slap my own shoulder grin )

I have just done w9r2. Managed 4.11 km this evening and identified that the 10-20 minute bit was a bit slower than the rest, so will have to work on that bit, I think that was when the little voices were telling me to quit and that I couldn't possibly do it today.

travellingwilbury Mon 03-Jun-13 06:32:51

Thank you , I am hoping to get it checked today but I don't think anything can be done if it is broken . Just really grumpy that I had come so far to bugger it up now .

englishteacher78 Mon 03-Jun-13 06:37:51

You're right. They don't do anything for broken toes. Broke mine in the Marathon and it's still not fully healed. Strapped it up for a month and took some time off running.
Did you injure it running? If so, it might be worth looking at your trainers.

travellingwilbury Mon 03-Jun-13 06:48:03

No , I was wearing flip flops and my 9 yr old crashed into it . I strapped it to the next toe for a couple of days but the swelling has come down now and I have been ignoring it , or at least trying , but I can feel it
clicking when I walk . Thank goodness the weather is good enough for flip flops and I don't have to try and squash into proper shoes .

I have to see the nurse today anyway for a b12 injection so I was going to ask her advice while there .

englishteacher78 Mon 03-Jun-13 07:01:11

Good plan. Advice is usually to rest. A nurse friend told me that if it's a break it can take a couple of months to heal - if it's just a soft tissue injury - it can take a lot longer!confused

Chopstheduck Mon 03-Jun-13 07:14:40

travellingwilbury - that sounds sore! Hopefully the clicking is just fluid, it prob would be an idea to get it checked then at least you know how to treat it, even if they don't do much for it.

Cinnamon, glad it going well with Billy! I think you could def do the half too, the amount you do run.

I went out on Friday, and it hurt, and I carried on and ended up limped on saturday again! Rested yesterday and it felt fine, still a slight niggle today. I know if I run again it is going to play up though sad I'm going to rest it for at least today, maybe tomorrow and get it closer to 100% before attempting to run I think, as I am going round in circles with it atm. Will get out on my bike instead. It's the impact of running that seems to be irritating it, cycling yesterday was fine. Very frustrating though, I am getting very twitchy!

watchingout Mon 03-Jun-13 07:33:05

Morning! Just done w1r2 with the help of the NHS podcast. Haven't tested it scientifically yet but I'm sure I was only out for 17 mins door to door. And I def didn't cheat!

My maths in the shower made that it should have been 24.5 mins. I thought she was talking fast. But the music sounded right?!

Anyone else found this? Still made me really puff though sad resisting sitting down now cos ill be back on that couch...

Pollydon Mon 03-Jun-13 07:37:08

Is it ok for me to join ? Just done my 2nd session on week 1 & I think I'm addicted already smile

jchocchip Mon 03-Jun-13 07:38:23

Well done sallysparrow! Penny I am thinking of doing the leeds abbey dash in november - another flat 10k smile. November gives me time to up my pace and train for the distance grin

jchocchip Mon 03-Jun-13 07:39:32

Hi pollydon! Well done on starting smile

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