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What locks do you have for your bike and how do you lock it up securely in town?

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Pedallleur Sun 24-Mar-13 21:46:25

Depends how valuable your bike/components are. Anything deluxe will attract a thief so trick wheels/seatposts/frames are a target. 2 x locks, 1 for the front wheel and one for the rear and put through the frame as well and as tight as possible to prevent the locks being cut/levered. Quick releases on wheels can be substituted with locking quick releases and you can use removable seat posts using a quick release. Ideally a store room, your office or a secure facility are the best options. My bike is behind a locked door to which only I have the key

overmydeadbody Thu 21-Mar-13 21:02:41

I know a few people round here (heavy bike use and therefore heavy bike theft rates) who purposefully make their bikes look less valuable than they are, spray painting them badly to cover up the make for example, using zip ties on all the parts to make it a faf to nap something by an opportunist thief and stuff like that.

SpeedyMackechnie Thu 21-Mar-13 20:19:22

Erm, spoke, not spike!

SpeedyMackechnie Thu 21-Mar-13 20:17:46

Well, first trip out with new bike tonight to university swimming pool (not a student but I'm a member of their pool). Bought a bi-tek lock from sainsburys today which wasn't expensive but looks heavy duty. I locked it to had the bike rack thing which is right outside the door of the swimming pool. Totally paranoid while I was swimming and when I went back to get it I spike to someone who was unlocking his bike. He said that his previous bike had been stolen from outside another university building - they had cut through the lock!!
I was getting myself organized and a guy came round the corner on a bike with someone walking behind him. He glanced at my bike, said something (that I couldn't hear) to the one on foot and they both turned and went back round the corner. I know it was probably totally innocent but I'm even more paranoid now!

I think my bike should be ok at work. It will be in a bike shelter, on work grounds, locked up. I think it's kind of overlooked by some offices. Actually, come to think of it, the bike shelter is attached to the smoking shelter and going by how often the smokers in my office go out for a'break', I think there will be plenty of people about.

5eggstremelychocaletymadeggs Thu 21-Mar-13 17:44:23

Def think about where you lock it up, CCTV is good but somewhere busy if possible with lots of foot traffic. We have a few locks, expensive but worth it and we lock bikes together/to things and through wheeksy with quick release our tossers nick your wheels!

overmydeadbody Thu 21-Mar-13 17:42:10

fedup I have heard so many stories of people having their bikes stolen round here sad

D-locks seem the best option, but some of them are still easily broken by the professional theives.

I have ordered by kryptonite D-lock and cable, and then feel safter about locking it up in town.

Speedy do you have a safe place to lock it up at work? I take mine into work grounds which are pretty secure and then lock it up in there.

hillbilly Thu 21-Mar-13 17:13:52

I have a kryptonite D lock which goes through the frame and a chain lock which goes though front wheel and frame.

fedupwithdeployment Thu 21-Mar-13 17:11:14

Think about where you lock it up. I locked up my old second hand hideous pink bike (although it was great!) outside Sainsbury in Balham. Under the CCTV....or so I thought. sad

They cut through 2 heavy duty (not D locks) with bolt croppers. I have since spent about £80 on 2 new D locks, and won't park in Sainsbury again at night.

SpeedyMackechnie Thu 21-Mar-13 16:54:01

Oh God, you've got me paranoid now! No idea about bike parks, bike locks or anything. It's 20 years since I had a bike so I guess things have probably changed slightly since then.
We've major roadworks starting between my house and work which will cause traffic mayhem for at least 6 months which is why I've bought this bike. Got some cycling leggings today to save my bum!

overmydeadbody Wed 20-Mar-13 20:48:48

Speedy it seems it is quite a minefield! I am so worried about my bike being stolen now, I don't even feel it is safe locked up in the bike shed.

I tihnk better to use two locks than just one, from what I have read, so you can lock up both wheels and the frame, and lock them to somethgin solid, bike racks preferably.

Are there any scure bike parks where you live?

overmydeadbody Wed 20-Mar-13 20:45:32

I tihnk I will buy this lock, it seems a very good deal, and from reading other forums on stolen bikes, no one had used this lock and had their bike stolen.

SpeedyMackechnie Wed 20-Mar-13 20:42:33

Watching with interest, just bought a bike - collected it tonight and no idea which lock to use and where to lock it up!

overmydeadbody Wed 20-Mar-13 20:17:12

I have a new bike, and I'm just a bit paranoid and really really don't want it stolen.

I already have one D-lock which was fine for my old banger of a bike, but is not going to cut it with this new bike.

I'm thinking I should really spend the money on a good kryptonite D-lock, then use that plus my other D-lock and a cable as well, should that be enough?

And what about the sea? Will it be ok or should I get another cable to go through that too?

DS had his seat nicked off his bike, and it was a rubbish cheapo 6 year old's bike! shock

I just want other people's advice and experiences really.

How can we make sure our bikes are safe from theives when we have to park them outside in public?

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