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Give me the strength and will power

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TomDudgeon Mon 18-Mar-13 10:18:15

I am about to do the shred for the first time ever. I dont have many worries about my weight but I am incredibly unfit, I'm even more inflexible.
Sit ups are my nemesis as I can't even sit up straight with my legs out in front of me

Any tips going spare?

I so want to be fit

TomDudgeon Wed 27-Mar-13 17:11:13

I've had to stop
My knees are shafted
Even walking hurts now and they feel like they're bending backwards iykwim
I don't know if its because I'm doing it barefoot

I'm going to wait a whole, hopefully dh will get a new job and I'll be able to get some trainers and then I'm going to alternate with doing couch to 5k

I'm annoyed though

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