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C25k - just did my first run!!!

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flossyfloo Sun 03-Mar-13 19:16:35

I can't believe I managed to do it! I am very unfit and about 3 stone overweight. But I did it grin

Just wanted to share with someone as I'm very proud of myself at the moment blush

wibblyjelly Thu 09-May-13 21:14:14

I went Found but had to wait for dh to come back to look after dsgrin .
Found it really hard going, but it was raining and windy. It has made me slightly nervous for week 4 though.....

FoundAChopinLizt Thu 09-May-13 21:22:04

I'm back from running class 3. We did 4x5mins with 3min walks quite hilly. Then loads of fancy stretches. It's good fun and sociable, although it was cold and spitting rain.

NoBusinessLikeSnowBusiness Fri 10-May-13 00:05:06

I've done it! Did my graduation wk9r3 yesterday. Woohoo!!! I've been on a real high all day. It felt good (once I got past the usual oh my god my lungs can't get enough air feeling which I always gave at the start, then I felt like I was in a good rhythm). It was about 4.25k in 30 min so not there with 5k yet but onward and upward (or should that be downward, for time at least!). I still can't quite believe this new person I've become but I like her.

HunterWellies Fri 10-May-13 04:43:01

Snow! Well done! I just looked back to my first post on this thread and I know what you mean about feeling like a new person. Amazing achievement smile

I'm supposed to be doing w8r3 today but I've a busy day ahead so no time, will go tmw. According to my app though, I just have one more official run to go. Week 9 simply says 'run 5k', it isn't divided into three runs... I think I might call it three anyway and aim to graduate on Friday of next week. It seems to have come round so quickly...

EauRouge Fri 10-May-13 07:43:58

Snow, you did it!!! That's fantastic! Are you going to treat yourself to something? Other than a large glass of wine, I mean. Well done flowers

wibblyjelly Fri 10-May-13 07:59:41

Well done Snow!

sparkle12mar08 Fri 10-May-13 10:14:39

Wheeeeee! I'm back from w5 r3 and I did it! 20 mins non stop jogging for the first time in 20 years!! Go me grin Tried to settle into a nice and comfortable rhythym at the start, no heroics, and the whole thing was rather pleasant. Didn't feel I was struggling for breath, felt I could have gone a bit longer, and timing wise was about 10m 45s a mile which I think is on for a 5km in about 32-33mins. Am tempted to repeat this run over the weekend and see if I can pick the pace up just a little bit and find where I can reach but still feel okay.

FoundAChopinLizt Fri 10-May-13 10:26:29

Well done Snow and Sparkle!


NoBusinessLikeSnowBusiness Fri 10-May-13 13:15:11

Well Done Sparke!! Wk5r3 is the big one in my opinion. I can remember just about every step of that run! Great feeling to have done it.

Thanks guys for the congrats. Great to hear that things are going well with you all. Everyone seems to be haring through the programme. I took a bit longer than nine weeks for illness, knee and childcare reasons but no matter. I'm now debating whether to try parkrun tomorrow a I have my period and have that dog-tired draggy feeling. Think I'll have to play it by ear in the morning.

Eau, I am going to get some running tops. I was in town yesterday but on a tight schedule so I'll have to defer the pleasure a little longer.

EauRouge Fri 10-May-13 13:33:45

I know what you mean. I know everyone says exercise can help when you're on your period but all I want to do is curl up on the sofa and eat chocolate. We're off to Parkrun tomorrow but I'm marshalling with the DDs rather than running. If you do go then have fun!

Massive well done, Sparkle! W5R3 is definitely the turning point. Your pace sounds pretty good to me!

sparkle12mar08 Fri 10-May-13 14:39:15

Thanks all! To be honest I've really surprised myself so far. I've been able to to do everything I'm supposed to up to now, but I never imagined I'd be able to do a whole 20 mins first time round. Never. I was certain I'd have to take a break, even just if a little one. So I'm kind of optimistic that I'll be able to do the full 30+ mins in one go by the end. To be honest I'm more nervous about what I do after I 'graduate', do I just jog for pleasure and to keep an eye on my fitness or do I push a little more, and move up to 10k etc? I don't want to give this up so I need to set some targets and priorities.

I still can't believe I'm actually doing it to be honest. I haven't challenged myself physically or mentally in years. I'm in that typical late 30's, sahm rut. It's quite nice to feel excited again about something that's mine.

EauRouge Fri 10-May-13 15:00:01

Oh totally, I was in a bit of a SAHM rut too, it's great to have something else to focus on. I going to build up to 10k but at the moment I don't think I have time to train for much more than that. Would love to do a half one day, and who knows- maybe a full marathon if I was feeling particularly bonkers grin

You don't have to follow a set training plan if you don't want to, you can just gradually build your time or distance (it's usually recommended to do no more than 10% each week), or there are loads of training plans available if you want something more structured.

HunterWellies Fri 10-May-13 19:20:33

Wow Sparkle amazing! Well done you smile

wibblyjelly Sat 11-May-13 10:07:07

Start of week 4, and I've decided Laura isn't as nice as she makes out. I did it though, 16 minutes of running! My app also says I covered 3.1 km, but not sure I can trust the gps. Does that sound about right?

sparkle12mar08 Sat 11-May-13 12:03:31

3km sounds about right for 30 mins at that stage. I'm covering about 4-4.25km at the end of wk5, including the walking distance.

HunterWellies Sat 11-May-13 13:56:03

Finished week 8 today. The wind must have been blowing in my direction or something because I knocked about 75 seconds off my average time per km... Just over 8 min/ km at my best - and I felt I could keep going at the end of the 28 minutes. Incredible! I went for a swim yesterday, I'm wondering if that helped?

Peaked too soon anyway... The next run is The Big One.

Have a great weekend everyone smile

TartinaTiara Sat 11-May-13 15:55:51

<joins in with the slow ones right at the back of the pack>

Can I join in as well? Have done w1r1 this morning. Got almost to graduation last year (w9r2) but life intervened... Feels good to be starting again, however slow and wobbly I may be. Am aiming for race for life at the end of June, not really expecting to run it all, but want to be able to do mostly running by then.

Legs a little bit achey, but I feel I've earned my curry tonight!

wibblyjelly Sat 11-May-13 17:32:23

Hi Tartina grin

dementedma Sat 11-May-13 19:57:41

W5r2 completed so tomorrow is the big one! Feel nervous but will give it a go

HunterWellies Sat 11-May-13 22:59:00

Good luck De smile

COCKadoodledooo Sun 12-May-13 09:04:44

After putting it off and finding excuse after excuse, I finally did W1R1 this morning grin
Not only that, I left the house at 6:10 to do it shock AND I actually enjoyed it shock grin

I'm fat and frumpy and massively unfit. This time 2 years ago I did the moonwalk in 7 hours but since then I've barely exercised at all (started a new job, ds2 grew up a bit and refused to go in the pushchair for walks but wasn't fast enough for any walking we did to actually count as exercise) and I've put on at least a stone blush Have decided enough is enough!

Decided last night that I'd go out this morning, then handily woke up at 5:45 - instead of going back to sleep I decided I'd go out before the world was awake so noone would see me! Told myself it didn't matter if I didn't complete it, that I could give up at any time, but I did it! ok so for the 6th rep I only ran 40 seconds but I managed the rest of it. And by the time I'd walked home from the cricket pitch after finishing I felt like I could do it all again grin

viewwitharoom Sun 12-May-13 09:40:37

I was out early doors too, woken by our cockerel with his cockadoodledo as it happens! Completed last run of week 7 and then worked out that I am close to 4km just on the running bit (have never checked time or distance before so was quite pleased with myself!) My other break through is finally shedding the jacket, gloves and woolly hat that has been standard since I started this again in March. Last two runs were in full sunshine so am hoping for more of the same on Tuesday for the next run.

FoundAChopinLizt Sun 12-May-13 10:46:08

Hi to all the new runners!

Completed wk5r2 this morning, slight hangover but still went well. Was thinking half way round, why I'm sabotaging getting fit with drinking alcohol? I don't drink much, just share a bottle of wine one or two nights at the weekend, but still makes me feel rubbish, especially as it affects my sleep. So am going to go booze free until our big family get together at the end of the month.

Looking forward to Tuesday, when I'll be doing the 20min run in wk5r3. Running class is 8x4mins on Thursday.

Dh has been out this morning cycling, he seems to be doing more as I run more, which is great, as he has a horrible family history of heart problems.

sparkle12mar08 Sun 12-May-13 12:48:38

Stupid, stupid, stupid sad I don't deserve your praise. Went out again today to repeat w5 r3. Looking back over my endomondo stats, I started much too fast (sub 27min 5k pace!) for the first half mile and realised pdq that I couldn't sustain it. Reigned it back to my more usual pace and finished the run in one go, but it was so much harder, my legs felt so much heavier, and I think I've hurt my ankles because I wasn't concentrating enough on foot placement by the end.

So I reiterate something someone posted up thread - slow your mind down, and then some more! I think I was looking ahead too much, trying to out think the programme - afterall, what's the point of returning to intervals once you've started the longer runs, hey? The point is to teach your body and mind how to cope with stop/start conditions, and that's harder than it first sounds. It's easier to do steady state runs than intervals, but doesn't necessarily improve your fitness in the same way. I also didn't give myself the once a week two day rest this week.

So I need to try and somehow work out exactly how to set a pace somewhere between my natural one and too fast!

EauRouge Sun 12-May-13 12:53:54

You're not stupid at all! Learning to pace yourself can be really tricky, especially when you start out with short distances where it's easier to run faster. Have you tried using music to pace yourself? If you look on you can put your preferred pace in and it will give you a list of songs that will fit that pace (for me it was Just Like Heaven by The Cure). Then you can just run in time to the music. I've got the hang of it now and can pace myself without listening to the same song over and over again but it really did help when I was starting out.

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