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tennis coaching costs

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maevesport Sun 10-Mar-13 19:30:42

I posted in extracurricualr acts. but no response.I spend about £54 a week on private tennis coaching for 8 year old and also pay about £22 a week for squads.She loves playing and is developing a really good technique.
It is too early to tell what kind of a player she will turns out to be.Its a technical game and players mature in mid to late teens.In the meantime - costs are huge.Anyone else doing this ??
It would be easier to deal with if she won tournaments but she does nt and concentration is an issue but there is no pressure as she is only just 8 .
Children who win at 8 to 10 are not often the children who win at 15 or 16 etc.
Its a leap of faith and it would be good to hear from others.

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