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Bodyboard for a Child (and adult!) - what one?

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PavlovtheCat Sun 10-Mar-13 13:19:28

I am determined to get back in the sea this year after a period of 'time out' due to back problems. I love kayaking but feel that this is less likely to take place for a number of reasons, not least that I can no longer get the kayak on the car, to the beach or wherever and back again myself.

I love bodyboarding and think this is a realistic ambition as I can realistically get to a beach with it on a good day, a friend has a great one, but he paid a LOT of money for his. DD had a foam one which was great for her aged 6, it's now broken and so I want to replace it with a proper one. This means I want to buy two, one for her, one for me.

I am not sure if I should buy her a normal sized one, or a small one for her. It doesn't matter if she outgrows it as DS will use it too as he grows older. Does anyone know what size to get? Can you recommend a good make? What should I look for when buying it in terms of shape etc? (I don't want a play one, I want a properly designed one, but not top of the range - we will use it a lot).

Also, for adults, what is important to look out for - make, size special features etc? what is an average price to pay? £50?


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