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long distance road bikes recommendations

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AmericasTorturedBrow Sun 17-Mar-13 01:06:20

I'm doing a 545mile in a week charity bike ride in June, been riding my Ridgeback Hybrid for years so its a good excuse to get a new road bike, but one suitable for long distance rather than time trials.

Any suggestions while I'm shopping? I'm in the US btw

Trialled a Specialized Ruby today and fell in love with it, but it's twice my budget (hoping to come in around $1000, but bikes are cheaper here on top of exchange rate difference

doesn't need to be carbon obviously but at least a step up from entry level....

lljkk Sun 17-Mar-13 10:10:01

You really need local advice on local products (sorry).
Specialised usually good value for money.
Watch the weight more than anything else.
Geometry ( comfortable sitting posture) next most important.

Thistledew Tue 19-Mar-13 20:01:38

I would look for something that advertises itself as an audax or tourer bike. These look like road bikes but are designed for a slightly more upright position, to be comfortable for long distances. Your other option is to go for a cyclo-cross bike, for the same reason.

I would say that geometry (how upright or leant forward you are) is much more important than weight. I have a carbon road bike (Specialized Tarmac) and an aluminium cyclo-cross bike (Specialzed Tricross), and would definitely pick the Tricross if I was doing a long ride where speed was not particularly an issue. Not only is the position on my Tarmac far more aggressive (handlebars lower than the seat), but the frame is more rigid, so I feel every bump in the road. The Tricross is designed to go off-road on dirt tracks etc, so absorbs the shocks when you hit bumps and holes in the road. The position is more like you will have on your Hybrid (handlebars level with the seat) so you will find that more comfortable also.

Pedallleur Sun 24-Mar-13 21:50:10

Something with a more upright position, poss. a slightly longer wheel base and in steel, titanium or poss.carbon fibre. Mudguard eyes offer the option of wet weather protection.

AmericasTorturedBrow Mon 25-Mar-13 04:47:19

thanks all....I trialled a beautiful road bike this weekend for several hours and was much more comfortable than on my hybrid, lovely as I thought it would be worse!

AmericasTorturedBrow Mon 25-Mar-13 04:48:17

should also maybe point out that I'm tall but wiht a short torso, so I think have to go for "lady" bikes as all men's bikes I feel I'm stretching too far with my arms to make up the shortfall.Trouble is all my local shops rarely get in 57cm+

Pedallleur Sat 06-Apr-13 22:24:38

Surely a short torso would require a shorter top-tube and a lesser reach? What was the one you tried? I'd suggest finding a dealer that can fit you to a bike. Serotta have a good name in bike-fit but are hugely expensive bikes.Specialized and Trek also may offer a bike fit service

SummerLightning Sat 06-Apr-13 22:48:56

Don't most of the big brands do a range designed for long distance "comfy" road riding? Eg specialized do the "secteur"? Not tried one myself though I am ok on long rides on my regular road bike which is a cannondale men's bike. I have the opposite problem to you in that I am short but don't have long legs so I have to find men's geometry bikes but in a tiddly size. They never have them to demo!
(Pedalleur I think that's what she's saying - women's bikes tend to have shorter top tube relative to men's versions usually don't they?)
Anyway will watch with interest am thinking of getting a cx or touring type bike around the 1k mark for commuting with a wee bit of "taking the long way home". I also have a ridgeback hybrid for commuting and I hate it !

SummerLightning Sat 06-Apr-13 22:51:34

(When I say 1k I mean 1k max before anyone thinks I am super flash. It would be on the bike to work scheme you see)
I have been looking at the cannondale cx bike in particular.

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