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First run out in about 6 months and I struggled- I don't have to go back to couch to 5k again surely???

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tiredemma Fri 05-Apr-13 13:06:28

Im so pissed off with myself- last year I did 2 10k runs AND the Great North Run (finishing at 2hr 26mins) - so its not like I'm a novice.
Due to work commitments and doing a Masters Degree I gave up running once the nights got too dark (and cold!)

Went skiing last week and really noticed how unfit I was so decided to sign up for 10k runs again (and a half marathon in october) thinking I would just glide back into it.
God I struggled- had to keep stopping- couldn't control my breathing.

anyone else found it difficult to 'get back into it' after a break? please tell me it will get better!!

putthehamsterbackinitscage Fri 05-Apr-13 15:18:50


I would start from the beginning again tbh - I have done so several times over the years when I have had a break like yours - if its been as long as 6 months then you will have lost a lot of fitness, but you will probably regain it more quickly than last time....

You could start with say week 2 and see how it goes - if its too easy, you can always jump forward and see how you get on.....

In terms of the breathing etc - were you trying to run at the same pace you ran the GNR? if so, may be slow down a bit and see if that helps you run for longer between stopping

I started again at the end of January after 2/3 months off, and found it fairly easy to build up more quickly.... I was doing 4 or 5 runs a week and within a month was back to running consistently - then managed to jump to longer distances than I had previously run. Now, after 10 weeks, I am running between 20 and 30 miles a week over say 5 runs varying between 3 and 10 miles, and I am seeing my pace improve too...

Dont be too hard on yourself - just get out there and do it!

tiredemma Sat 06-Apr-13 08:06:42

Thanks for your reply. Im going back to my running club this morning but going to go with the 'slower' group and see how this goes- then perhaps make a decision about whether i need to start C25k again. Its amazing just how quick your body loses it fitness! I wish it was this easy to lose bloody weight!!

Anifrangapani Sat 06-Apr-13 08:11:49

I took a running break over winter too. The first few times out were sooooo hard, but it is getting easier. I am going out this afternoon to take advantage of the lack of wind for the first time in ages.

golemmings Sat 06-Apr-13 21:50:57

DH is a fully paid up member of the hedgehog club and started again this week after stopping in October. He's gone straight back to c25k week 5 and is stiff and sore now but found the running OK.

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