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Getting a decent pair of trainers - does it cost the earth?

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timidviper Fri 15-Feb-13 23:59:11

I had exactly the same as you OP. Old faithful trainers bought on holiday to USA ages ago gave up the ghost so I went to local specialist shop and I was shock! Three pairs they suggested were £99, £109 and £129 and that was having been told I am a novice and infrequent exerciser.

Went straight to Sports Direct and bought a pair of Nike ones much cheaper

bacon Fri 15-Feb-13 23:53:54

Well according to the fitness myths that was shown a few months ago. the price of trainers makes no once of difference. Because trainers make you run on the heel not the balls of the feet so its not great whatever. According to the scientific approach shown the impact is the same its all great marketing by people like Nike. Obviously cheapo trainers wont last and fall apart after a few rounds in the washing machine. I would spend around £40 but I did buy a pair of once worn trainers on e-bay for £20 that cost £60. They didnt fit the lady so they were a great buy and she lived locally. Love bargains me!

BlueChampagne Wed 13-Feb-13 12:53:53

The fancy pants running shop should take into account how much running you do. I ventured into one recently and got a pair for £80. It rather depends on how much 'the earth' costs ...

katecreate Mon 04-Feb-13 22:21:17

I have these and they've lasted well.

I only bought them in the first place because they were cheap but they've lasted well and they're still quite bouncy. I'm not a serious runner though.

noyouhavehadawee Mon 04-Feb-13 19:25:17

My ye old faithful pink running reeboks which were about £25 2 years ago have finally died, i am considering going to our new fancy pants running shop to run on the machine and somehow get my ideal shoe - wil it really make a difference? Thje most i would ever run is 5k though in my wildest dreams if my new trainers were so bouncy i bounced with out effort down the roads almost flying without effort i may and its a big may enter the local 10k. So what do you all run in and did they cost the earth? or shall i just go to sports direct and pick some new balance of the peg?

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