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any career changers out there who are now fitness instructors?

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I trained with the YMCA for my exercise to music qualification and shortly afterwards for my gym instructors qualification. I wanted to make the transition from office work to fitness.

However, after working saturdays in the gym and taking a few classes I soon realised that it wasn't for me, the money was crap and I would be mad giving up a good paying job for the money gyms will offer.

It may have changed now but when I was a fitness instructor we were expected to clean all the machines, hoover the gym floor and I got so bored of inductions. You will need extra qualifications if you are training older people, people with medical conditions etc etc - plus the courses are really expensive.

Do it, it can be rewarding but go in with your eyes open. The courses are great fun so I am still glad I did my qualifications even though I don't use them anymore.

Urbanvoltaire Mon 18-Mar-13 14:48:33

Hi all,

I've also posted this in the "going back to work topic"

As the title suggests, I am looking into becoming a fitness instructor with the specific aim of teaching clases at the over-50 age category. I am fairly fit individual and am not worried about the physical aspect of the role.

I have looked into courses at the Open University and the YMCA and it looks like what I'm after.

Does anyone have any experience in this industry and if so, give me any tidbits of information. Is freelance the only way or does anyone work for a sports centre, Age UK? I'm especially interested in maybe going into senior centre, care homes, and hospices and helping in improving movement and mobility.

Thanks in advance.

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