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HELP! How do you not show erm 'leakage' at the gym????

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BIWI Sun 10-Feb-13 09:23:49

This would absolutely never occur to me! You obviously, as others have said, do have pelvic floor issues that you need to get seen to.

And you really should be drinking before and during your gym activities, as you will be dehydrated otherwise.

NannyPlumIsMyMum Sun 10-Feb-13 09:21:49

Agree - pelvic floor exercises sometimes just don't work. No matter how many thousands of them you do.

My little boy absolutely shot my pelvic floor - he laid very low.

Apart from physio- get your GP to refer you to the continence advisory service - they are brill .

tulip27 Sun 10-Feb-13 09:07:39

I once had a terrible accident , right at the front of the class , mirrors everywhere. Made a hasty retreat to the back of the class and left with my handbag covering the area. Saw the GP 2 days later , physio was great . Never looked back .

CoteDAzur Wed 16-Jan-13 08:38:44

I agree with others. You need physio help. It is not normal to be worried about peeing yourself in gym classes.

tostaky Sat 12-Jan-13 21:26:16

I don't do any high impact activities... My 3rd baby is 7 months, I tried to go running on Friday morning and within 5 minutes I was soaked confused
I have high hopes with physiotherapy... I'm starting with the nhs on Tuesday.
At the moment I only walk and do yoga. I'd love a good run or a good aerobic classe....
Someone please tell me it will be possible again!
Get yourself checked by your Gp.

BoffinMum Fri 11-Jan-13 22:27:42

Sometimes pelvic floor exercises just don't work. It's good to get professional advice from a specialist obstetric physio.

FreddieMercurysBolero Fri 11-Jan-13 22:19:12

these on telly last week, they might help?

do go to your GP to try get sorted though.

Jessepinkman Fri 11-Jan-13 22:18:31

I have always gone back to aerobics six weeks after every baby. Its my hobby, its not about my look I like the way I feel after a class.

I have peed myself a bit, it just looks like sweat. Jumping jacks. Oh yeah.

But after a while I stopped. Maybe you should do some pilates for a while.

You shouldn't be leaking unless you are a very new mother.

I recommend you pilates.

strumpetpumpkin Fri 11-Jan-13 22:13:14

panty liners.
Sounds like your pelvic floor is a bit shot. happens to a lot of people

dinkystinky Fri 11-Jan-13 22:11:57

Go to the loo immediately before exercise

Porkster Fri 11-Jan-13 22:10:28

I would guess that your pelvic floor is anything but 'pretty good' if you're worried about wet patches.

This is not normal and I would speak to my gp in your case.

Roseformeplease Fri 11-Jan-13 22:08:36

Tena lady are your friend. I am fine except if running or jiggling about on a full bladder but wearing one gives me confidence and, a long class or run, usually an hour, means whatever you do your bladder is usually full.

Zipitydooda Fri 11-Jan-13 22:06:29

Sorry, it doesn't sound like you have 'pretty good' pelvic floor if this is a consideration.

It's not something I ever even think about and I have 3 DCs youngest is 1. Maybe that's the same for more people than you realise? Perhaps you should seek some medical advise?

yuleheart Fri 11-Jan-13 20:49:36

I know what you mean, I hated it when, in one of my classes the instructor used to say, 'we'll go and run round the track now'.

I used to wear black gym pants (m&s), 'no vpl' nics (prob m&s as well) and made sure I didn't have anything to drink for up to 2hrs before class smile

flyingturtlemouse Fri 11-Jan-13 12:10:28

I have just started doing some exercise classes at my local gym. I have a pretty good pelvic floor (last childbirth was YEARS ago!), but I have had a few close calls and am terrified of being truly mortified by ending up with obvious wet patches by the end of the class. I looked around last week and other women (mainly middle aged and upward) all seemed to be wearing tight gym gear, some of it not even black shock and had no visible issues!! HOW DO THEY DO IT? And are there good pads I could wear which won't show as great big bulks though my fitting trousers?? I am doing the pelvic floor exercises but in the meantime I need security! Help!

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