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Training for a half marathon with pushchair/on treadmill

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gemini1987 Sat 25-May-13 10:22:56

I am aiming to run my first half marathon in September. I used to run a bit before I had the children but not seriously. I don't have much spare time as I compete in dressage so I ride early morning before the children get up and then I have to do an hour or so in the evenings trimming, tack cleaning, poo picking etc so it would be unfair to ask my dh to look after the children anymore!! Also, he is a farmer so it is coming up to his busy time of year.

So, I was wondering if it was realistic to plan to run either on the treadmill when the children are asleep or run with the buggy? DD1 is 3.5 and does 5 sessions at preschool per week and DD2 is 13 months. Does anyone have any experience, advice or tips? Also if you do a lot of running during the day how do you fit all your jobs etc in?

NamelessMcNally Tue 28-May-13 22:37:13

Hate to see a post unanswered.

My children are a bit older (just 4 and just 2). I work 4 days, at least 4 evenings. The only way I get enough time to run is by prioritising it above some of my jobs. I've decided there is only so much time in the week and I deserve some of it for me.

A lady at my parkrun runs with a buggy. Covers it in about 28 mins and says it adds c 2 mins to a 5k. I'd say you start off with a mix of treadmill when baby sleeps and running with buggy, then try to sqush in a long run weekly without a buggy as your distance ramps up.

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