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has anyone joined a gym recently and wants to motivate and be motivated ?

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travellingwilbury Mon 25-Feb-13 17:49:20

I have only joined today , I need to lose 3 stones and I really want to get fit .
the first step has been taken and its my day off tomorrow so back again then .

but I know I will need a bit of a kick every now and then to keep going .

anyone else want to join me ? grin

travellingwilbury Thu 21-Mar-13 20:13:32

Best laid plans powerhoop , I hope your ds is better and you .

Hope you are ok kettle , I don't think I could do a run if my life depended on it . Two min interval is my lot , and that is only for 20 mins .

KettleCrunch Thu 21-Mar-13 19:51:42

I'm still here! Went to the gym today and hopefully going for a run tomorrow. Just been feeling a bit overwhelmed by other stuff too.

ilovepowerhoop Thu 21-Mar-13 18:01:42

I have only made 2 classes this week. Was all set for powerhoop on monday but then school phoned as ds wasnt feeling well so had to go and collect him (was in the class with my hoop ready to go!). Did pump on tuesday and powerhoop yesterday. Was supposed to do zumba and LBT today but the kids have given me a rotten cold with bunged up nose and sore throat so couldnt face it. Will see if I feel up for powerhoop tomorrow (if I can stop coughing!)

travellingwilbury Thu 21-Mar-13 16:53:45

Have you all run away ?

I have been every day except yesterday this week and I am hoping to get there again tomorrow .

Still enjoying it and my diet has been better this week so fingers crossed I manage to lose something on Mon .
It will be a month on Mon since I started and the gym will re do all my measurements , hopefully I will see a difference , I feel better and I know that's the main thing but I still want to be able to wear a pretty dress in the summer ( shallow )

KettleCrunch Tue 19-Mar-13 18:34:12

It really doesn't. I have to try so hard to just weigh once a week! It's like peeking behind an advent calendar if you do it every day, and your whole day can be ruined if you've put on half a pound or something. Terrible.

I've got an appointment with a fitness instructor booked in for later in the week so I can learn how to use the weights. Looking forward to it!

travellingwilbury Mon 18-Mar-13 11:57:55

Good luck this afternoon .

I think I will stick to my non wizardry scales for now . I wish I could throw them out actually and just weigh once a month . I can get a bit obsessed with weighing all the time and it doesn't tell the full story does it ?

KettleCrunch Mon 18-Mar-13 11:20:38

Oh yes, maintaining is great! Well done for doing all of that at the gym today. I'm going this afternoon smile

I don't know how it knows! Apparently it uses 'tiny electrical signals', but my science knowledge is minimal so I don't really know what that means.

travellingwilbury Mon 18-Mar-13 10:25:54

Strangely I am not down about it . I have eaten too much and drank too much to lose but at least by going to the gym I didn't put on , silver lining and all that .

Have been today and managed 25 mins of interval on treadmill , half hour on cross trainer and some weights as well so I am happy .

Those scales do look good but how does it know ? Wizardry !

I think I will get back on mfp today .

Are you going today ?

KettleCrunch Mon 18-Mar-13 09:12:53

Don't be disheartened! Consider it an extra incentive to kick harder this week. I'm working on my diet too, using MFP, and I've already lost a little bit of weight (though I'm not expecting miracles too quickly). Hopefully we'll all get to the gym lots this week and see some progress.

These scales look like they would be really motivating... though they are a bit pricey so I'm not desperate to buy them. But they tell you your body composition, % body fat, % muscle, and hydration levels, so even if you're not losing actual weight, you'd be able to see if your body fat levels have gone down etc. Might help in a week when you're not seeing much movement in lbs and stones!

travellingwilbury Mon 18-Mar-13 07:16:36

Morning , I was right about not losing weight this week sad

But I am going today and I will kick start the diet again , next Mon will be better .

It does feel different this time of trying to lose the lard , normally I would give up at this point .

ilovepowerhoop Sun 17-Mar-13 21:04:16

I looked as if I'd had a good kicking in the ribs after my first class - lovely black bruises. They did go away and I didnt get any more after that. I also had bruises on my legs from the hoop falling down! I am still better hooping to the right and cant really move my feet much if going to the left. I started in November and have managed to work my way up to 3 powerhoop classes a week.

KettleCrunch Sun 17-Mar-13 20:54:12

Awesome! It's a lot of fun but I have some impressive bruising on my hips now... hopefully that'll go down before my next class. I'm fine with sending the hoop to the right but can't keep it up at all if I try and do it to the left! Hopeless.

travellingwilbury Sun 17-Mar-13 20:44:07

I like the idea of that , and well done on the world record , my ds will be wo jealous . He really wants to break a record .

ilovepowerhoop Sun 17-Mar-13 20:20:49

its easier than a hula hoop as its weighted. It took me a while to be able to keep the hoop up but now I can move my feet and do arm movements, etc at the same time. The ones that have been going for ages make it look dead easy and can dance about, go up and down a step, etc while hooping but I'm not quite at that stage yet. I use a 5lb hoop that dh got me for christmas as i found it easier to keep up than the 4lb hoop they have at the classes.

My claim to fame is that I was one of the powerhoopers that broke the Guinness World Record for the largest Powerhoop class on the 2nd March this year - 407 of us: Clyde 1 DJ Gina McKie hosts Guinness World Record powerhoop attempt at Ravenscraig Regional Sports Facility - the women at the right of the top picture is my zumba and powerhoop instructor and is fab at both.

travellingwilbury Sun 17-Mar-13 20:12:19

I can't even do a normal hulahoop , what are the chances of being able to do that ? Looks good though , but I might look an idiot .

ilovepowerhoop Sun 17-Mar-13 20:09:46

powerhoop is a hooping class using a weighted hula hoop. It is great fun and targets the problem tummy/hip/waist area. I now need to downsize my bra back size because of it!

travellingwilbury Sun 17-Mar-13 20:00:17

G & T sounds so much more refined kettle .

Powerhoop ? What the buggery is that ?

KettleCrunch Sun 17-Mar-13 19:45:29

Glad you're enjoying it still travelling smile I had some G&Ts and cake with friends today too, so like you I'm not expecting miracles.

Thanks powerhoop! I actually went to TWO powerhoop classes last week for the first time - it was fun!

travellingwilbury Sun 17-Mar-13 18:53:48

Well done kettle , that is very impressive . I have been pretty good but it was my dhs birthday so I have also eaten pizza. Risotto and drunk beer and wine so I am not expecting miracles tomorrow .

Was fun though , and I am weirdly enjoying it still .

ilovepowerhoop Sun 17-Mar-13 18:51:48

body pump is great. Start with low weights so you can get the technique correct as there are a lot of different moves to make. Once you get into the swing of it you can increase the weights.

KettleCrunch Sun 17-Mar-13 18:47:42

I can never decide. I usually eat some but not all of them? But I guess that's just sitting on the fence!

I'm going tomorrow as well. Rest day today. Every day this week (until today) I've either been to a gym class or been for a run so I thought my achey muscles deserved a bit of recovery today! Body pump tomorrow though, for the first time... little bit worried!

travellingwilbury Sun 17-Mar-13 14:57:07

Hello all , just back from the gym and I can feel its easier than it was . Day off tomorrow so will get there again .

If you are doing mfp do you eat your exercise calories ? I always feel its a waste if you do but I know some people say you should .

KettleCrunch Fri 15-Mar-13 18:03:41

Thanks! OK, I've posted over there too. It's very nice to feel part of a supportive weight loss club without actually having to go and be weighed in front of strangers...

BsshBossh Fri 15-Mar-13 16:28:35

Come join us on this weight loss thread kettle. A bunch of incredibly supportive women trying to lose weight - some quickly, some slowly. They all use MFP and I've found the support inspiring. Many are exercising too.

KettleCrunch Fri 15-Mar-13 16:11:45

Right Bssh, looks like I should be eating around 1991 calories a day to lose weight! Though by that reckoning it'll take about a year to reach my target... which seems a long time to only lose 30lb. Ah well, can't be too impatient about these things I suppose.

Well done on making it to the gym!

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