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Distance cycling and tiredness?

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AmericasTorturedBrow Sat 23-Feb-13 15:07:52

If anyone's around for a quick response massively appreciated!

Supposed to be doing a 50mile ride with some rolling (one killer) hills. Did same ride last weekend, longest I've ever done and lived to tell the tale, was actually ok!

Last night was crap on the sleep front with toddler DD so just wondering if in general a longish ride would wake you up or would you struggle after a lot of broke sleep? They head out in an hour....

FredFredGeorge Sun 24-Feb-13 09:35:47

A single night would have no effect, persistent sleeplessness for a few nights more so.

How did it go?

GeordieCherry Sun 24-Feb-13 09:41:02

You'll be fine, just need to catch up on sleep over the next few days. Plenty of water & snacks

I find the day after crap sleep is ok but hits a few days later if I don't catch up


AmericasTorturedBrow Tue 26-Feb-13 02:34:27

Thanks all - its been 15months of persistently crap sleep!

I didn't feel tired but my legs were achey so I did 30 rather than 50 miles and did a follow up 30 the next day which was just about ok!

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