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what workout will streamline my athletic thighs?

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Meglet Wed 03-Apr-13 18:36:24

I have a little bottom, waist and hips (yes, I know I'm lucky there) but my thighs have been the bane of my life and always cause problems with trousers and jeans. I'm slightly underweight so I can't diet, it would just be nice to fit into trousers a bit better.

What exercises will slim my thighs down a little? I've been at the gym a lot lately and think I've done more harm than good with the rowing machine <<doh>>. And I'm not sure running has helped either.

Do I need to do lots of yoga & pilates to lengthen them but reduce the bulk? I've got a new gym programme coming up so could do with some inspiration before I meet the trainer.


racingheart Wed 03-Apr-13 20:41:38

Um, yes, yoga and pilates as well as ballet exercises, as all of these concentrate on elongating the muscles whilst toning them. Just stretch them as often as you can, and try lifting the hipbones away from the thighs when you stand. That can help.

Also, a personal trainer told me to make sure you stretch and elongate muscles on the sides of your thighs, even if they look flat and not bulky, because if they're tight they keep the thighs compact, so the front muscles bulk up.

I too have chunky thighs and found they reduced most when I did boxing training - lots of little light jumps, so you could try skipping.


Meglet Wed 03-Apr-13 22:09:41

Oooh, I like boxer style skipping.

I don't stretch enough these days, all the body balance / yoga + pilates classes seem to be in the evening when I'm stuck at home with the kids. Once the sun comes out I might feel more inspired to start doing a yoga DVD again.

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