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What kind of exercise after giving birth?

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gonoright Tue 19-Feb-13 10:46:34

This might be a bit obvious but, cut yourself some slack lady. Breast feeding is a serious use of resources and if your darling doesn't have a nap you are probably knackered yourself. What about creating a post lunch routine where you pop her in the pram and go for a 20 to 30 min walk? You both get fresh air, great for making babies sleep, and you get to leave the house for a while and stretch your legs. Regular walking is good for toning buns and thighs and if you put enough effort in, going up hills etc, you can improve your stamina. I really wouldn't go hell for leather though as you may end up injuring yourself and that would be a bummer. The sun is coming out, slap on your sun protection and get some Vit D. If you wear your work out gear as you walk you'll feel virtuous.
P.S I loved breast feeding but it did make me really hungry. Eventually you'll loose that post baby weight, but she loves her mum all cuddley and I recall that my big tummie was a great place to rest my baby.

spekulatius Mon 18-Feb-13 21:00:05

My DD is 13 weeks old and I really need to loose some weight. Worst part is most of the weight I didn't put on during pregnancy but after. Sitting on the sofa, breastfeeding and eating. So I really need to do something, obviously about the eating but also some form of exercise. Was wondering what would be a good form exercise program?

BTW I'm not usually very fit. Used to do Davina Mcolls dvd but that's over 2 years ago and almost killed me. Also don't have. a great pelvic floor at the moment, had episiotomy and forceps delivery. Waiting to go back to hospital to have overgranulating tissue removed from episiotomy site.

Baby doesn't have a nap in the day (though I keep trying) and in the last few weeks has gone back to feeding constantly, 20 minutes break max. Any suggestions for a quick, effective workout?

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