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Karate classes for children in London

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Kate1603 Fri 25-Jan-13 21:56:17

Hello Mums,

I have 2 children 4 and 6, live in Oxford. We are likely to have to move to London in the near future. I am looking for ad karate class similar to the one they attend in Oxford but am struggling. Here are the qualities I particularly like about their current class:

Class size - there are 12 max in class aged 4-9 ranging from white to orange belt, split into 2 ability groups

There are 2 highly qualified instructors who teach no more than 6 children each, often 4.

Between gratings the children gain stripes (coloured tape) on their belts for achievements to go towards the next grading, which keeps a constant sense of achievement.

The club uses skipping as part of the class and the children achieve badges for success in different skipping forms.

The syllabus has been adapted for children and includes the use of helpful catchphrases to assist motivating them.

Parents are encouraged to watch the classes so that they can help the children learn and practice at home. With a strict spectator charter this works, and parents do not communicate with children.

Does anyone know of a club in London that comes at all close? I have been looking for ages!



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