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Running belt?

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Nicnocknoo Sun 17-Feb-13 22:22:54

I currently run with my iPhone in an armband but with skinny arms it keeps coming loose and sometimes falls off. Can anyone recommend a good running belt please? Do they stay in place or are they more of a hindrance? Am hoping to do my first half marathon in two weeks time and don't want to have to worry about my band falling off - I have enough to worry about just getting around the course! Thanks.

NeilsBoar Sun 17-Feb-13 22:32:56

I have one of these (Decathlon 2 position bag) - they come in other colours too smile

I found it took 2 or 3 runs to get used to putting it on correct and spinning it around on to my back after starting my running app, but I'm quite happy with it now and don't notice it during the run.

I was, like you, using arm bands, but I went through 4 different ones and couldn't find one that reliably stayed put and didn't annoy me or wear holes in expensive running tops (!).

I did look at belts, but was concerned about how much they would bounce/move with just one strap.

Nicnocknoo Sun 17-Feb-13 23:02:00

Oh that's different - do you just spin it round to in front of you when you want to check your running app? Does it rub your shoulder to start with?

psychpostgrad Tue 19-Feb-13 13:44:53

Hi everyone,

I recently bought a Flip belt from this website:
and absolutely love it! It's quite different from what I've seen before and works really well. I had really good customer service from the techlab company too.

Would highly recommend! Lindsey x

Nicnocknoo Tue 19-Feb-13 18:24:12

Love the look of the Flip Belt - has great reviews too. Feel a bit of spending might be necessary this evening! Thanks for all the advice.

Idocrazythings Wed 20-Feb-13 19:21:57

I have a spi-belt sits great on my waist doesn't bounce and is slightly waterproof. I'd go that brand over the cheaper karrimor ones (I've used both). The only thing it doesn't have is a limitless hole for your headphone cable, but it just comes out of the zip part ok.

I do arrange my clothing around it to to hold it firmly, but the spi really doesn't need it (unlike the cheaper one)

Idocrazythings Wed 20-Feb-13 19:23:16

*liitle. Stupid autocorrect

Loueytb3 Wed 20-Feb-13 22:25:49

I've got an ifitness ultimate running belt and can definitely recommend it. The pocket at the front is big enough to fit a phone in it. It doesn't move around. It doesn't have a flappy end to annoy you. It has places to hold gels and a clip for race numbers. I ran a half marathon with it last weekend and am intending to use it for the london marathon.

NeilsBoar Thu 21-Feb-13 22:23:25

I don't tend to spin it round apart from to start and stop; I use headphones and Endomondo's audio coach announcements to give me pace, time etc.

I've had no rubbing or tightness or any issues with it at all; however, I've only had it for a couple of months and only done a 100 miles or so with it - and in this weather I've had 1 or 2 fairly think layers on rather than the thinner stuff I'd wear in summer...

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