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Any crossfit fatties?

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Selks Sun 27-Jan-13 22:20:17

What is crossfit?

Parasaurolophus Sun 27-Jan-13 22:17:03

Go for it! Crossfit is so welcoming, everyone will support you. My box has people of all different shapes and everyone is very friendly and welcoming.

Lizzy1975 Sun 27-Jan-13 21:51:40

Hello! Well, I'm not a 'fattie' but I am seriously unfit, have never exercised - ever - am 38 and had a baby six months ago. I am about to start Crossfit to shift the baby weight and because I want to be strong and healthy. Seriously scared, but have been assured by my trainer that its scaleable to everyone's abilities, even complete lightweights like myself (such a weakling, I couldn't lift the bar that they use to demonstrate with, which doesn't even have any weight on it...). If I can do it you can. Good luck!

Needabitofsunshine Sat 26-Jan-13 18:42:06

Yes, 60lbs in total now, still another 10 or so to go! I've been paleo a lot of the time, always plus wine... Now strict mon-fri and let the weekends go a bit. Go for it, what's the worst that can happen???

motherofluvlies Sat 26-Jan-13 09:50:58

Oh thank you thank you.did you do paleo alongside?I take it you lost the weight?what inspiration!

Needabitofsunshine Sat 26-Jan-13 08:12:03

Yes! Well I was... I started Crossfit about 40lbs ago, so no longer a Crossfit fattie. I have no experience of Crossfit in the UK, but I would imagine you wouldn´t be the only one for sure. It´s a great way to start PROVIDED you are going to a good gym with good trainers. If you´re coming from no exercise at all, don´t be disillusioned by the fact that they are scaling the workouts for you - this is a good thing. Even now, nearly 3 years on, I´m still scaling some things. It´s a fab way to get quick results (although you work for them!). You´ll work harder than you ever thought possible, but it´s short and sweet and you´ll get to do a lot of fun things along the way. Try it out, I´m sure your gym will do a free intro.

Have fun smile

kaumana Fri 25-Jan-13 22:09:28

Post "in the club" big slim whatever forum, you"ll get responses there. This thread doesn't get much traffic.

motherofluvlies Fri 25-Jan-13 20:44:01

I guess that answers that then smile maybe I should,nt

motherofluvlies Fri 25-Jan-13 17:13:18

hi I am over 14 st. blush and having had 8 children my body is in a bit of a state ,however, i am trying to pluck up the courage to attempt it a no go?has anyone attempted it as a fattie and was successful?its a lot of money to waste on my yet again new intentions to get healthy and fit.I don't have any issues with the paleo way of eating ( other than sticking to it smile ) as I feel much better low Carbing anyway.

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