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The wibbly tummies' new thread - (not so) round two...

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utopian99 Sat 02-Feb-13 21:18:01

That'll.teach me to write without checking post numbers first! Sorry for the failure to link...

MadMonkeys Thu 28-Mar-13 08:11:56

Hi crazy, I'm still here! Was keeping quiet though in case I was putting people off...! I've had a rubbish few weeks with little ones ill and bad nights etc, and some of the bad old habits were creeping in. I ate half a packet of biscuits last night, but they were yummy! So I weighed myself this morning expecting to have put weight back on but I've lost some! 66.7kg today, previous weight was 68.1kg on 13th march. Hurray!

Iheartpasties Thu 28-Mar-13 10:08:08

I'm still here - been meaning to get on here and write something been very busy though. Must quickly catch up though smile

Iheartpasties Thu 28-Mar-13 10:30:40

Ok - just caught up. It's easter weekend so I am positive I will be eating chocolate this weekend, but I finally got back to being good this week after quite a few bads days all together.

I have two also a 19 month gap - I love it! The chaos is mega though, and some weeks recently I have seriously not been able to step away from the chocolate!?

Sorry to hear of your stress Madmonkeys. And well done to those who are still losing weight.

I have been walking to the park this week with the double pram, I have been making good choices for dinner and have avoided chocolate and Coke.

Life with a toddler is very much up and down and for me chocolate feels like a quick 'pick me up' but in reality getting a bit slimmer makes me feel a whole load better!!

I am also really trying to decide if I am enjoying my food, especially if I have a 'treat' so often after I finish it I realise I didn't even taste it or enjoy it, so sometimes that helps to take away it's allure!

One of my mum mates has just come third in a triathlon - she has a 4 month old (just like me), I was so impressed with her!! She is mega slim and looks fab.

crazypaving Thu 28-Mar-13 11:40:55

pasties I'm the same - I really think hard about a treat before eating it. I'm going for top notch treats these days grin

I've lost more! 10st 10, which considering we were on holiday last week, eating lots of cake etc in the crap weather, is amazing! hopefully it reflects the fact that my eating habits have changed, and I'm just more careful and abstemious now. slow loss but I'm nearly a whole stone down on my start weight which is so cool!

MadMonkeys Thu 28-Mar-13 12:26:51

Iheartpasties - I think i'd like the sound of your friend more if you said she was 25 stone and had just had one third in a sumo wrestling competition smile

MadMonkeys Thu 28-Mar-13 12:27:47

Just come third... Stupid phone!

MadMonkeys Thu 28-Mar-13 12:29:25

Crazy, I think if you loose weight gradually it is much more likely to stay off. You're doing great :D

utopian99 Thu 28-Mar-13 22:31:33

Been away for ages because of no major changes but weighed yesterday at 10st 8lb, so getting there but veery... Slowly....

Also dh is out on his works leaving do tonight so have for some reason felt the need to celebrate on his behalf with both cake AND chocolate. Hmm. Can't see a major loss next week either!

crazypaving Fri 29-Mar-13 11:55:04

thanks monkeys!

Easter is going to wreak havoc. I fully intend to gorge myself disgustingly on chocolate for one day and one day only.

can't wait grin grin grin

Evilwater Sat 30-Mar-13 20:29:56

Hello, can I join?
I'm so fat, I NEED to lose weight. Are there any rules?

projectbabyweight Sun 31-Mar-13 09:27:38

You must have a wibbly tummy grin

Evilwater Sun 31-Mar-13 13:46:14

Yes, it has its own wibble. sad

crazypaving Sun 31-Mar-13 16:39:24

Easter is passing in a sugared up headachey haze.

back to it tomorrow. envy <vom face.

my chocolate tolerance has reduced. feel sad and smile in equal measure!

welcome evil!

Iheartpasties Mon 01-Apr-13 06:00:16

Welcome Evil!

I think we're all following our own paths, but encouraging each other here and moaning a bit and whatnot as well along the way.

Crazy - yes, somehow my snacks are higher in calibre but obviously mostly bad for me still. Stupid I know!

I can see a weight loss in my face now and I'm very happy with that.

I had a free style session this weekend. Even typing that makes me cringe, but it was fab. It was with a stylist who could tell me what clothes suited me and I came away feeling a million dollars. I had worried before hand that there would be a crowd and the stylist would make me strip to my pants (like gok wan)!!!! hahahaha. She didn't though!!

crazypaving Tue 02-Apr-13 16:03:14

somebody slap me! I've fallen off the wagon and am going berserk with the chocolate! It's not even mine - it's DS1's!! Argh diet going to hell - I can't lose the plot now when I'm so close to my goal, help help!

Must not eat more chocolate...

crazypaving Thu 04-Apr-13 09:00:56

that's weird. weigh-in day for me and I'm down to 10st 8lb, only 1lb off my pre-ds2 weight! I presume the excesses of this week will land on my arse next week? this weight loss thoroughly undeserved!

I've lost a whole stone!!!! shock

projectbabyweight Tue 09-Apr-13 15:12:09

Well done crazypaving! It feels great doesn't it? smile

Shall I update the stats thread for you? If so, how many weeks is your ds2 now?

crazypaving Sun 14-Apr-13 20:13:51

Hi project! thought I was the last one standing! If you could that would be great.

I'm now 10st 7lb, DS2 is 6m!

Very proud of myself. Now just need to stay away from the easy to start stuffing my face again.

projectbabyweight Mon 15-Apr-13 11:44:40

Hi crazy. Have done it. Well done on your loss, not far till your goal now!
I'm weighing in tomorrow, after procrastinating for a few weeks due to easter. Really can't wait to get back in my nice clothes.
Chocolate is my weakness too. I could live without cake, biscuits etc (if I had to, not saying I do!)
Keep it up smile

Iheartpasties Sun 21-Apr-13 10:52:30

HELLLLOOOOO <<waves arms around and jumps up and down a little bit>>

How is everyone going? are you still dieting? still weighing in ?? hows it all going??

I have managed to loose about the amount of weight I am happy with right now. I bought quite a few new clothes and feel quite good with my shape, I just need a new bra or two. I haven't weighed in, in a while but I'm happy enough with things at the moment smile

crazypaving Mon 22-Apr-13 12:57:08

well done pasties! good work!

project how did your weigh in go?

I've lost motivation now I'm at my pre-ds2 weight. still have nearly half a stone to go but am being quite naughty. someone gave me an amazing pack of biscuits today and I ate 6 before checking their ww value - turns out I ate 30 points in one go. I'm allowed just over 40 a day! argh so annoyed with myself. and I keep doing stuff like this. it's like I'm sabotaging myself sad

and I might be at my pre-ds2 weight but I don't look it. my weight seems to be distributed in different places now. weird.

<chases wagon to try and climb back on>

Iheartpasties Tue 23-Apr-13 11:37:31

Oh yes, my weight is redistributed! I have an over hang where my belly is.

projectbabyweight Tue 23-Apr-13 12:57:20

Excellent work pasties! You must be proud. Don't go gaining again though!
My weigh in was a disappointment - haven't lost anything for a few weeks. I'm stuck at 9st 4lbs (aiming for 8st as I'm short and narrow boned). Still I'm not surprised considering the very little effort I've been putting in lately.
I can just squeeze into my biggest non-maternity jeans though smile
Are you breastfeeding crazy? I think it really affects appetite so it's a real challenge to eat less at the same time. I've also found I'm a slightly different shape now after ds2, I've got more of a tummy that's for sure.
Really want to look good for a wedding in July. Let's climb back on the wagon together!

projectbabyweight Tue 23-Apr-13 12:58:37

Did you have a c-section pasties? That's what I'm blaming for my new tummy!

crazypaving Tue 23-Apr-13 13:07:55

kind of comforting to hear I'm not alone with the weird weight distribution. only a lot of mine is under my chin angry blush

I can just about shoe-horn myself into some pre-ds1 jeans but the love handles ain't pretty.

back on the wagon it is! <resolute>

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