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nutritionists+cyclists over here please!

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AmericasTorturedBrow Tue 30-Apr-13 05:29:37

advice please - I'm doing a charity bike ride in just under 5 weeks, it's 545miles over 7 days and I need a bit of help on food and nutrition.

I've managed to get in a few training rides on the new road bike (was just a commuting cyclist before this), now averaging weekly rides of 70 odd miles (first century done a fortnight ago) and still learning what my body needs. I'm trying to steer clear of gels and sweets unless I seriously hit a wall before a rest stop, and those protein bars you can buy sit really heavily in my stomach. I've taken to taking my own trail mix along to have at rest stops and this is something I can prepare to take with me on the big ride.

The ride is fully supported, all our meals provided, along with many snacks, doctors and nutritionists on hand - but what can/should I be eating and when in the final month?

Due to childcare issues I'll be able to get out on the bike a max of twice a week (wednesdays then a weekend day), plan to have weekend of 11/12th May totally off training as it's my 30th, so after that it'll be 3 weeks til we kick off. Anything I should be focusing on eating more of/less of. Any particularly good foods/drinks to have the day of or after a training ride?

Total novice so all advice welcome

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