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Anyone here done the Coast to Coast (C2C) cycle ride? Could you share your tips, stories and advice please?

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overmydeadbody Tue 09-Apr-13 12:38:41

I'd love to hear from other people who have done it, and particularly anyone who has done it with kids.

DP, DS (aged 10) and I are planning on doing it in May half term, so in six week's time, over four days.

We have been training for about two weeks now, but how much training should we really be doing? DP will breeze it, I think I will just about manage but I am worried about DS, would one long weekend ride a week for the next six weeks be enough? He cycles every day to school but that is only a mile so doesn't count, should I be getting him out for evening rides during the week too? I'm thinking I can probably get him to do two 30-40 mile rides during the weekends.

I just want him fit enough to enjoy it and for the experience to be fun, rather than gruelling, so would really appreciate anyone else's stories or advice! smile

overmydeadbody Wed 10-Apr-13 08:47:54

Well has anyone been on a cycling holiday with kids before then who can offer general tips?

LadyMud Wed 10-Apr-13 09:45:39

Gosh, it's very quiet on here, isn't it?

OMDB your trip sounds lovely - I hope you get some good weather for it!

I have no direct experience, but I have spent a lot of time doing "outdoor stuff" with children and beginners. My main concern is that DS will find it BORING to spend four days doing the same thing! Could you build in a rest day in the middle, perhaps?

Or identify lots of interesting things to stop at, along the way? Even if it's just geocaches. Maybe turn it into a treasure hunt, or at least break it down into lots of mini-stages.

Good luck!

rubyrubyruby Wed 10-Apr-13 09:49:58

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

LadyMud Wed 10-Apr-13 09:54:07

Also, I'd recommend joining a website like . Yes, I realise it's for mountain-bikers, but all sorts of stuff is dicussed in the Chat Forum. Problem with your boiler? Ask STW! Problem with tax? Ask STW! You get the picture smile

Lots of STW-ers have experience of riding with their kids, and as it's a busy site, you should get some useful advice.

Call your thread something like "Riding with kids - C2C". And I strongly recommend giving yourself a new username (so it can't be traced back to Mumsnet), preferably something gender-neutral wink

overmydeadbody Wed 10-Apr-13 18:10:46

Thank you LadyMud and ruby!

With DS, as long as he is outdoors and doing somethgin he is happy, he usually just chats away, but I do imagine day three might be a tough one.

He is used to doing climbing holidays, where we just climb for four or five days solid, so I don't tihnk he'll get bored (but I could be wrong, cycliung is a lot more monotonous than climbing!) . He is ruled by his stomach so as long as he is cycling towards a cafe/pub/picnic spot he should be ok.

He just needs regular opportunities to eat, which we will plan in, and use to break up the day.

Ruby each day is apporx 25-35 miles, with the days in the Penines with lots of hills to climb covering less mileage and the last day which is all down hill covering clightly more miles.

With that kind of mileage I imagine we'll be able to stop regularly to have breaks/cafes/take in the views or just lie around in the grass for a bit and take in the scenery.

I might venture onto that other forum for advice!

overmydeadbody Wed 10-Apr-13 18:12:39

Oh and it is on cycle paths and roads, no need for an MTB

rubyrubyruby Wed 10-Apr-13 18:25:55

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

overmydeadbody Wed 10-Apr-13 19:48:59

It's the hills I am worried about tbh.

Even if I train him up with daily cycle rides, it is flat as a pancake round here, the only 'hills' we have are bridges across the rivers, so nothing taxing.

LadyMud Wed 10-Apr-13 21:59:48

I guess DS's bike is too big for a ?
I wonder if there's some other way for DH to help him up the hills?

Chandras Wed 10-Apr-13 22:03:18

Marking my place as I would like to do this with DS some time.

rubyrubyruby Wed 10-Apr-13 23:47:19

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

overmydeadbody Thu 11-Apr-13 09:17:51

Yep Lady the trailgator is too small for his bike. Yesterday DP took him out for a long ride and for some of it roade up right next to DS and then pushed him, with his hand on DS's back, and they really picked up speed that way, so DP thinks he will just give him a push if he's tiring up the hills grin

I'll be puffing and panting away way behind them and wanting to give up...

Ruby you might be right, have we had this convo before? Beautiful city but flat as anything and everyone riding bikes?

LadyMud Thu 11-Apr-13 09:51:39

"or just lie around in the grass" Don't forget your tick removers !

overmydeadbody Thu 11-Apr-13 12:05:43

Eww thanks for reminding me LAdyMud!

#Have added it to our list of things to take. And insect repellant. <shudder>

jemw Sat 20-Apr-13 11:51:21

Not done the C2C (though its bookmarked along with many other trips to do sometime) but we do go off on cycling trips with our DC. We built up from day trips when they small, we had a towbar which attached to their bike so we could mix and match on a ride when needed.

We have done all the Thames path over 2 trips, first when DD was 9 and DS 10, 4 days with tents. We made sure DD did not carry too much the first 2 trips except her sleeping bag, DS carried bag and a tent, DP and I had everything else.

We have done longer trips since then of up to 2 weeks with them. Both love it, never got bored, and we are planning another 700Km trip this summer.
Tips would be, plenty of stops and before they realise they are tired etc, plenty of food to snack on,
they havent got bored as usually plenty to see and they like getting involved in following the route on maps etc, but if the weather poor/getting lost/ long draggy hills can sometimes need a bit of encouragement!

I do the hand on back pushing DD up hills if needed, DS usually ok.

Both managed 25-30 miles without difficulty but remember you may end up doing more than that as may have to cycle off route to shops/cafes/accomodation/getting lost.

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